Best PC Music (Audio) Players

The best PC music (audio) players based on performance, customization, flexibility, media organization capability, easy to use, library/playlist functions, lyrics/album art display, podcasts and some extra functions like audio cd rip/burn, auto-dj, sync with mobile devices, online music store etc.

The Top Ten

1 Winamp Winamp

Best music player for my pc

Visit Website9
2 VLC Media Player

This is so easy to use and has many options and its quality is so high. - DubstepLover

Best I have used. I have most of the others.

3 Windows Media Player

Well, it uses very low resources. Quiet efficient and fast compared to VLC. Also, monitors your music folders pretty well, search function is quite decent too.Only downside is some video codecs are not support Otherwise, a top notch.

4 Foobar2000 Visit Website9
5 iTunes Visit Website9
6 MusicBee MusicBee

Nothing beats this music monster, it has every function featured inside a complete player, yet, not intimidating and user friendly, bloatware free, light and fast.
A true music enthusiast would always go MusicBee.

8 RealPlayer
9 MediaMonkey MediaMonkey Visit Website9
10 Jetaudio

The Contenders

11 Cog
12 GOM Audio
13 Spotify
14 AIMP 4
15 G-Ear
16 SMPlayer
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1. Winamp
2. Windows Media Player
3. AIMP3
1. Winamp
2. VLC Media Player
3. Windows Media Player
1. iTunes
2. MediaMonkey
3. Foobar2000

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