Top Ten Names for Mean Girls

This is a list of the top ten names for mean girls that maybe you want in a book or for something else, etc. But I'm sure you know a mean girl who is named one of these.

The Top Ten Names for Mean Girls

1 Ashley

I have a girl that I went to school with that was names Ashley, we were friends but then she turned into my biggest bully for reasons I still don't know why... She would constantly change her number/get texts apps to harass me no matter how many times I blocked her. No matter what I did she wouldn't leave me alone, she was relentless and eventually drove me to try to commit suicide. Despite knowing I tried to kill myself, she still wouldn't leave me alone, even after threats from my mum, my mum talking to hers, going to the school about it, and even the police she wouldn't stop. Yet, she had a lot of friends and people didn't like me which I found very puzzling because her friends knew what she was doing to me. We graduated high school in 2014(same class) and even being out of High School she STILL finds ways to harass me but it's not as common as it was in High School.

This girl in my school named Ashley is just one of those girls who just...doesn't give you a break. She constantly yells at me for stupid things...calls me a try hard for being a smarter then her...and has even made fun of my religion, telling me that god isn't real and such.
Excuse me? I think shes some sort of...Christian-hating version of Hitler, except shes American and a girl. It's...stupid, I know, and that really pisses me off. No one seems to leave me alone these days...this Ashley used to bully me back in elementary school, along with another girl who is friends with her...then they both come back to hurt me again. Good riddance.

I hate this list it is the worst everyone is making fun of the people with these names so go to a different list because this is cruel

Well there was this girl who was very nice and she was friendly to everyone - 24wangc

2 Brittany

Imagine that there is a high school clique or a trope called Girl Posse and it's called "The 'Ittanies":

Brittany Bates is the leader and a mix of Madison Montgomery, Chris Hargernstern, Cordelia Chase (Pre-Angel), Heather Chandler and Regina George with a touch of Lori Loud. She is the stern and bossy leader who is snarky and sarcastic. She is he head cheerleader of the bunch at Herserky High.

Whittany Driver is a second-in-command and a mix of Adagio Dazzle, TTG! Raven, Heather Duke, Gretchen Weiners, Tina/Norma and Betty Rizzo with a touch of Lola Loud. She is obsessed with wearing '50s glasses and a spoiled brat. She is very rich and somehow is nice to people sometimes.

Tiffany Blake Wegerheiner is the ditzy airhead and one of the popular kids. She's a mix of Leni Loud, Sandy Olsson, Heather McNamara, Betty Cooper From Riverdale, Harmony Kendall and Brittany Wong with a touch of Karen Smith. She doesn't remember anything and she's nice to everyone. ...more

My girl group for the story I'm doing:

Brittany Bates is the leader. She can seem nice at first but isn't when you get to know her. She is a controlling and snobby person. She learns her lesson when she gets kicked out. Her colour is purple.
Ashley Rose is the second in command. She is Brittany's best friend and even though she is a snobby girly girl she is nicer than Brittany. Her colour is neon pink.
Sabrina Turner is the dumb but sweet and level headed girly girl. She is an attention seeker and can be vain and argumentative. Her colour is neon orange.
Regina Hudson is the one most likely to be famous. She is beautiful enough to be a supermodel, enjoys singing and acting and is a part of the school's drama club. Her colour is lime green.
Nikki West is the nice one. Or so you thought as she is the really mean girl, even though she is popular. She is somehow Natalie's only friend because she is mean to everyone who isn't Natalie. Her colour is dark red and Crimson ...more

LOOK I FEEL REALLY BAD FOR EVERYONE NAMED BRITTANY OR SALLY OR ANY OF THESE NAMES! But please know they weren't directed to YOU! Maybe to them it sounds like a mean name to them or they know a mean girl with one of these names. I just want everyone to feel better...and just so you know I think that all these names are pretty and lovable! I hope you know that any name can be a mean girl name. So if you agree with me...please like.

Oh Yes! Brittany is such a mean girls name! I think this should be #1! - CottonCandyUnicorn

3 Heather

I know someone with two exes named Heather - one cheated, then slashed all the all the bedding and all his clothing, destroyed all the furniture with bleach and stole all of his culinary sets and cookware (he was a chef at the time). The other stole everything that wasn't nailed down from their apartment to buy drugs - she went to jail and had to pay reparations. Also, one got pregnant and tried to say he was the father, knowing he was not. She then called a talk show. It was so ghetto/redneck. Now he's in grad school and they both want him back. How can you want someone back who put you in jail? It would be hilarious if it weren't so pathetic. I have known two others named Heather who were really sweet, level-headed and beautiful inside and out. What's in a name?

