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21 Wears a Dress Instead of Jeans

Well, she's kinda meant to look like a classical princess. Also, what if Rosalina simply likes wearing a dress? Dresses like hers look a hell of a lot more mysterious than a pair of jeans.

Well, at least it is mature makes her look real intelligent & like a true goddess.

All princesses of the Mario franchise wear dresses! Peach, Daisy (Palutena is a godess and Samus is a warrior not a princess.) It is kind of a thing in the franchise of Mario to put girls in dresses if they have bodies. (TOADETTE please) (Vivian and goombella didn't have bodies but had distinctive features.) (Koopa girls have shells and Flurrie was a cloud) (Wendy has a shell as well) (Zelda, wears a dress as a princess too, but sheik, who is a WARRIOR like samus, doesn't wear a dress.)

There is no princess in fiction who doesn't wear a dress at least once. - Villainnumberone

So? - ToadF1

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22 People Think She's Hot

I agree. She is not at all hot OR PRETTY! All my friends says so too!

Because she IS hot!

Peach - yunafreya648

She is hot

23 Not a Tomboy

People think that she's a tomboy and that Daisy isn't just because Daisy wears a dress. So does Rosalina! Plus, raising a Luma like your own child isn't tomboyish at all! If anything, that's super girly! She isn't a tomboy just because she doesn't have a boyfriend. But Daisy and Luigi isn't even 100% canon! And at least Daisy is in the sports games. Rosalina isn't even in them, and if she is, then she doesn't even play the sports! Also, people say that Daisy is a tomboy because she wears a crown, but so does Rosalina! It's because they're princesses! Independent =/= tomboy. Crown =/= girly. Rosalina is NOT a tomboy!

I think people are starting to like Princess Peach for being a useless girly girl according to the "Top 10 Best Mario Characters" and "Top 10 Worst Mario Bros. Characters" lists.

So what? Do people like tomboys now? That's why I'm not a tomboy no more. - MeaganSaysHI

This isn't a reason to hate her. also,rosalina's dress is cyan,which is usually perceived as a feminine color. - Villainnumberone

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24 Has Barely Been to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

So she's bad for not being in the olympics, but is bad for appearing in everything? A contradicting list if I do say so myself. - DCfnaf

Stupid Reason

Why the f should that matter?

What? - ToadF1

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25 Very Lanky

So she is tall? Umm, she isn't supposed to be goomba sized. And the Mario Universe has many different body shapes and sizes. Plus she has a pretty neutral body proportion to Peach and Daisy. Oh my.

Peach is the worst character ever not Rosalina!

Well, Waluigi is - ToadF1

Who cares? - DCfnaf

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26 Hangs With Other Female Characters

I wish Rosalina hung out with more male crossover characters.

That's a Pointless reason - ToadF1

So she never hangs out with Mario or Luigi okaaay

Do you see her hanging with anyone but her Space babies? Does anyone? Hmmm...

27 She Uses Her Lumas to Do Her Work In Super Smash Bros

I don't hate Rosalina, but I hate the fact that she just uses her own CHILDREN as weapons without minding if one of them dies. And some people call her brave.

How do you know she doesn't mind if her children die? Where is your evidence? Also, Luma probably CHOSE to fight. How do you know she WANTS to use her children? - DCfnaf

Not to mention she just stands there on her observatory in SMG. And let's not forget, there are lumas out in the galaxy in DANGEROUS situations. Also, there are some inside and out of her observatory that are STARVING HUNGRY and crave thousands of star bits! (food).

That was made by the developers as a new way to create galaxies/planets. Not a way to show Rosalina being a bad parent. - DCfnaf

It's better than using Toads as shields - yunafreya648

And that's a Bad Thing Because? - ToadF1

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28 Everyone Thinks She is a Princess

Duh! She's just adopts Lumas. Sure, she might be immortal, but she is NOT in authority to suddenly appear in ever single super Mario game! Why, she's not even pretty, not smart, lazy, and is dumb.

