Top Ten Non-Existing Warrior Cats Tom Names


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41 Musclepelt


Pfft... I'm imagining a cat head Photoshopped on a bodybuilder's body 😝

42 CinnamonBundle

Lol LONG story just for getting food - SnowThunder

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43 Violetclaw

I think of a purple-red tom with deep blue eyes. - Starstar

44 Thunderpelt
45 Rowanstripe
46 Duskbramble

So cute and it makes me think of a dusky grey tabby tom with blue eyes and bramble like thorns - Frostcloud

47 Birchcloud
48 Buttonsmash V 1 Comment
49 Riverrunner
50 Shadeflame

This is a gray and ginger tabby tom with yellow eyes. He is the father of the main character in my book. His mate is Leafstorm. They have many kits. Their first litter is three she-cats and one tom. Sunblaze(ginger tabby tom with white belly and green eyes oldest), Honeybreeze(pale ginger tabby she-cat with leaf green eyes), Embershine(tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes. medicine cat MAIN CHARACTER), and Cherrysplash (tortoiseshell she-cat with bright ginger splashes and blue eyes VERY shy Youngest). The second litter is Echolight( tortoiseshell she-cat with deep blue eyes), Flamekit(ginger tabby tom DEAD), and Creekheart(looks just like Embershine). They have another litter with six kits but five of them are stillborn and the one that survives is blind. Her name is Goldenstream(golden ginger she-cat with a gray streak on her back and pale blue eyes) Shadeflame dies protecting Goldenstream(Goldenpaw then) in a battle. - Embershine

51 Owlfire

A dark tabby tom with fiery amber eyes and a fluffy pelt - Frostcloud

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