Heather was set up to be a mean girl name. The Heathers and Heather from TD are all super rude. If there is a Heather that is kind, bless you.

The Heathers are all jerks in Heathers, mostly Heather Chandler.

The mean girl at my mums school was a heather. Baer in mind there has to be some Heather's who are really kind

4 Sabrina

My name is Sabrina and I do have to admit, I am not the nicest girl in town. The boys are afraid of me for reasons I am not proud of, but I do not consider the name Sabrina a mean name. My friend who is much much younger than me is named Sabrina and she is the sweetest girl I have ever met. So my answer is no. The name has nothing to do with someone's personality. I just happen to be a little mean, but there are plenty of sweet and kind girls named Sabrina out in the world. People just need to start looking.

A girl named Sabrina goes to my church and she is the MOST annoying and rude person I know. So I agree

I have a best friend named Sabrina and she's really nice, so I disagree!

I had this classmate named Sabrina and boy, was she mean. She was mainly known for her record of being responsable for the most trouble in class and the number of detentions she'd get. She used to be rude to all the other girls (no one liked her by the way) and how she would then start playing the victim to get teachers to sympathize with her was really infuriating. I remember this one time she borrowed a dictionary from my best friend then lost it and after my friend confronted her about it she started yelling that she'd didn't have the damn thing and telling her to get over it and humiliating her in front of the class to the point of making her cry. To top it off she was part of our class's "mean girls trio" (Those others' names were Selena and Tala) and were basically everyones' nightmare. I really dislike the name Sabrina now even though I've met many kind girls with that name.

5 Regina

My name is Regina George.
And I am a MASSIVE deal.
Fear me, love me, stand and stare at me.
My name is Regina George.
And these, these are REAL.
I've got money & looks.
And I am, like, DRUNK with power.
This whole school humps my leg.
Like a chihuahua.
I'm the prettiest poison you've ever seen.
I never weigh more than..
My name is Regina George.
And I am a MASSIVE deal.
I don't care who you are.
I don't care how you feel. - RoseWeasley

That's why her hair is so big, IT'S FULL OF SECRETS.. - MontyPython

Did you know her parents don't sleep in the same bed anymore? Don't tell her I told you. - The_Violist

Just how exactly does she make your life hell? Unless she knew taekwondo or kung fu or jiu jitsu, I doubt she can do much without dramatics or threats.

Thank you for the mention of Mean Girls. That's exactly where my head went when I read that

6 Taylor

I have a bully at my school named Taylor. One day she took my lunch money and used it to buy her lunch.

The only Taylor I know is the singer, and she's one of the kindest celebrities I've ever seen! So I disagree.

I love taylor swift I hate taylor from total drama the bratty brat brat

Did you HATERS know that Taylor was on top ten best names!? Plus, don't be mean to Taylor Swift! People judge famous people on every little rumor these days!

7 Nikki

What? Shouldn't Mackenzie be on here? If your a dork diaries reader or have read any of the books you would know what I mean

I used to be friend with a girl named Nikki. When we were friends she was dating a guy from our youth group. Well, while dating that guy she was told by him not to talk to a specific guy because he likes her and all that. Well she doesn't listen and cheats on him with the guy and 2 other guys. She broke his heart. And being the kind person I am I lent a caring and listening ear to the guy. Ignoring the fact I had a crush in him. But I listened to his side after viewing hers. They broke up and I started talking to him as a friend. Being friendly. And she sees a post I made about him and comes reck at me saying he was cheating on her with me and stuff like that. She has tortured me for years because I was being a good person and listening. She has broken my glasses when I need them to see or I'm running into stuff all day and threatened to and actually has beaten me up to the point I had to go to the hospital and not take my finals for school. My nose is permanently broken because of ...more - Llamacorn

I used to have a friend named Nikki (this was online by the way) and when we were playing games and I was playing with someone else she'd get so jealous and just I forgot a lot about her but she was rude, anyway she got pissed at me and stopped being my friend so yeah Nikki is a mean girl name

I Had a friend named Nikki and at first she was nice but when I started to hang out with more friends she was so mean and rude

8 Georgia

One of my classmate Charlotte has a sister called Georgia, and she's in my well-being group. And she is really nice, I don't think she's rude. I don't think Georgia is a rude name.

