Top Ten Names for Mean Girls

This is a list of the top ten names for mean girls that maybe you want in a book or for something else, etc. But I'm sure you know a mean girl who is named one of these.

The Top Ten

1 Ashley

I have a girl that I went to school with that was names Ashley, we were friends but then she turned into my biggest bully for reasons I still don't know why... She would constantly change her number/get texts apps to harass me no matter how many times I blocked her. No matter what I did she wouldn't leave me alone, she was relentless and eventually drove me to try to commit suicide. Despite knowing I tried to kill myself, she still wouldn't leave me alone, even after threats from my mum, my mum talking to hers, going to the school about it, and even the police she wouldn't stop. Yet, she had a lot of friends and people didn't like me which I found very puzzling because her friends knew what she was doing to me. We graduated high school in 2014(same class) and even being out of High School she STILL finds ways to harass me but it's not as common as it was in High School.

I have an Ashley in my school. She is so funny and nice! She is a teeny bit rude sometimes but for the most of it shes so sweet to me even though we aren't in any classes together except for gym. I have to admit that it's a really good name for a mean girl though because it sounds really stuck-up.
JUST BECAUSE there are some really nice Ashley's doesn't mean its not a mean name even though there are some really mean Ashley's out there. You can't judge by name. This is for writing FICTION so the characters aren't real. Stop acting stupid because your name is Ashley or you know a nice Ashley. It doesn't mean they aren't nice.

I have a friend called Riley, she had a friend called Ashley, every time I tried to be nice to Ashley, she gives me a rude look on her face. Then she moved schools cause someone said something really mean to her, so I was so happy that she left, and she took along her none-stop bullying with her, but still when I saw her at Riley's birthday party, I went to talk to her while all of us were dancing, and once again she gave me the rude look.

As in Sharpay, Ashley tisdale etc. agreed!

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2 Brittany

Imagine that there is a high school clique or a trope called Girl Posse and it's called "The 'Ittanies":

Brittany Bates is the leader and a mix of Madison Montgomery, Chris Hargernstern, Cordelia Chase (Pre-Angel), Heather Chandler and Regina George with a touch of Lori Loud. She is the stern and bossy leader who is snarky and sarcastic. She is he head cheerleader of the bunch at Herserky High.

Whittany Driver is a second-in-command and a mix of Adagio Dazzle, TTG! Raven, Heather Duke, Gretchen Weiners, Tina/Norma and Betty Rizzo with a touch of Lola Loud. She is obsessed with wearing '50s glasses and a spoiled brat. She is very rich and somehow is nice to people sometimes.

Tiffany Blake Wegerheiner is the ditzy airhead and one of the popular kids. She's a mix of Leni Loud, Sandy Olsson, Heather McNamara, Betty Cooper From Riverdale, Harmony Kendall and Brittany Wong with a touch of Karen Smith. She doesn't remember anything and she's nice to everyone. ...more

LOOK I FEEL REALLY BAD FOR EVERYONE NAMED BRITTANY OR SALLY OR ANY OF THESE NAMES! But please know they weren't directed to YOU! Maybe to them it sounds like a mean name to them or they know a mean girl with one of these names. I just want everyone to feel better...and just so you know I think that all these names are pretty and lovable! I hope you know that any name can be a mean girl name. So if you agree with me...please like.

Yes, there was this girl named Brittany who goes to my school. At the beginning of the year I was best friends with her, only because she Akeem so innocent and nice. Ladder in the year she started acting like a bich. My other friend Lilly had a "girls" problem and told me and Brittany. When she left to go to the bathroom, Brittany turned around and told everyone. Who does that? So latter in the year I told her that I didn't want to be her friend anymore. She got so mad and told me that she didn't want to be my friend, and started spreading rumors about me and a boy. It was really embarrassing, but at least Brittany stopped taking to me.

