Top Ten Names for Mean Girls

This is a list of the top ten names for mean girls that maybe you want in a book or for something else, etc. But I'm sure you know a mean girl who is named one of these.
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1 Ashley

I had a girl named Ashley in my class at school, Ashley was so fake and rude! She'd spread lies about people behind their backs and cause drama, she’d also lie to turn people against each other. She'd always manipulate people and would make things up about people if she didn’t get her way 24/7. Ashley sounds like a mean girl name as well. No offence to anyone named Ashley.

I have a girl that I went to school with that was names Ashley, we were friends but then she turned into my biggest bully for reasons I still don't know why... She would constantly change her number/get texts apps to harass me no matter how many times I blocked her. No matter what I did she wouldn't leave me alone, she was relentless and eventually drove me to try to commit suicide. Despite knowing I tried to kill myself, she still wouldn't leave me alone, even after threats from my mum, my mum talking to hers, going to the school about it, and even the police she wouldn't stop. Yet, she had a lot of friends and people didn't like me which I found very puzzling because her friends knew what she was doing to me. We graduated high school in 2014(same class) and even being out of High School she STILL finds ways to harass me but it's not as common as it was in High School.

I have an Ashley in my school. She is so funny and nice! She is a teeny bit rude sometimes but for the most of it shes so sweet to me even though we aren't in any classes together except for gym. I have to admit that it's a really good name for a mean girl though because it sounds really stuck-up.
JUST BECAUSE there are some really nice Ashley's doesn't mean its not a mean name even though there are some really mean Ashley's out there. You can't judge by name. This is for writing FICTION so the characters aren't real. Stop acting stupid because your name is Ashley or you know a nice Ashley. It doesn't mean they aren't nice.

I know a girl named Ashley who's in my school. She used to be one of my best friend's best friend before she moved schools. This year, Ashley came back. She was at first extremely nice, sweet, friendly, REALLY funny, and loyal. But sometimes she'd snap and be rude or lose her tempers over nothing and we'd have dramas because of her. We (my best friends and I) considered making her a part of our little 'squad', but we never got to because sometimes she'd blab our secrets and say rude stuff about us. One week, nasty rumors were flying about her. The same week, however she started hanging out with the popular girls - but these were the nice popular girls, mind you. We had no problem with her hanging out with other friends, but suddenly she became extremely rude and hypocritical. She was nasty towards us, and I mean real nasty. She'd even say horrible things to our faces! I knew Ashley was pretty, sporty, and had a good reputation with the teaches and was seen as cute and sweet - perfect ...more

2 Brittany

My girl group for the story I'm doing:

Brittany Bates is the leader. She can seem nice at first but isn't when you get to know her. She is a controlling and snobby person. She learns her lesson when she gets kicked out. Her colour is purple.
Ashley Rose is the second in command. She is Brittany's best friend and even though she is a snobby girly girl she is nicer than Brittany. Her colour is neon pink.
Sabrina Turner is the dumb but sweet and level headed girly girl. She is an attention seeker and can be vain and argumentative. Her colour is neon orange.
Regina Hudson is the one most likely to be famous. She is beautiful enough to be a supermodel, enjoys singing and acting and is a part of the school's drama club. Her colour is lime green.
Nikki West is the nice one. Or so you thought as she is the really mean girl, even though she is popular. She is somehow Natalie's only friend because she is mean to everyone who isn't Natalie. Her colour is dark red and Crimson ...more

Yes, there was this girl named Brittany who goes to my school. At the beginning of the year I was best friends with her, only because she Akeem so innocent and nice. Ladder in the year she started acting like a bich. My other friend Lilly had a "girls" problem and told me and Brittany. When she left to go to the bathroom, Brittany turned around and told everyone. Who does that? So latter in the year I told her that I didn't want to be her friend anymore. She got so mad and told me that she didn't want to be my friend, and started spreading rumors about me and a boy. It was really embarrassing, but at least Brittany stopped taking to me.

My step-aunt is Brittany, but she is nice! But I'm voting for the names that MEAN GIRLS WOULD WANT, or mean girls in movies or books.

Umm, to the person who feels bad for people named Sally or Brittany...I DO NOT AGREE WITH YOU and that is why I put a thumbs down on your comment. :(. Sally and Brittany is a classical mean name. Not just because it sounds 'mean' to them. Plus, my name is Brittany and my best friend is named Sallina but I nickname her Sally. My 2nd best friend is named Sabrina. I do not want to be pitied. Thank you very much. People are actually jealous of me and my fashion sense. I don't want people like you to just RUIN it for me. Ok? By the way, I am not mean but people say say that I am. People also call Sabrina and Sallina(Sally) mean. It's just either because of our stereotypical names, they are a jealous wanna-be, or that they are stupid jerks, or they are nerds/dorks. Humph.

