Top Ten Pet Peeves On TheTopTens

Whiles this site offers us golden crisps and a KFC burrito, there are many problems that comes with the site.

You see, many legends and total noobs come together to strengthen and weaken the community of sociopathic spergs who gets their books snatched off them everyday because of the high intensity of nerd-lards in their bodies.

And as I'm the fellow citizen I conduct the ten annoying crap that gets repeated again and again by these people.

The Top Ten

1 Newer users can get 100 followers easily

When I first started my account, I didn't even KNOW you could follow people. Then people started following me over time, then I realized "Hey, I can follow people around here! " But seriously, newer users that don't do anything don't deserve 100 followers THAT easily - kaitlynrad11

I'm a recent user and I got like over 10 followers already, because some users randomly followed me to expect a follow back or because the "follow me and I'll follow you" policy and I only have two lists. It's a guilty pleasure, I know. - StephanTheIdiot

I miss the days when there were only about twenty or thirty users with a hundred followers. Now the whole top 100 most followed users have a hundred or more. Only about twenty or thirty of those users actually deserve it. - IronSabbathPriest

Esp those..who contribute little, and those who just try to act be recognized for popularity and stats...There is no value of achieving 100 followers.." You follow me, I'll follow you "..sissy and naive - Ananya

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2 Incomplete set of lists

When I'll check out some new list and there is like 6 or 7 things on the list... Gets pretty annoying. - Beatlesboy9

Shouldn't be allowed. If you can't find ten legitimate items then it is Not a Top Ten list. Simple. - Billyv

This isn't really annoying and I don't mind. - cosmo

I don't have any any list with items less than ten in it.

I found a list with 12 things on there

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3 The easily offended crowd

Hey, you know this is the internet, right? Since this is the internet, there will be the easily offended crowd on everywhere. Ever thought of getting over it? And no, I'm not really defending them. - Delgia2k

Seems many are protesting things that offend them but objecting when people are offended by other things - Billyv

I actually would get offended when I get criticism. But now, I can deal with it now. - Mumbizz01

This should be 1. - Therandom

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4 Profile bios about nothing but lists of favorite things

I had a pretty detailed BIOS earlier but then I thought people don't give a damn about your history, so I thought my favorites were enough. At least like minded people would know my likes. - Kiteretsunu

Actually if you want my opinion then its good to write only about favorite things. Users will know about your taste. But I don't wanna write something like what do I eat every night, or where I live, or when's my test coming, or how do I look, or when did I start walking if that's what you are saying. And like Billyv said, if you like to read then read if you don't like it then don't. - zxm

I actually feel good because of this list. None of these apply to me. Except this one! I am updating my profile soon anyway. - gemcloben

Well I did have a pretty large bio filled with Favorites sections but I deleted them since my profile was too big. - Powerfulgirl10

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5 Pointless "user ranking" lists

I used to make these type of lists, but now I just stopped.

I'm sure everyone notices that users of the month lists are geting posted on every first day of the months, and that is just annoying. It's like a car race where you drive so fast that you get to the end and make the list just to get their list in the Top 10 Hottest New Lists.

I made a list like that before, but I guess that's my worst list I made. - Mumbizz01

Top 10 Users of TheTopTens is fine. But others? Not so much. - naFrovivuS

Don't forget the users of the month list - CerealGuy

Made one or two lists. but now stopped making. and try to avoid them. there's a reason why I never remixed the "top 10 users of toptens" list. - zxm

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6 Profiles with nothing but useless lists of favorite things

Is this really bad? Because it's mentioned twice... - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

I have a short bio and a list of favorites. - RiverClanRocks

My pet peeve is when items are repeated - Songsta41

At least I share my life on my page. - EpicJake

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7 Rip offs from prolific users

There is only one PositronWildhawk, and it is best that his legacy and awesomeness remains undisturbed. Find your own style and just make good lists. In other words, be original!

I have a legacy of eating cookies while making my lists. Don't copy me! Be original! - Kiteretsunu

I'm named after an 80's cartoon villain, don't steal my vibe Holmes! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I have my dank memes... And that is already copyrighted by me! Oh wait screw that - CerealGuy

There will always be only one BorisRule!

8 Alphabetical lists

Many of them were pointless... Is this a kinder garden site for 1-3 year olds to learn alphabets? No! - CerealGuy

Something made for the sake of making them. Most boring alphabets? Most badass alphabets? - Kiteretsunu

Yeah That's seriously pointless... - Ananya

How many people here are 5? - naFrovivuS

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9 Users who bring irrelevant stuff back into existence

I saw a list about how Justin Beiber's baby sucks, AND IT WAS ON "The Newest List" and so, I laughed at how irrelevant it was. So I added something for the fun of it. SHEESH GUYS! THIS IS 2015! START RANTING ON BAD BLOOD OR SOMETHING! - Ihaskitty1234

Damn, I sure hate that Holocaust that's happening right now. And it sure sucked the Michael Jackson died.

This is so true.

10 Remixes with literally no difference between the original lists

I absolutely HATE it when people remix my factually correct lists into a jumbled mess. Jupiter is more hostile than Saturn! - IronSabbathPriest

Yeah, really irritating. - naFrovivuS

They just do it do gain at least 1k remixes or more than that , for them it's like "ah 1 more, oh yes this one too! "

The Contenders

11 PositronWildhawk always comes first

They now have pills that can help with that... - Billyv

Not always. I beat him by being the top Most Overrated User :P - Britgirl

Great grammar. And, this never happens anymore, since everyone focuses on the "underrated users" and completely forget about Pos. - Puga

@Arch Finally someone gets it! Constantly calling something underrated makes it "rated! " - Puga

12 Demanding others respect your opinion, while at the same time you do not respect theirs

Here's an amazing example. There's a user who's got an obsession with Luigi, he expects us to respect his opinion and not give him any criticism, but he can bash our opinions all he wants. - Therandom

Lemme give you an example, a user who is obsessed with an Italian Plumber with green hat and big nose. - Delgia2k

I'm pretty sure everybody else is thinking of the same person I am. I may not have been here that long, but I still know who he is! - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I respect the opinion of who submitted this.

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13 Misinformation

Available here by the metric ton.

Top 10 Reasons to Hate Boys/Girls.
Both these lists are oh so inaccurate. - naFrovivuS

14 Americans calling the game of football soccer

This one seemed to turn into a rant about a reason to hate Americans. I feel like I read a list about something along that lines but I can't seem to remember what it is. I wonder... - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Dude. That's how Americans usually say football. Get over it. - Powerfulgirl10

What does this have to do with TheTopTens? - naFrovivuS

Why the hell does it matter? - EpicJake

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15 People who just follow others' opinions like sheep V 1 Comment
16 Tigers being #1 on every animal list

The animal lists based on fact are the ones that should stay.

Actually, there shouldn't be any animal lists. They are actually very speciest, which I do not recommend you be. All animals, including humans, are equal and should not be praised/criticized more than others.

17 When someone says they hate heavy metal.

If you say that, I'll summon Satan to beat you up - Songsta41

18 Users with obsessions over video game characters

We all know who that user is.

This is more of a real life problem anyway. - naFrovivuS

19 Making Lists About TheTopTens V 1 Comment
20 People adding and voting on items that don't belong and/or don't deserve to be on the list

Even more annoying is adding something that does belong on the list, but the listmaker does not know enough to realize it, and decides not to add it.

Worst Cartoon Network Shows
People submitting Nickelodeon and Disney shows. - naFrovivuS

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1. Pointless "user ranking" lists
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1. Newer users can get 100 followers easily
2. Incomplete set of lists
3. The easily offended crowd



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