I love this name but it need the whole name like crystal Wong something like that thanks

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3 Sabrina

My name is Sabrina and I do have to admit, I am not the nicest girl in town. The boys are afraid of me for reasons I am not proud of, but I do not consider the name Sabrina a mean name. My friend who is much much younger than me is named Sabrina and she is the sweetest girl I have ever met. So my answer is no. The name has nothing to do with someone's personality. I just happen to be a little mean, but there are plenty of sweet and kind girls named Sabrina out in the world. People just need to start looking.

I had this classmate named Sabrina and boy, was she mean. She was mainly known for her record of being responsable for the most trouble in class and the number of detentions she'd get. She used to be rude to all the other girls (no one liked her by the way) and how she would then start playing the victim to get teachers to sympathize with her was really infuriating. I remember this one time she borrowed a dictionary from my best friend then lost it and after my friend confronted her about it she started yelling that she'd didn't have the damn thing and telling her to get over it and humiliating her in front of the class to the point of making her cry. To top it off she was part of our class's "mean girls trio" (Those others' names were Selena and Tala) and were basically everyones' nightmare. I really dislike the name Sabrina now even though I've met many kind girls with that name.

I think that ANY posh name that isn't all that common would show how someone is either stuck up or gives grief to others. If you're trying to write a story that has a mean girl in, this would be the perfect name to use; it would show how she would think of herself higher than everyone else and feel the need to make that clear through the use of physical AND verbal abuse. Like everyone has said, even though Sabrina sounds like a generally nasty name doesn't necessarily mean all Sabrinas are bad people (perhaps bad parents for giving their child such an awful name though! ) so it would be an ideal name to use in fiction to show the personality/characteristics of a character straight away.

I have a neighbor named Sabrina.She is spoiled and stuck up.

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4 Heather

I know someone with two exes named Heather - one cheated, then slashed all the all the bedding and all his clothing, destroyed all the furniture with bleach and stole all of his culinary sets and cookware (he was a chef at the time). The other stole everything that wasn't nailed down from their apartment to buy drugs - she went to jail and had to pay reparations. Also, one got pregnant and tried to say he was the father, knowing he was not. She then called a talk show. It was so ghetto/redneck. Now he's in grad school and they both want him back. How can you want someone back who put you in jail? It would be hilarious if it weren't so pathetic. I have known two others named Heather who were really sweet, level-headed and beautiful inside and out. What's in a name?

Really? You must be judging this by the movie heathers. Heather is a beautiful name

I don't really like the name heather it is just not my type I would rather have a different name I'm not trying to be rude or anything though!

Heather is a beautiful name for a girl

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5 Regina

That's why her hair is so big, IT'S FULL OF SECRETS.. - MontyPython

Did you know her parents don't sleep in the same bed anymore? Don't tell her I told you. - The_Violist

Thank you for the mention of Mean Girls. That's exactly where my head went when I read that

The only thing that I can think of when I hear this name is Regina George from Mean Girls.

Has NO ONE seen the movie "Mean Girls" lol jk

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6 Nikki

What? Shouldn't Mackenzie be on here? If your a dork diaries reader or have read any of the books you would know what I mean

It's hilarious Dork Diaries readers (which I detest), that the protagonist's name is in the 4th position and the antagonist's name in the 239th

Oh my lord! So there is that girl Nikki in my class (Nikki is her nickname everyone calls her by), and she is the meanest! She has bad grades, doesn't understand simple words but is mean to everyone that is mean to her and acts spoiled every time! She also wears the most makeup in her class and her mom agrees that she is just growing up. Plus I don't remember the last time that I saw her anywhere else than social media

I know right? Mackenzie's name should be on their plus, I love the name Nikki! ☹

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7 Tamara

When I read this I thought about the Tamara lol

Oh my gosh that sound so mean. this will be great in my story

Tamara is a nz mean girl at my school tarneit college

Hey what you wanna do tomorrow Tamara? 😂

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8 Georgia

This is my sister's name, and I don't think she's mean. But that doesn't mean I have to complain to the person who made the list. It was supposed to help people with writing!