3 Heather

I have known a Heather who was absolutely awful to me. I don't know what this girl's problem was but I wish she would just get a life, and it seems to only be me too. Why me?! What did I do to her to deserve all of this awful treatment. She is literally the nicest person to everybody else but me. She makes fun of my last name cause it "sounds weird", by the way it's Konze, she makes fun of my religion because she's Mormon, and I know somebody who is Mormon is likes to chat about the differences of our religion not make fun of them, one time she poured milk on me s o she could say "Now I have chocolate milk to drink thank, Alexis", this girl needs to go see a psychiatrist or something. She really needs to pay attention to what they teach in school about bullying.

That was my teachers name when I went to a school called Center For Spectrum Services that helps kids with autism and I’m autistic.

I know someone with two exes named Heather - one cheated, then slashed all the all the bedding and all his clothing, destroyed all the furniture with bleach and stole all of his culinary sets and cookware (he was a chef at the time). The other stole everything that wasn't nailed down from their apartment to buy drugs - she went to jail and had to pay reparations. Also, one got pregnant and tried to say he was the father, knowing he was not. She then called a talk show. It was so ghetto/redneck. Now he's in grad school and they both want him back. How can you want someone back who put you in jail? It would be hilarious if it weren't so pathetic. I have known two others named Heather who were really sweet, level-headed and beautiful inside and out. What's in a name?

In total drama,there is this girl named Heather,she calls people names,she only cares about her hair and she tried to let the team down!?

4 Sabrina

I think that ANY posh name that isn't all that common would show how someone is either stuck up or gives grief to others. If you're trying to write a story that has a mean girl in, this would be the perfect name to use; it would show how she would think of herself higher than everyone else and feel the need to make that clear through the use of physical AND verbal abuse. Like everyone has said, even though Sabrina sounds like a generally nasty name doesn't necessarily mean all Sabrinas are bad people (perhaps bad parents for giving their child such an awful name though! ) so it would be an ideal name to use in fiction to show the personality/characteristics of a character straight away.

I knew a Sabrina that was a self-centered jerk, thinking that the world revolved around her. I was friends with her boyfriend before they got together, and she insisted that we "get to know each other" because my friend would often like to chat with me. She also added that if I stopped talking to him, she would have no more business with me. This girl is a whiny and manipulative brat who finds it necessary to dramatize every little thing. She even knows she's a problem but doesn't care to do anything about it. She's also so small I could drop kick the little witch. I am not saying that all Sabrinas are bad, but the one that I knew was particularly nasty and mean.

I had this classmate named Sabrina and boy, was she mean. She was mainly known for her record of being responsable for the most trouble in class and the number of detentions she'd get. She used to be rude to all the other girls (no one liked her by the way) and how she would then start playing the victim to get teachers to sympathize with her was really infuriating. I remember this one time she borrowed a dictionary from my best friend then lost it and after my friend confronted her about it she started yelling that she'd didn't have the damn thing and telling her to get over it and humiliating her in front of the class to the point of making her cry. To top it off she was part of our class's "mean girls trio" (Those others' names were Selena and Tala) and were basically everyones' nightmare. I really dislike the name Sabrina now even though I've met many kind girls with that name.

Sabrina doesn't sound like a very nice person, BUT, I have a bully friend and her name is sabrina, she bullies everyone and everyone hates her, except for me she is nice once you get to know her. She has a hard life that makes her bully everyone. She is now going to a counseller and she is turning into the nicest girl I know despite her mum leaving her and her dad being an achoholic. She is living with her aunt, and she is beautiful on the outside aswel as in. I want to think about the bully that has bullied you before. What is his/her back story? Is he/she taking drugs? What if there something more going on at home. I don't encourage taking drugs or bad behaviour, but I want you to notice. Remember there are always two sides to a story.

5 Taylor

Try having a cousin named Taylor she is so mean that one time when I was 13 and she was 15, her mom told me to go tell her something and I came in to her room and Taylor and her boyfriend were laying on the bed watching netflix with the lights off. Then I look at Taylor about to tell her what her mom said and Taylor says, "what?" and then tells me to get out. And shes a cheerleader and everyone knows that cheerleaders are mean and that's a fact. I also had a bully named Ashley but that's a whole other story.

