Top Ten Reasons for People to Keep Making Lists About Justin Bieber

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1 Everyone On This Site Hates Him

He's the person we love to hate on TheTopTens! - Songsta41

II will kill Justin with a shotgun

I mean yeah... - codydoestuff

Actually, the “real” guy who keeps on adding him to every list is a user named “LJJ207

2 He Is Very Controversial

When a list is made about him, it instantly becomes the most popular list of the week because users are so intrigued to find out what was said about him. - Songsta41

3 He Is a Terrible Singer

People I think your too harsh I mean he might suck but look at your self you can't sing either that's what artists are for cause they have a talent it might be singing or acting you still suck and stop being mean to Justin Bieber people make mistakes but just because they make mistakes doesn't mean you should hate them

Then he shouldn't have started singing in the first place. If I started making a musical career, I would suck like him. That's why I chose not to.

As much as I think this website has been overhating Justin Bieber, this part is true. Many people (not just from this website) have complained about his songs.

Justin has 7 year old girl voice and his dancing awful. - 05yusuf09

No matter how much TopTens users hate him, there have been so many lists made about him that he has become a very important part of this site. - Songsta41

4 He Called The Beatles the Crap Band

Paul and Ringo are will kill this guy. - 05yusuf09

Did he really? goddamnit, Justin. - codydoestuff

5 He Has Zero Talent
6 He Has Fans

So? Every celebrity has fans, and not all of them are scumbags. - alphadan12

7 He Is a Bad Person

Horrible music and a horrible personality. He even spits on people for God's sake, which is about as low as you can go. Honestly, what's to like about him? NOTHING!

This gives users exposure to even more reasons to hate him with a passion. - Songsta41

8 He's an Embarrassment
9 He Ruins Songs by Making Covers
10 So Fangirls Will Realize He Is a Bad Person

His fangirls will never wake up, not until they're fifty. Unfortunately it's impossible to do anything about but let time work its magic.

Fangirls love him, well WAKE UP! He is a bad person! - Songsta41

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11 He Looks Like a Male Barbie

That's why he is Justin Barbie

12 People Have Nothing Better to Do

New Sap: "Hey this is a cool site! I need to get popular though, so what now? "
Hours of heavily taxing thinking pass
New Sap: "I got it! That Justin Bieber joke is everywhere, so I'm just going to rip it off, and my mega-popular list will be done in seconds! Now I've made it, follow me! " - PositronWildhawk

Then make another list. - alphadan12

13 He Looks Like a Girl
14 He Is Blonde

Um…Last time I checked he had brown hair. Maybe you mistaken him from someone from 1D. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

15 He Deserves It
16 He had wished that Anne Frank were a Belieber

Okay, I know that people have their own opinions but he is literally talking about a little girl who went through discrimination and an extremely deadly world war who had gone through so much hardship for someone her age and yet he says that he wishes that she were a Belieber. Jeez dude those first few sentences of your tweet seemed inspiring but then you had to say,"Hopefully she would have been a Belieber." Like wow just wow, that is disappointing to think that after praising her you seem to jump into the "I wish she were one of my fangirls" type of thing. Like no, just no. - Anonymousxcxc

17 It's Funny

Depends on how you look at it but it can be for sure. - Don_Richmond

18 He Still Hasn't Learned His Lesson
19 He's Splitting the Internet
20 They Like Him

No, that would be stupid to spam hate on this site if you like him.

21 He Really Needs to Be Slapped
22 The Immaturity Will Wear Off On It's Own
23 To get followers
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