Top 10 Nes Games That Should Get Sequels

The NES is where nintendo started to shine, but some awesome games still don't have sequels. These deserve a sequel:

The Top Ten

1 Duck Hunt

Hey, you're right! Duck Hunt would be cool in a sequel! Imagine how cool that would be now that Nintendo can make that kind of thing! And a lobby like the original Duck Hunt...That would awesome! - KingKingo123

In the second sequel, the dog better be more annoying. - Delgia2k

Duck Hunt has been neglected by Nintendo more than Kid Icarus!
And Kid Icarus has had 2 games made after the first one from '86. - Skullkid755

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2 Bubble Bobble

I can't believe this didn't get a sequel, I think the 3DS would fit perfectly with the game. Add new levels and a new boss and you have an awesome sequel. - Martinglez

3 Excitebike

This awesome game deserves more sequels, it allready has a Mario Kart levels - Martinglez

4 Battletoads

We need harder games these days, so why not bring back Battletoads for a challenge? - Martinglez

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5 Wild Gunman

For the same reason as Duck hunt, this deserves a sequel. - Martinglez

6 Burgertime

Another arcade title, they could just change the layout and make bigger levels - Martinglez

7 Donkey Kong Jr

Just imagine a sequel with Diddy Kong to this awesome arcade game - Martinglez

8 Ice Climber

Ice Climbers got popular because of Smash Bros, so I think it's about time to bring it back. - Martinglez

9 Startropics 2

Another hidden gem, how about Startropics 3? - Martinglez

10 Felix the Cat

You want a hidden NES gem, try this game. I think it would fit with today's platformers. - Martinglez

The Contenders

11 Balloon Fight

Wow, no one remembers Balloon Fight!?!? It's the single best game on the N.E.S., and it hasn't gotten a sequel! A 3D one would be absolutely epic! - KingKingo123

12 Little Samson
13 Fester's Quest
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