A Georgia in my class is so toxic its not even funny. she's so mean!

I had a bully who's name was pronounced like Georgia, but it was spelled Jorja.

I know a girl called Georgia. She made up a massive story about how she was abused at home and she self-harms and told me and another friend that she wanted to drink bleach. It turns out it was all a lie. Now she's ignoring me and making up all this stuff about me. So yeah, I agree.

9 Chanel

Chanel is a beautiful name! She's my best friend before she moved to Arizona! She was nice, a best friend, and one of the best people in the world! Whatever you say bad about the name, you are WRONG! Especially the one of the brand. And Chanel is a french name, not a 'brand name'!

Chanel is a gorgeous name, although it dose sound like a mean girls name - isadora129

Classy and sassy name.

That's my name... I don't know whether to be mad or laughing my ass off

10 Libby

There is a girl called Libby at my school to and she always pushes and elbows you

A girl at my school named Libby. She call me fat ugly and is always mad at me for hanging out with my friend it is so unfair

Don't even get me started. There's a Libby in my school and she says she doesn't like me for no reason then she copies my work and she stares at me.

I know someone called Libby. And despite it being 10th, she's one of the nicest girls I know. - Rhynoctapus

My name is libby and I looked it up a while ago and i’m pretty sure it said something like princess

The Contenders

11 Gabrielle

Yes, Gabrielle sounds mean it doesn't sound sweet it sounds salty like those "salty languages". (Like German, or Russian aka everything besides the love languages! )

This is definitely not a mean girl name! My name is Gabriella and I have met other Gabriella's and Gabrielle's and they are as sweet as I am.

Gabriella Montez, High School Musical anyone? Shouldn't Sharpay be on this list?

That's my name and I'm pretty nice

12 Penny

Yes, in my opinion Penny is the perfect name for this. Penny is the worst. She even kills people And destroys relationships like a pro. "Perfect Penny" (Greys anatomy fans understand)

I wish people stop using the names courtney brittney ashley heather victoria and scarlet for mean girls and use more penny for mean girls

How is this a mean name? The name Penny is perfect for a shy, nice girl.
It might just be me, but why would Penny be a mean name? There is even an American Girl Doll named Penny!

Penny from Carry On. Sarcastic and not one for human interaction but definitely not mean

13 Mariah

I know a Mariah she is amazingly kind but a little wacky I'm only on here cause I want to see if my name is on here.

There were a girl with that name and she was really nice to me so I can't agree

Every Mariah I meet becomes one of my closest friends so I can't agree.

I know this girl named Mariah, and she was so mean, and so annoying. She constantly harassed me for absolutely no reason, and she stole all my friends. Blechh!

14 Clara

No way. I have a friend named Clara and she is one of the nicest girls I know. That is not a name for a mean girl.

I know this girl named clara is she is so rude, and always wants to be the center of attention!

I have a crush and a girl named Clara liked him, even though she said she was my, "Friend."

Clara is from Doctor Who and she is not a bully!

15 Skylar

In my school there is only A Skylar and it's a boy he is also nice so this is not really a mean or nice person its kinda a mix

This girl naked Skylar thought she was popular because she hanged out with those kind of people. She even joined the Tennis team that the popular girls were in, she treated everyone like trash. - Luckys

I have found 2 of my names in here Tara and Skylar... Hope Jane is not in here or my hole name will be mean. I'm not a big fan of having 3 names it's just weird like seriously : Tara Jane Skylar ( what an awkward name )!

I kind of like the name but it is a mean girl name

16 Mindy

Mindy isn't a mean girl name, I have an auntie (cousin) names Mindy as she's nice, so I don't think it is

Mandy is more Mean

Not a mean name my gram is named mindy and she bought a $2000 toy for my birthday she gives me everything I want she is a christen she read the Bible like 100000000 times

Mindy is not a rude name at all

17 Amber

Amber is my aunt and she is the sweetest person you would ever meet!

There is a girl in my school called Amber who is a total brat and she is the most popular girl in our year. She doesn't specifically target anyone to bully but she intentionally causes lots of drama with all the other popular girls. I've never been in with gossip but I think she actually tore our class in half at one point. She such a spoiled brat and she thinks she rules the world. Yet somehow she still remains a popular girl. So yes, this is a very good name for a mean girl!