Taylor can be mean or nice!I'm commenting to say not to judge a book by it's cover.(A.K.A wait till you get to know the person before you judge them.)I know a nice Taylor at my school and we are great friends but my first impression of her was bad because of her name.So I now know to wait until I see what the person is really like.Like this comment if you can relate or if you agree.

There was a girl in my school in third grade and her name was Taylor, she was mean and rude to everyone,I remember that everyone, including me, absolutely hated her. But then it was the best day ever when in third grade she was supposed to be in my class, but then she wasn't there. Then one girl said that she moved to Georgia and we were so happy! I never saw her since.

JERKS I'm a Taylor and I have lots of friends and I know a lot of people but whenever I think I'm being mean or just a little rude I ask politely and calm down they love me support me and help me I know that I'm NOT A MEAN kid because people feel safe around me and if I promise something I keep that promise I'm the best friend that I can be!

6 Regina

My name is Regina George.
And I am a MASSIVE deal.
Fear me, love me, stand and stare at me.
My name is Regina George.
And these, these are REAL.
I've got money & looks.
And I am, like, DRUNK with power.
This whole school humps my leg.
Like a chihuahua.
I'm the prettiest poison you've ever seen.
I never weigh more than..
My name is Regina George.
And I am a MASSIVE deal.
I don't care who you are.
I don't care how you feel.

In Doki Doki Precure (Or Glitter Force Doki Doki) Regina is both and she thinks her dad is King Mercenare but it is actually the good king.

Like, on Episode, there's this girl on Mean Girls called Regina, and she's the cruelest thing ever. Besides that, there's a Regina in once upon a time too.

Just how exactly does she make your life hell? Unless she knew taekwondo or kung fu or jiu jitsu, I doubt she can do much without dramatics or threats.

7 Nikki

I used to be friend with a girl named Nikki. When we were friends she was dating a guy from our youth group. Well, while dating that guy she was told by him not to talk to a specific guy because he likes her and all that. Well she doesn't listen and cheats on him with the guy and 2 other guys. She broke his heart. And being the kind person I am I lent a caring and listening ear to the guy. Ignoring the fact I had a crush in him. But I listened to his side after viewing hers. They broke up and I started talking to him as a friend. Being friendly. And she sees a post I made about him and comes reck at me saying he was cheating on her with me and stuff like that. She has tortured me for years because I was being a good person and listening. She has broken my glasses when I need them to see or I'm running into stuff all day and threatened to and actually has beaten me up to the point I had to go to the hospital and not take my finals for school. My nose is permanently broken because of ...more

I think Nikki is a really good name for girls, and I LOVE dork diares, Mackenzie is nice for a mean girl, sounds french-something-like-that- I mean, who am I kidding?! I am not Cinderella. Sorry! If I had to dash out from a castle at midnight, I would just step right into a pile of dog poop!

Oh my lord! So there is that girl Nikki in my class (Nikki is her nickname everyone calls her by), and she is the meanest! She has bad grades, doesn't understand simple words but is mean to everyone that is mean to her and acts spoiled every time! She also wears the most makeup in her class and her mom agrees that she is just growing up. Plus I don't remember the last time that I saw her anywhere else than social media

Um, has anyone realized that EVERYONE has a good side and a bad side? I know, if you read Dork Diaries and all, but... PEOPLE SHALL NOT BE JUDGED BY THEIR NAMES! To me, that's stupid. I think Tiffany should be on here. Not all Tiffanies, due to what I said earlier.

8 Annabelle

she is the worst person in my life. bullied me into low self esteem and fat shamed me every day, made me depressed and anxious. she told me to OD and cut. she caused my eating disorder.

Annabelle? Sounds like the evil doll is bullying others but putting a curse on them!

I have a best friend named Annabelle she is the sweetest person I've ever met

Read Secrets At Malory Towers.Annabelle is very mean to Olive.She changed Olive form an innocent sweet girl to a mean unbearable girl

9 Layla

ok, she was one of the meanest people I know and remember in my life span in ages this girl stands in the hall picks on peeps she does not like. one person she likes the most would sit beside her she would smash peoples against the wall no one stands up to her at all One day I saw her picking on my best friend I had known of this woman I had shouted ay you look here ya lays chips. she came my way and said what. she punches me in the face the last thing I say was the teach holding her kids run to the next thing I know was boxes of sweet and I was in a hospital I went school to see a bunch of thank you from all the school.

