Top Ten Best Quotes From Call of Duty: WWII

The Call of Duty: WWII was amazing, and full of memorable quotes. Here, are some of those quotes! Also, I can't directly prove on TheTopTens these quotes occurred, you would have to play to hear/see these quotes.

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1 "Red, Take the shot!" - Paul

Some pretty generic quotes, I gotta say. Even Black Ops 3 had better lines
(Train go Boom)

When hearing Paul's voice echo this as the German was about to kill Zussman, it was literally so emotional! - AssassinationTeam1

2 "Crazy ain't the half of it." - Pierson

Daniels says that to Pierson in a mission. In the final cutscene, Pierson says it back to Daniels. - AssassinationTeam1

3 "You always looked out for me Paul, and I reckon you did today." - Daniels

After Daniels saved Zussman, Daniels narrates what happened. it's sad, knowing the forest Zussman was is, was the same forest that Paul died in. That makes it sadder, knowing Paul echoes a line in Daniels head while saving Zussman. - AssassinationTeam1

4 "No sacrifice too great." - Turner

Hearing Turner say that as he sacrificed himself for the others, was sad. - AssassinationTeam1

5 "That's not what she said last night." - Zussman

Hearing Zussman roast Aiello, was hilarious! - AssassinationTeam1

6 "Daniels, why don't you watch him? The only thing more dangerous than the enemy, is pride." - Pierson
7 "Look, this is no ordinary German supply train, it's a fortress on wheels." - Crowley
8 "Tonight, everything we lost, everything we fought for, will mean something." - Rousseau
9 "The bridge is ours, you owe me a hell of a lot more than that." - Howard

Aiello apologized, and Howard's response was that. - AssassinationTeam1

10 " a Brotherhood of heroes" - Davis

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11 "Queens,Your prodigal son returns!" - Aiello
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1. "Red, Take the shot!" - Paul
2. "Crazy ain't the half of it." - Pierson
3. "You always looked out for me Paul, and I reckon you did today." - Daniels


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