Top Ten Reality Show Based TheTopTens Based Blog Post Series

Reality shows are turning into a main theme for post series since I came back.

The Top Ten

1 Total Drama TopTens - Simpsondude

The original, and still my favorite. - SubliminalMessages

2 TheTopTens: Amazing Race - Turkeyasylum

They're long, but really good. - SubliminalMessages

3 I'm a TopTenner, Get Me Out of Here - Puga

It lets you control the series. - SubliminalMessages

4 The Conquest - Turkeyasylum

Turkey has so many of these reality based series! - SubliminalMessages

5 Conquest: The Remake - SuperHyperdude

It's as good as the first one. - SubliminalMessages

6 Random Challenges - Therandom

It's an entertaining read, for sure. - SubliminalMessages

You read my series? - Therandom

7 TheTopTens Jungle Survival - SubliminalMessages

Yep. I have a series now. - SubliminalMessages

8 TheTopTens: Big Brother - Gemclobem

How many people spell my name wrong? - gemcloben

This was the first where TopTenners vote for each other, and it's interactive. - SubliminalMessages

9 TheTopTens: TRAPPED! - DapperPickle

I like the concept of this one. - SubliminalMessages

10 TheTopTens Survivor - Samanime

Although my Jungle Survival idea is loosely based off the idea, I'm excited to read it once it comes out. - SubliminalMessages

Thanks for the mention I will make sure to publish it as soon as I can! - samanime

I'm anticipating samanime's first blog series. - Animefan12

The Contenders

11 TheTopTens: The Mole - SubliminalMessages

Turkeyasylum let me do it because he couldn't. - SubliminalMessages

12 TDA: TheTopTens Edition
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