I had I girl named Amber we were friends then turned against me tryed to turn everyone else against me bullied me pushed me into tables and everything and stole my friends

I had a friend I would say best friends but she wasn't my best friend she made fun of me because I was the only dark skin in the class. I tried to tell her you can't judge people before you step in my shoes and fell the same way I fell when you do this to me. But she never listened and she would always say I can't fit in your shoes there to small when she still was in sizes 5 in 10th grade and I was a 7 1/2. Then at the last day of school the teachers cough her bunching and kicking and calling me names she was suspended and I never saw her again.

18 Layla

My "friend" named Layla is a total bish. She sucks, I can definitely agree with this name

When I was in first grade there was this new girl named Layla and she was friends with my friends but whenever nobody was around she would start harassing them and bullying them. But we were always nice to her and did nothing to her but she kept on bullying us. Then when my little sister was in first grade the same EXACT thing happened! I wonder why she is popular? But if your name is on this list, don't be insulted because they probably have no idea you exist.

Layla sounds like a nice name. I have a friend named Laila she's so nice, she also looks so innocent lol - Luckys

Innocent looking people you gotta know that the innocence may not spread through her blood. - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

Guys don't get so insulted if your name is here because these people probably don't know you exist. There is DEFINITELY a chance of your name being here and if it is, don't assume it's directed to you. Maybe the person writing this list knew a MEAN Layla?

19 Josephine

I have this girl in my school and she gets away with everything and it makes me so angry and I known this teacher when I was 7 years old and I never ask her to get me something, even if I ask politely, but she, sh gets everything she wants to get and I just feel like that no one cares about me. I wish that she didn't came to my school.

Me and my friend even call our selfs Scarlet and Ivy! (I’m Ivy) (the better one)
Josephine was the names of a bully

One of my Bffs is named Josie (Josephine) and shes super nice and awesome ( all the josies I know are nice and quiet)

You got this off Scarlet and Ivy - Piper_Neal

20 Annabelle

Annabelle? Sounds like the evil doll is bullying others but putting a curse on them!

Annabelle is so sweet you guys are idiots this boy who likes me calls me annabelle

Seriously people? You guys probably ran out of ideas because Annabelle would be the opposite of mean...:(

Annabelle the doll gonna get you

21 Maddy

This girl named Madison (Maddy as a nickname) tried to be nice to me on the first day of school, but then she ended up shredding my homework in the paper shredder once. I was so mad!

Yeah I agree. There is this girl named Maddy who bullied me and stole all my friends.

My name is Maddy spelled with an ie as in Maddie I'm pretty much known as the schools popular bully I am really impatient and snippy and wear loads of make-up!

So id say maddison but maddison girls use the nick name maddy so it works out

22 Sarah

YES! So in 6th grade, I was going to digital learning, And there was a rule where you can't eat food to class and well, I brought food, But I didn't eat it. So I wanted to eat it so I ate it in the doorway and well Sarah said "You can't eat in class! " "I'm not though" then she said this "Your breathing into this class, Which means your eating in class! " I told her she is being a child and that she need to stop. Two days later, Someone was harassing me, I said stop, Then Sarah mocked me I yelled STOP, then now she is just talking bad things about me!

HECK YEAH! I know a Sarah, here's my story, in second grade I became friends with her, little did I know she would bullie me and follow me and boss me around, in fourth grade she CONVINCED me to move to this new school with her and dump all of my friends, and she talked trash about the school we were already in. In third grade we were in the same class along with another girl named Sammy, Sammy and I one day had had enough with Sarah so we decided to make her so mad that she would un-friend us for life, in faze three of our plan we decided to write notes to each other saying "plan make her mad is almost finished" Sarah sat next to us and DEMANDED to know what the note said, instead of telling her (which would have gotten rid of her all in one piece) we told her that she was being a bit bossy lately and her bossiness was getting out of hand, she told her mom and dad and her teacher and we had to have a big talk about hard friendship, during the whole thing she told us about how her mom ...more

This person told me that it was my fault that my parents divorced

OBjEcTiOn YoUr hOnOuR-- all sarah's I've met were nice. and look at the I Am Number Four Books- Sarah is really nice

23 Ethel

There was a girl in The Book Of Horses And Unicorns, and she is called Ethel, she has a unicorn too.

Ethel Hallow from The worst witch!

