Most Random Things to Say in Front of Your Teacher

Well it's random so anything is accepted except for nothing x 3

The Top Ten Most Random Things to Say in Front of Your Teacher

1 I wish toilets could walk so that's we wouldn't have ask you permission

*Laughs* - ProCrate1

Haha... I laughed so hard on this one. Good one!

2 Homework is Krowemoh backwards now gimme an A+
3 Can I have your number?
4 I WILL FOLLOW YOU ... On Twitter
5 Monday = Friday x 75
6 If October is the month of Octopus then what about Septipus ??
7 Do you like homework? If yes why don't you do them for us
8 Ma'am I drank your coffee last night ate your burger
9 Can I get an A+ for cheating ??

I did say this once..actually, And he said " Haha sure"..He joked..obviously. - Ananya

10 The teacher is on toast

The Contenders

11 It's a good day to draw bad words on the whiteboard
12 Hey I like turtles and want to marry yours!
13 Guns don't kill people, Tests kill people
14 T is for Test. Is there any T grade ??
15 Went I was listening to Drake I turned into rake, I ate some steak and hurt yo beak!
16 Cows go quack now gimme an a
17 Teacher rhymes with eacher!!
18 Monday is Yadnom backwards. Monday and backwards contain the letters "B, A and D" which spell bad and that explains why Mondays are bad
19 Wait! Before you give me that detention slip please note that it's illegal and I just closed down your detention room so that I won't have to go
20 May I have you attention please? Will The Real Homework please get an A??

It's kinda like The Real Slim Shady - AlphaQ

21 Teach me about ticking sharks
22 I Hate Everything About Your Pants!
23 I wanna play Minecraft!
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