Dude this should be higher up. When I was in seventh grade this eighth grader named Layla was the absolute worst! She got on every sports team and would bring about it. She acted entitled about everything when she really wasn’t. Her best friend was bratty too and they never shut their mouths. When I was on the cheer team with her she wouldn’t even listen to the team captain.

I knew someone named Layla back then when I was in 5th grade, she was sorta mean to me and would sometimes make fun of me... but that doesn't mean all Layla's are mean! who made this site ;-; now we the kids that were getting bullied are now sorta now bullying them

I agree with the person who said not to feel like this was directed at you cause maybe the person who wrote this list knew a mean Layla. I personally know a really sweet Layla and a really mean Layla so if your nice don't feel like the comments on girls named Layla being mean cause the people who wrote those comments mean the Layla's they know and not you. So please don't feel offended.

10 Libby

There is a girl named libby in my school she is such a drama queen and fake. One time she was doing the math wrong so I tried to correct her, she literally got so mad. When the teacher came over though she acted like I was the bad guy so I yelled at her. The teacher gave me a right up and she smiled the whole time.

(she failed the test though :P)

I have a "friend" named Libby. We were really good friends. That was up until I started going to the school she went to. 6th grade. I wasn't in her class, but she was still annoying. She was the kind of girl that would touch your hair and would always be in your space. She also had a group of wierdos. I lived close to her so she always wanted to hang out! UGGHHH!

I do NOT think this is a "mean girl" name! Libby just sounds cute and nice and not AT ALL mean! I think Libby is a good name for a nice character in a book. I mean, there may be girls out there named Libby who are mean, but really I think this is a good name

The think Libby sounds really nice. But, maybe a bit ditzy, like she needs to learn a few things here and there, but I think she is really nice. Like REALLY nice. Like overly gushy. I don't understand that. Libby is to nice. I really, really think so.

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11 Georgia

I know a girl called Georgia. She made up a massive story about how she was abused at home and she self-harms and told me and another friend that she wanted to drink bleach. It turns out it was all a lie. Now she's ignoring me and making up all this stuff about me. So yeah, I agree.

! There's this girl at my school named Gorgina and her nickname is Georgia, But anyway she is so mean that he actually told my friend that she was fat. She even tries to be cool by hang out with the fifth-graders. Not cool girl not cool

This is my sister's name, and I don't think she's mean. But that doesn't mean I have to complain to the person who made the list. It was supposed to help people with writing!

One of my classmate Charlotte has a sister called Georgia, and she's in my well-being group. And she is really nice, I don't think she's rude. I don't think Georgia is a rude name.

12 Chanel

Chanel is a beautiful name! She's my best friend before she moved to Arizona! She was nice, a best friend, and one of the best people in the world! Whatever you say bad about the name, you are WRONG! Especially the one of the brand. And Chanel is a french name, not a 'brand name'!

This name in my opinion sounds cheap and terrible I rather name a child Regina like Regina gorge from Mean girls. It also reminds me from the brand Chanel which is a good one but naming a child after brands is a terrible trend.Imagine if you named your child Gucci.Also this sounds like a dyke name

Did her parents just like the brand and bought out all the stores because they were rich and named her that because of it or what? and boi who would name their kid after clothes?!?!?!

Well my old bully at school was called Chanel, so this I think is perfect for a MEAN GIRL!

13 Gabrielle

Yes, Gabrielle sounds mean it doesn't sound sweet it sounds salty like those "salty languages". (Like German, or Russian aka everything besides the love languages! )

This is definitely not a mean girl name! My name is Gabriella and I have met other Gabriella's and Gabrielle's and they are as sweet as I am.

Gabriella Montez, High School Musical anyone? Shouldn't Sharpay be on this list?

That's my name and I'm pretty nice

14 Penny

My nanny her name was penny she was insane!
She was so rude and one of the reasons I suffer from depression to this day...
She would call me stupid and worthless and my parents wouldn't believe me,
Until one day she was upstairs yelling at me calling me stupid and useless and mom came into the house and heard her and she was BUSTED
And by the way I have a friend named violet (fir the vote above this one)
And she is the nicest girl I know!