This one is off Scarlet and Ivy - Piper_Neal

She just sound mean

24 Kelly

One of my best friends name is Kelly, and she's really sweet and considerate.. - natalily

My bestfriend's Name is Kelly and she is the sweetest most quiet girl in the world. My mom has a friend named kelly and she is super sweet... this is just a lie :/ why is everyone the beautiful names

I think of kelly, like kelly from the office.

I think kelly is a really bad name

25 Courtney

My name is Courtney and I am not snobby I am a very shy girl. Do you know the saying don't judge a book by its cover. Well here's one don't judge a name by its sound. Most people assume courtney's have blond hair and blue eyes as well as snobby I'm just the opposite I have brown straight hair hazel green eyes. It just makes me sick that people would judge people by their names before they know them. What if you fell in love with someone with the name Courtney would you dump them due too their names. My middle name is lynn so I love the name Courtney and lynn put together Courtneylynn very pretty and rare it may be a masculine name but that does not mean you judge them for their name. Just saying its not nice. :(

Courtney is not a mean name because all of the Courtney's I know r so nice and also my best called Courtney so the name Courtney should not be there!.

Theirs a girl name Courtney at school and she's everything you said people think a Courtney is. Not that Courtney is bad person or anything. I it's a nice name. And a lot of nice people have that name

I know a girl named Courtney. She is the sweetest girl I know! She's older than me and all my friends by, well, a lot. But, despite age she is always nice to us when she could just be some snobby teenage girl. Because we do a lot of questionable things as the naive tweens we are...and only the adults get mad at us!

26 Nadia

My ex best friends mum is called Nadia she told my school that I bullied this girl when in fact she bullied me and threatened to stab me.

I disagree and agree there's this girl in my tykwondo class she's nice but she's also mean and whiny and very annoying

Scarlet and ivy!

I think that is the perfect mean girl name

27 Sally

My best friend is sally, she is the nice's person ever she a little scary when I get her mad but I disagree this is not a mean girls name and besides she so sweet I cannot picture her as a mean person.

Sally just sounds too sweet to be on this list, I don't picture a "Sally" as a jerk or mean girl.

For some reason to me Sally just doesn't fit in the mean group of names, I think it sounds more like a sweet lovable person.

My favourite name is Sally! It's my BFF and I's joined up name. I think it's a great name a mean girl called Sally just doesn't work...

28 Brooke

HECK NO! My best friend name is brooke, shes the best friend ever! I totally disagree!

When I was in middle school, there was this girl named Brooke. She was rude to everyone, but acted like an angel in front of teachers. She literally would befriend someone just to argue with them the next day. Plus in middle school she had had up to four boyfriends at least. She was also very pretty. I hope I never see her again, because she made fun of me once, when I cut my hair really short to donate it to cancer patients.

I know a Brooke. She is like the typical blonde mean girl in real life. She is mean to everyone who she thinks is not as pretty or popular as her. The guys practically worship her. Yes, she's beautiful and can be fun to be around, but she is a total MEAN GIRL.

I know someone who is nicknamed Brooke, and she saw my mother at Walmart. My mother caught them stealing, and they made fun of her. She is a total jerk to lots of people, not just my mom and me.

29 Dylan

I LOVE the name Dylan or a girl. I don't really think that it sounds like a mean name, more like a lovable kid.

No, you can't judge by name but, I have to say that story sounds like what this girl in my school does to me ALL the time and runs off to the teacher saying that I did something bad when I didn't and it was HER

I am getting so annoyed by the amounts of comments people are making that some of these "Boy" names shouldn't be girl names. that's just sexist!

I think it's a good name, but it kinda sounds like a girl who would try to be in control and would bully someone

30 Violet

My best friend's name is Violet! We're just two introverted people who love video games and youtube. Doesn't sound like a mean girl to me.

You're turning Violet, Violet...

I think the name "Violet", sounds like the name of someone who is nice and calm. My name is Violet and I'm not ALWAYS nice but I'm usually calm.

My middle name is Violet how dare you I am a very nice person

31 Lana

Spell it backwards - Iamcool

The name lana is so cute! Not a mean girl name. by the way, lana is my fave charecter in the loud house and she's not mean.

Like a girl from my school. She is jealous and selfish brat and she thinks she's better than everyone.