I know a girl called Georgia. She made up a massive story about how she was abused at home and she self-harms and told me and another friend that she wanted to drink bleach. It turns out it was all a lie. Now she's ignoring me and making up all this stuff about me. So yeah, I agree.

UGH! I knew a Georgia in middle school and she bullied me every single DAY! she even made me have suicidal thoughts in 8th grade, and then she figured that out and never bullied me again.

My name is Georgia, I don't think it's that mean/sassy/rude. Although I can say I am pretty saaay and I have a little aditude. But I don't think that it's a mean girl name

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9 Taylor

Did you HATERS know that Taylor was on top ten best names!? Plus, don't be mean to Taylor Swift! People judge famous people on every little rumor these days!

Taylor Swift? The girl who whines about how her exes are jerks? Taylor is definitely a name for a mean girl.

Hi! Same person who was talking about how Taylor Swift writes songs to get feelings out. I DO THAT ALL THE TIME. I play my rock music when I'm mad and stuff.

I think Taylor is a beautiful name and is a name for girls who are sporty yet girly and very nice to everyone.

Because that's my name

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10 Libby

The think Libby sounds really nice. But, maybe a bit ditzy, like she needs to learn a few things here and there, but I think she is really nice. Like REALLY nice. Like overly gushy. I don't understand that. Libby is to nice. I really, really think so.

I do NOT think this is a "mean girl" name! Libby just sounds cute and nice and not AT ALL mean! I think Libby is a good name for a nice character in a book. I mean, there may be girls out there named Libby who are mean, but really I think this is a good name

No. Libby in LOST was like the most nicest character ever. Yes she might have been a little bit crazy, but she definitely not mean.

I think Libby is a really cute name, and not mean at all

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11 Anna

Anna has always been one of my favorite names, and the Anna's I know are all nice. I'm even using the name as a main character in a story

DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN?! Who ever suggested this obviously never watched Frozen... Just saying.

My name is Anna and I admit I'm mean, but only to those people who are mean to me but I really do hate my name. I just think Anna doesn't suit me lol.

My name is Anna and I don't consider myself mean, but I know another anna and she is a bit rude

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12 Bridget

I know someone whose name is bridget and is so rude I try to be the bigger person and all is does is talk about others. She is only nice when it is convenient

I just met a really mean Bridget and found this website.

Hey my girlfriend has this name and she is the sweetest girl I met in my whole life

Hmm Bridget is kindv a nice name because if you know Bridget from total drama island, then

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13 Chanel

Classy and sassy name.

The iconic Chanel Oberlin, anything else?

Tribute to Chanel Oberlin

Sounds like she rules u from C TO N

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14 Amber

I had a friend I would say best friends but she wasn't my best friend she made fun of me because I was the only dark skin in the class. I tried to tell her you can't judge people before you step in my shoes and fell the same way I fell when you do this to me. But she never listened and she would always say I can't fit in your shoes there to small when she still was in sizes 5 in 10th grade and I was a 7 1/2. Then at the last day of school the teachers cough her bunching and kicking and calling me names she was suspended and I never saw her again.

I had a friend named Amber and we went everywhere together and gave me loads of things for my birthday and stuff. She told me that we would be best friends forever and never leave me. Then she just faded away from me, I don't know how and why, she just did. It was my birthday and I invited her and some of my other friends to come to the mall for my birthday to see if she would come back. She came and said we are still best friends. Then we had a sleepover at mine with my other friends and did loads of stuff like challenges, watching movies, and stuff. I don't remember Why but she was rude to my mum for no reason and then everyone started arguing and I got really mad so I threw coke all over the bath room. One of my friends asked if I was ok and we cleaned up the coke and soon after went to bed. I went in the spare room with my sis and the one who helped clean up the coke. In the morning I remember Amber just nurturing my little sis and I said "please can I join in I feel left out and ...more

My best friends name is amber and she has to have hearing ads and glasses plus to top it all off she has to go to a high school (can not remember name) full of people bulling her about it alright

My name is Amber and for your information I am not a bully, I don't like a lot of people ( because of their personalities) and, I've gotten to know them and their rude. Names are Ashlann, Sasha, and Lucy. Lucy isn't as bad though, she's sweet.

