Top 10 Predictions for the Sunday Games in Week 2 of the 2016 Regular NFL Season

The Top Ten

1 Todd Gurley will get less than 25 yards and will score no touchdowns
2 There will be more than 3 teams with players  protesting by not standing for the National Anthem
3 Saints and Giants will score 50 points each in a shootout
4 Blaine Gabbert will have 5 picks against Carolina
5 Latavius Muarry, Amari Cooper, & Micheal Crabtree of the Raiders each have 100 yards against Atlanta
6 The Rams will score zero points again
7 The Oakland Raiders will best the Atlanta Falcons offense
8 C.J. Anderson will run wild for 250 Yards, 3 TDs against Colts
9 The Washington Redskins will hand the Dallas Cowboys their second straight loss
10 The Kansas City Chiefs will outlast JJ Watt and the Houston Texans

The Contenders

11 The Colts will hand the Broncos their first loss of the season
12 The Vikings will outlast Aaron Rodgers
13 Lions defense will give up 30+ points to the Titans Offense, but will still win
14 Ezekiel Elliott Will have 150 Yards, 2 touchdowns, and the win against the Redskins
15 Dolphins will surrender 10 points or fewer and still lose with a great showing against New England.
16 Andy Dalton Will Throw 2 or More Interceptions, Again.
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