Lana backwards is anal

32 Veronica

A girl I met named Veronica legit told anyone everyone's personal info

I know 3 very nasty, very mean Veronicas. One is my cousin, who is very sassy and mean to my Aunt. Another is one at my Mom's work and she is annoying and can't do anything by herself. Finally, there's another Veronica at my Mom's work and she is literally Satan. I wouldn't be surprised if she grew horns and wings one day and decided to suck everyone's soul from the office she works in. Furthermore, the name Veronica comes from Saint Veronica, who, at the end of her story, died for standing fast in something or another. From my point of view and MINE ONLY, I think you should think twice before you name your child Veronica.

I knew a Veronica who was nice until she became friends with these three popular girls who were all named Heather and... wait a minute

This should be first and to be honest my first name should be on the #1 spot...

33 Bridget

I know someone whose name is bridget and is so rude I try to be the bigger person and all is does is talk about others. She is only nice when it is convenient

I just met a really mean Bridget and found this website.

Hey my girlfriend has this name and she is the sweetest girl I met in my whole life

I can see bridget being a snobby name but any bridget I know is kind as can be

34 Mckenzie

Yeah, Mackenzie is the worst person in Dork Diaries! So I agree.

That's THE BEST nickname for Mackenzie in Dork Diaries! SHE IS THE WORST PERSON EVER! (hope she's not alive. I would hate to be treated like THAT! )

Yeah, McKenzie sounds like a mean name. Ever read Dork Diaries? Anyone?

Did u guys know that they put Nikki on here!?! I know people named Nikki, and they r like super sweet!
Also I'm glad they put Mckenzie on here because in dork diaries she's a total brat!

35 Melrose

Lmfao! I am not mean by any means of the word necessary. Melrose is short for Melissa Rose. Melrose just sounded cute. - MissMelrose

Melrose Is My friends Last name! And it is rude to judge a book by its cover anyways!

Melissa in itself is better. Edgy.

36 Isabel

I know a girl named Isabel in my school. She bullies everyone she knows. She acts mice in front of adults and is mean to kids.

I have two friends called Isabelle and Isobel and they are both super nice and funny! I'm really close to Isabelle so I some think KT should be a mean girl name cause shes sensitive but not much

Dude. Isabella ain't a mean girl name. She can be mean if she don't like you or if you tempt her but apart from that this is totally right. And I'm an Isabella. I have a cousin called Isabel who is as sweet as pie and as right as rain.

I think Isabella is a hands down mean girl name, but Isabel and Isabelle sound like that girl who gets so much attention though she doesn't need it, but deserves it anyways.

37 Beatrice

I disagree, Beatrice is a beautiful name I can't even imagine any girl named Beatrice being mean - mery_484

I know one, and she is absolutely horrible

I have read a book and she was nice

I'm so sweeet! Lol

38 Gretchen

Yes, Regina. No, Regina.
Every waking hour is spent making sure
Regina George can stay in power.
If Regina is the sun, then I'm a disco ball.
'Cause I'm just as bright and fun if you've had alcohol!
I worm your secrets out of you & bring them to my master.
Then I watch Regina make your life a big disaster!
Regina is the queen, but I'm the head of worker bees.
'Cause I am seated at her right hand like a jewish princess Jesus! - RoseWeasley

"That's so fetch! " - Sofiaaa

In Mean Girls the movie they use the name Regina

"stop trying to make fetch a thing"

lol - isadora129

39 Allison

This is the first true one I came upon, some brat on my bus bullied another girl. She is also obsessed with her cousin, which is my bff, so she cut her hair after my bff cut hers and now her hair looks like a rats nest lol, karma for you.

NO. My best friend is allison and I love her so much. NOT ALLISON

I have a friend named allision I personally don't think she's a mean girl but I would say that she does have a way to get what she wants no matter what.

YES! I have this girl at my school. Her name’s Allison and she’s INCREDIBLY vain!

40 Bethany

I have a BFF named Bethany and she is the opposite of a bully. No hate though. I needed a good name and I've decided to pick Brittney! Thanks!

My brothers girlfriend is having a baby girl and there gonna call it Bethany. It is not a mean name get it into your head

Beth, Bethany is the blunt mean girl I knew from 6th grade

My names Bethany and I'm no bully, too dum for dat

41 Sharpay

This is the most evil name in the world. It also means you are dumb, annoying, and a show off who forces others to act like you're the centre of attention when you're not and you hate the people who actually are the centre of attention without having to make it so. I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU, SHARPAY EVANS. I HATE YOU!