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15 Layla

YASS! So here's my story, I had a friend named Sarah in fourth grade, we weren't in the same class so we slowly stopped being friends, she became friends with a girl named Layla, she introduced us to Layla and then walked away, a few days later Sarah the girl who my friend and I un-friended wouldn't leave us alone, when she finally did my BFF yanked her hand and said yes, but little did we know Layla was watching us she told Sarah and we had to make up a lie about what we were doing so she wouldn't be on to us because when she's mad she does whatever she can and I mean WHATEVER she can to get us introuble, so Layla is a jealous brat, God I hope neither Sarah or Layla read this.

Guys don't get so insulted if your name is here because these people probably don't know you exist. There is DEFINITELY a chance of your name being here and if it is, don't assume it's directed to you. Maybe the person writing this list knew a MEAN Layla?

Hey I actually know four different people named Layla. shouldn't assume things. I just don't get how it's a mean girl name. All the Layla's I know are nice

My dogs name is Layla lmaooo

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16 Mindy

Mindy is not a rude name at all

Mandy is more Mean

17 Sarah

HECK YEAH! I know a Sarah, here's my story, in second grade I became friends with her, little did I know she would bullie me and follow me and boss me around, in fourth grade she CONVINCED me to move to this new school with her and dump all of my friends, and she talked trash about the school we were already in. In third grade we were in the same class along with another girl named Sammy, Sammy and I one day had had enough with Sarah so we decided to make her so mad that she would un-friend us for life, in faze three of our plan we decided to write notes to each other saying "plan make her mad is almost finished" Sarah sat next to us and DEMANDED to know what the note said, instead of telling her (which would have gotten rid of her all in one piece) we told her that she was being a bit bossy lately and her bossiness was getting out of hand, she told her mom and dad and her teacher and we had to have a big talk about hard friendship, during the whole thing she told us about how her mom ...more

This can't be a mean name. I know 13 different girls named this and only 1 out of all thirteen is straight out mean. The rest are pretty nice (4 of them are random little kids)

I know this one girl named Sarah and she was ugly as HECK but everyday she always felt the need to criticize everyone who tries to be friends with her. I try to be a nice person but she says stuff like you're so annoying, you talk too much, and why does anybody even like you?

Sarah is not poplar but really coll bully name as brittany too willl I vote 10

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18 Darla

Lol, finding nemo haha - Oliveleaf

Darla marks dazed and confused

This sounds like a 1920's name. HECK

I'm pregnant! darla ruined my life

19 Sally

Sally just sounds too sweet to be on this list, I don't picture a "Sally" as a jerk or mean girl.

For some reason to me Sally just doesn't fit in the mean group of names, I think it sounds more like a sweet lovable person.

My favourite name is Sally! It's my BFF and I's joined up name. I think it's a great name a mean girl called Sally just doesn't work...

My name is Sally! >.< And I'm a good person. I don't think people shouldn't say some who is bad or mean just because of their names! :( If U were them WHAT DO U FEEL! Thank you! Respect Other people please!

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20 Brooke

When I was in middle school, there was this girl named Brooke. She was rude to everyone, but acted like an angel in front of teachers. She literally would befriend someone just to argue with them the next day. Plus in middle school she had had up to four boyfriends at least. She was also very pretty. I hope I never see her again, because she made fun of me once, when I cut my hair really short to donate it to cancer patients.

I know a Brooke. She is like the typical blonde mean girl in real life. She is mean to everyone who she thinks is not as pretty or popular as her. The guys practically worship her. Yes, she's beautiful and can be fun to be around, but she is a total MEAN GIRL.

I know someone who is nicknamed Brooke, and she saw my mother at Walmart. My mother caught them stealing, and they made fun of her. She is a total jerk to lots of people, not just my mom and me.

My sister got bullied by a girl named brooke in middle school which she thought she was friends with but one night she told my sister to kys and that she should dig a grave for herself, and this whole time it was via message.

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