Top Ten Problems with Modern Family Guy


The Top Ten

1 All of the Shock Jokes

Come on Seth. I thought you aimed at 14 year olds. Not murderers. - slenderbrine123

2 The Constant Abuse of Meg

Aka, the Family Guy counterpart of Squidward torture porn episodes. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

3 New Lois

Shes a terrible character. She started out bland now I loathe her with every fiber of my being. - slenderbrine123

4 Haha Joe's Crippled!!! Get It?! That's His Entire Character Now!!! Oh Yeah and I Guess He's a Cop, Too... but Haha Crippled!!!
5 Cleveland Just Kinda Came and Went

There wasnt a grand goodbye or hello again. Just kinda left and came back in an intro sequence. - slenderbrine123

6 New Brian

Now he's just used as a way for Seth to push his own beliefs and ideologies

He's just used for controversy now. At least he gets beat up a lot. - slenderbrine123

7 Too Many Cutaways

I know its Family Guy's thing, but can we not have one every opening and every other minute after? - slenderbrine123

8 New Peter

He's a psycho. that's it. People compare him to Homer Simpson. I say he's a grown up Eric Cartman. - slenderbrine123

9 Brian Came Back Into the Show

I hate him. Why did people complain he was gone? One moment it was "I HATE BRIAN! " The next it was "HOW DARE YOU KILL HIM?! " I miss that replacement dog. Also why did family guy listen to the fans then but not when they were complaining about the REST OF THE SHOW?! - slenderbrine123

They just killed off Brian to spike ratings. - Jackamalio

10 Herbert and Stewie are the Best Characters

You know your show has gone down hill when the best characters are a pedophile and a murderer. - slenderbrine123

The Contenders

11 Stealing Popular YouTube Videos

Such as the Tecmo super bowl scene when all it is copy & paste plugged in with family guy on it and that video was about 10 years old. - htoutlaws2012

12 Trying Way Too Hard to Be Relevant V 1 Comment
13 Too Much Filler
14 Cruelty
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