Sharpy. There we go. They are evil for the fact that they've destroyed countless pieces of clothing, floor boards, electronics, and last but not least, skin. Marker.

If this was for movies, I might vote for it, but since about 3 people are named sharpay, I won't. - swrs1234

Sharpay just sounds bossy and rude, I guess. I can just see somebody named Sharpay strutting down the hallway.

42 Katina

It just sounds mean and some girls named that are so damn disrespectful/mean

Nope not at all

43 Alyssa

What? My name is Alyssa and I don't bully anyone! (No joke! I don't bully! )

My name is Alyssa and I have met another Alyssa and neither me or her are popular and mean. For one I'm actually bullied.

I used to know a girl named Alyssa and she was so annoying! she always made fun of me and made my freshman year of high school a living hell

Two girls at my school are named Alyssa and it's not one nice or sweet bone in them. Also there on the cheer leading team

44 Madison

I used to have a friend named Madison, but she was the kindest, sweetest girl I have ever met!

My BFFs name is Madison and she is the sweetest person in the in-tire school

My best friend is friends with a Madison and shes really mean to most people. some examples: group of friends (6), we all did a secret Santa. And of course Madison got me. She got me a plastic circle necklace that had a crack in it from Claires and big pink glitter earrings she knew I hated. Then someone complimented her hair and Madison said "i didn't ask for your opinion." I MEAN what!? That's so rude! The other person was just trying to be nice!

I have a Madison in my class, she seems nice enough, shes dating toby

45 Conni

I have a friend names Connie and she is really nice and mean at the same time. She makes me cry every day and makes me so devastated I can't move but there are thousands of other nice girls called Connie. I feel sorry for them. I know all the Connie girls in the world can be nice if they choose to be.

There is an old lady on my street named conni who yells at kids and threatens to call 911 to trick or treaters!

Some of you are being very mean! Just because you had experiences with a few of these names doesn't mean the name is bad!

This is not a mean girl name if you want a mean girl name I'll give you one Terry Heller.

46 Brianna

, so my teacher, we'll just call her Mrs. Banana (For privacy reasons), her granddaughter, BRIANNA was a flippin' jerk! I never knew Kindergarteners could be so vicious! She stole and asked for a cheap ransom and was just acting like she's better than everyone. =.=

Lots of rude people with that name

My brothers ex-girlfriend was named Brianna. I liked at first, but then she broke up with him by TEXT. Who does she think she is? I totally think this is a mean girl name

There is a girl in my school she moved in the middle of the school year and her name was Brianna. She tries to hard to be popular

There was someone like that at my other school, but her name was Bianca. She thinks that talking to popular people makes her popular. - Copenhagen

47 Stephanie

Sounds like a rich attention seeking girl BUT some Stephanie's are really kind and giving people so yeah?

Stephanie is the worst trouble maker from goanimate so I agree

Yeah Stephanie is the worst character from the ridonculous race she act way too bossy to Ryan so I agree

Stephanie was my best friend from school until a new girl came to our school. They started bullying pretty girls and always tried to get the boys attention. They didn't bully me obviously, because I was their close friend, but they were still mean. Years later when we started high school I found out she had anorexia. I feel so bad for her but I don't talk to her anymore.

48 Dora

What like Dora the explorer?

Dora seems more like the person who would be the person people are mean to.

One of my classmate is called Dora, and she is respectful and nice, and her brother is called Andrej, and I don't think it's a rude-mean name.

Dora is fugly

49 Tamara

Again girls have I've known that are named that ar either sassy and mean or like the hot Cheeto girl

That is my friends sister's carer, well, at school and she is a year 6, and she is called Tamara. And Tamara is my friend too! (My friend's called Faye, and Sian is her sister's name, she is SO CUTE! )

I know a Tamara from high school. I walked by her in the hall and guess what? SHE PUSHED A GIRL WITH GLASSES AGAINST THE WALL AND SLAPPED HER!

I have a friend called Tamara...we where friends for 7 YEARS ^w^

She abandoned me for another girl.

50 Savannah

Stop getting so offensive about people posting your name or someone you know! its just a name!

There's a girl named Savannah at my dance, and she is popular and very nice. Some other good dancers that are popular think she says some bad things sometimes, though. - Myster

My best friend's name is Savannah, and she is the nicest person I know

I know a Savannah and she is my best friend and she is caring sweet and loves animals

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