I think this name kind of is like a real penny - sharp, dark, small, but shiny. On the outside "Penny might be beautiful but inside all those Penny girls I have met are mean inside, like in Mr. Peabody and Sherman.
Sry to all the Pennies out there and Abraham Lincoln on the penny, you all wonderful girls but the name is just like that to me.
Have a nice day

Yes, in my opinion Penny is the perfect name for this. Penny is the worst. She even kills people And destroys relationships like a pro. "Perfect Penny" (Greys anatomy fans understand)

How is this a mean name? The name Penny is perfect for a shy, nice girl.
It might just be me, but why would Penny be a mean name? There is even an American Girl Doll named Penny!

15 Maddie

I had a friend named Maddie that didn't understand I have autism and would boss me around every day, and as I got older and would swear, she'd scream "BAD GIRL! NO! " and she would also try to HOG my best friend. She was still the little tattletale second grader I always knew and didn't change one bit. She made my middle school life awful- she went to the point where I had to block her phone number because she cyberbullied me when she said I was bullying her.
She ruined the name Maddie for me.

My name is maddie, and I must admit I'm not the nicest at people at school but I'm definitely not the meanest. I don't think any name is a mean it just depends on the people you know, and there are some really lovely names on here!

I have an enemy called Maddie and she is very mean and swears a lot. No offense if Maddie is your name but I just think it is a common name for mean girls

I have a friend called Maddie. She's alright but sometimes she gets angry at me and doesn't understand that I don't understand because I have Asperger Syndrome.

16 Mariah

That Mariah must have been mean!But just because someone has a certain name doesn't mean they are mean.Scroll up and look at the comment about not judging a book by it's cover on the name Taylor and Brittany.I wrote a story about my best friend and a mean friend that had the same name on Brittany.

I have a friend named Mariah she is an amazing person, but when I think of just the name Mariah it's self I think of a popular girl with a lot of friends.

I know this girl named Mariah, and she was so mean, and so annoying. She constantly harassed me for absolutely no reason, and she stole all my friends. Blechh!

I know a Mariah she is amazingly kind but a little wacky I'm only on here cause I want to see if my name is on here.

17 Amber

I think the people on here are being really mean because Amber is my name and I am not mean I am really nice so why do people judge others by their names? Just because some people know mean girls called Amber, it's a really beautiful name and a precious stone and lots of people love this name so... this list is just mean and horrible!

Those Amber's were mean.But I have many nice friends named Amber!So I don't disagree or agree.You should wait to see who they are like before you just hear their name and decide this is a mean girl.Cause if that Amber is nice you're the one being mean!So wait till you know the person or else you'll hurt people's feeling when they read their name on this list and everyone is saying that this certain name is mean.There are nice people with names that sound mean so don't judge a book by it's cover cause that will make you the mean one if you call a nice girl that you've never met mean after you hear their name.

I had a friend I would say best friends but she wasn't my best friend she made fun of me because I was the only dark skin in the class. I tried to tell her you can't judge people before you step in my shoes and fell the same way I fell when you do this to me. But she never listened and she would always say I can't fit in your shoes there to small when she still was in sizes 5 in 10th grade and I was a 7 1/2. Then at the last day of school the teachers cough her bunching and kicking and calling me names she was suspended and I never saw her again.

I had a friend named Amber and we went everywhere together and gave me loads of things for my birthday and stuff. She told me that we would be best friends forever and never leave me. Then she just faded away from me, I don't know how and why, she just did. It was my birthday and I invited her and some of my other friends to come to the mall for my birthday to see if she would come back. She came and said we are still best friends. Then we had a sleepover at mine with my other friends and did loads of stuff like challenges, watching movies, and stuff. I don't remember Why but she was rude to my mum for no reason and then everyone started arguing and I got really mad so I threw coke all over the bath room. One of my friends asked if I was ok and we cleaned up the coke and soon after went to bed. I went in the spare room with my sis and the one who helped clean up the coke. In the morning I remember Amber just nurturing my little sis and I said "please can I join in I feel left out and ...more

18 Clara

My name. But I am bullied by around 12 mean girls is my school so it is not me here who is mean. I am: outgoing, kind, and I do defend myself.

My name, but I've never heard this name for a mean girl. I am shy and kind, but if someone is mean to me I'm gonna be mean back

No way. I have a friend named Clara and she is one of the nicest girls I know. That is not a name for a mean girl.

My cousin's name is Clara. She is an amazing singer, and an amazing cousin. To me, Clara is not a mean name at all. It is a great name for a kind, sweet, talented, smart, and maybe a bit shy, girl. I love this name in general anyways! One name I DO think is mean sounding,
is Autumn. I have a huge story behind that name.🙄

19 Skylar

I have found 2 of my names in here Tara and Skylar... Hope Jane is not in here or my hole name will be mean. I'm not a big fan of having 3 names it's just weird like seriously : Tara Jane Skylar ( what an awkward name )!

