Top 10 Reasons to Hate Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

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21 It Never Make Sense

Yeah! That Could Be True Or You Would Just Be Too Stupid To Understand It.

How so? It made sense to me. If anything, Super Paper Mario had a more complex and weird story, but I got it too and absolutely loved it also. As for the gameplay, TTYD made a lot of sense and had very fun but simple mechanics.

Why do you care if a Mario game makes sense?

You know what? If Peach had been voiced by leslie Swan, you would be sining the praises for this game! I just know it! - HeavyDonkeyKong

22 It's For The GameCube

So this game is bad just because it's for GameCube?

Best console to be honest

The Wii is the best because it plays gamecube games. Gamecube is second. - HeavyDonkeyKong

23 Its Super Mario Kun adaptation
24 It's Not a Crossover

And that's a bad thing? What do you want, a Call of Duty Mario Rpg from hell?

25 The Interludes
26 The Prologue

Fine, play without the tutorial

27 The Backstory

Worst backstory ever! I do not even get the text!

Well, I love Super Paper Mario very much, but THAT backstory was KIND OF a Romeo and Juliet ripoff... so... - HeavyDonkeyKong

There was supposed to be action like in the OG Paper Mario, not just a depiction of a storybook!

28 The Fanbase
29 Fangs
30 Lack of Princess Daisy

I put this here because in the loading screen I originally believed that Princess Daisy was in this game, because I am not very smart.

True It Could've Been Better If They Had Princess Daisy In There. But Hey, Look On The Bright Side At Least Luigi Mentioned Her In One Of His Stories.

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31 Rogueport
32 Annoying Characters
33 People Say This Game Is Better Than All the Other Paper Mario Games

Yeah That's True Most People Brag About This Being The Best Paper Mario Game Out Of All Of Them Which Does Get More Annoying Overtime, But How Does That Make The Game Any Worse? It Doesn't Make Any Sense Whatsoever!

Paper Mario is great.
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is favourable.
Super Paper Mario is perfect.
Paper Mario: Sticker Star is unfavourable.

34 No Humor

Does Any Video game Have To Be Funny In Order For It To Be Good?

35 Awful Voice Acting

Mainly Princess Peach's voice. I tell you, it's awful! Princess Peach sounds unbelievably miscast.

I am not okay with Princess Peach's voice! It strongly annoyis the hell out of me!

36 This Game Ruined the Installment of the Original

How? It doesn't make the original any less great in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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37 Ugly Characters V 1 Comment
38 Princess Peach's Dress

She Always Has The Same Dress. Get Over It! That's Like Saying The Game Is Bad Because Bowser Never Wears Any Clothes.

39 Useless Partners
40 Ms. Mowz Rips Off Mouser

Is she Mouser's younger sister or wife?

How can Nintendo rip off itself? Exactly, I mean? - HeavyDonkeyKong

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