This girl naked Skylar thought she was popular because she hanged out with those kind of people. She even joined the Tennis team that the popular girls were in, she treated everyone like trash.

I kind of like the name but it is a mean girl name

I used to be friends with a skylar and she is sooo rude

20 Mindy

Mindy Minus from 100 Things To Do Before High School anyone?

Mindy sounds like the normal white mean girl

I think Mindy is a mean name, it sound mean.

Mindy sounds like a shy girl name

21 Josephine

My middle name is Josephine but I'm a really sweet person believe me please!There are mean Josephine's but most I think are nice like me.So I really don't like this name being called a "mean girl" name even though most girls with this name are nice.So I disagree I think this is a nice girls name but in a basket of apples there's bound to be a few bad ones.So please don't be rash and judge this name very badly.

I have this girl in my school and she gets away with everything and it makes me so angry and I known this teacher when I was 7 years old and I never ask her to get me something, even if I ask politely, but she, sh gets everything she wants to get and I just feel like that no one cares about me. I wish that she didn't came to my school.

You got this off Scarlet and Ivy

Yeah No Way!

22 Erin

I am so sorry for those of you named Erin, but I knew an Erin and she was SO EVIL.

I love this name! Both for a mean girl and nice girl, fantastic name picks!

Erin's are evil

I love this name

23 Maddy

This girl named Madison (Maddy as a nickname) tried to be nice to me on the first day of school, but then she ended up shredding my homework in the paper shredder once. I was so mad!

My name is Maddy spelled with an ie as in Maddie I'm pretty much known as the schools popular bully I am really impatient and snippy and wear loads of make-up!

I knew a Maddy. No offense to other Maddy's but she was such a self-absorbed brat. I hope other Maddy's are much kinder than her.

Yeah I agree. There is this girl named Maddy who bullied me and stole all my friends.

24 Ethel

There was a girl in The Book Of Horses And Unicorns, and she is called Ethel, she has a unicorn too.

My great grandmother’s name was Ethel, and she died two months ago, so please, show some respect for someone who just lost somebody named Ethel.

Ethel Hallow from The worst witch!

Ethel Hallow from The worst witch!

25 Sarah

YES! So in 6th grade, I was going to digital learning, And there was a rule where you can't eat food to class and well, I brought food, But I didn't eat it. So I wanted to eat it so I ate it in the doorway and well Sarah said "You can't eat in class! " "I'm not though" then she said this "Your breathing into this class, Which means your eating in class! " I told her she is being a child and that she need to stop. Two days later, Someone was harassing me, I said stop, Then Sarah mocked me I yelled STOP, then now she is just talking bad things about me!

HECK YEAH! I know a Sarah, here's my story, in second grade I became friends with her, little did I know she would bullie me and follow me and boss me around, in fourth grade she CONVINCED me to move to this new school with her and dump all of my friends, and she talked trash about the school we were already in. In third grade we were in the same class along with another girl named Sammy, Sammy and I one day had had enough with Sarah so we decided to make her so mad that she would un-friend us for life, in faze three of our plan we decided to write notes to each other saying "plan make her mad is almost finished" Sarah sat next to us and DEMANDED to know what the note said, instead of telling her (which would have gotten rid of her all in one piece) we told her that she was being a bit bossy lately and her bossiness was getting out of hand, she told her mom and dad and her teacher and we had to have a big talk about hard friendship, during the whole thing she told us about how her mom ...more

Don't get me started on SARAH! In the summer going into sixth grade, I went to camp for a week. Little did I know that it would be torture week. You see, I'm very sensative, and I cry over petty things a lot because of my sensativity. Sarah would constantly remind me of how annoying I was, and how I wasnt good at anything. I get scared really easily, and she kept telling me scary stories I didn't want to hear. I was scarred by those stories and I still think about them. Sarah is a horrible person, but not all Sarahs. I hope I never have to see her again.

I know a Sarah and she is honestly really mean, rude and bossy. She told some people in our friend group to stop talking about mean things people have done(not including her obviously)and then stopped being our friend. The next year she was being a suck-up to be our friend again, and started talking behind the back of this girl, in ways that were actually mean. I know not all Sarahs are mean, so if you are a nice Sarah out there, I'm not talking about anyone except for the Sarah I know.

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