Peach and Daisy can be described by all the things you just wrote. Rosalina is actually the smartest of the three and is actually not lazy, she is protective! If you hate someone because of their looks, that's pathetic. - DCfnaf

So? - ToadF1

She really is a princess. her mother is princess peach,and her father is luigi. watch the game theorists. - Villainnumberone

29 Not Fun to Fight Against in Super Smash Brother 4

Let's see, can destroy a lot of characters with her down B, (Ness and Lucas are top contenders for this) Up air kills at 40, can camp you out with Luma and when they are gone she just runs away, for 13 seconds! So, not fun to fight, is a complete shutdown to characters with projectiles (other contenders include Pac-Man Mega Man, Toon Link (needs bombs for combos) and any other projectiles for that matter). Yes everyone has a move to deal with Luma, but it is very annoying.

30 She Cried with Her Hands Over Her Face as a Child

Pointless Reason - ToadF1

Really are we Sabine crying is bad iT apeared for a couple seconds so shut up

She still shouldn't have cried with her hands over her face! I hate crying! I didn't cry that much when I was younger! People should be like me! They shouldn't get upset easily! They should be responsible for their feelings and calm! - Pinkarray

31 Does Not Rival Inky

Stupid Reason

Who the fudge is Inky?

Stupid Reason - ToadF1

32 Is Not On Archie Comics

Stupid Reason


And? - ToadF1

33 Did Not Encounter the Your Favorite Martian Band

Stupid Reason

SO WHAT!?!? - ToadF1


34 Barely Has a Brother

There is not much I hate about Rosalina, but I will deal with this crappy list anyways.

Neither Peach or Daisy have a brother but their liked. Oh gosh. Call a doctor I just laid my logic on the haters.

So, having a brother makes you suddenly likable? - MeaganSaysHI

I hate rosalina for every reason on this list, and countless more.

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35 Rosalina Appears in Less Games Than Princess Peach

Whoa whoa whoa, sure, Peach appears in more games, but that makes sense because she's like the third main character in Super Mario. Rosalina was made so she can help Mario in Galaxy, but she's not supposed to be becoming in more and more games! Nintendo is making Rosalina in more games so that she can just get more popular, but really, she is way too overrated. Now, lets talk about Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina:

Let's start with Rosalina: Rosalina is ugly, and is now taking over the Super Mario universe. She barley has any personality, and she is dumb. Plus, in Smash Bros, it seems like her little Luma is doing all the work. And she makes Mario get the power stars, when she can do it herself, because she acts like she's a goddess everyone has to like. She makes all the characters seen dumb, while Rosalina still stays popular. And Rosalina is not a princess, why does everyone think that she is? She is just a dumb mother of the lumas, and sure, she might have authority, but she has ...more

Seriously, Rosalina is much better than Peach.

Wait, She appears in too many games, but appears in games less than peach... She also has TECHNICALLY APPEARED in less games than Daisy, so... Stop hating please.

So? - ToadF1

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36 Rosalina Doesn't Fit In With the Other Mario Characters

She actually does considering Mario anatomy and style of design to be honest.

Sure, she likes to wear a nice long dress and lives in space and raises universes.

She has her own story and was the only Mario princess to not be a damsel in distress.

The only reason she needed Mario's help is because Bowser stole her power star. Why did he do that? TO GET PEACH'S KINGDOM.

She is unique and diverse. She stands out. I don't want another basic princess who needs help. Maybe Nintendo wanted a change. Maybe she is a foot down to societies views on women.

That's... What's so great about her character. Why can't there be more than anti-clones (wario & waluigi) and people from the same family (... Basically everyone)? It's fine that she is different and it's a frikkn a breath a fresh air for once. I'm tired of everyone being related to each other, and after wario the anti clones sucked

'She should go to stupid SEGA'

Saga stupid? At least they knew that giving unique personality to main characters in Sonic is ok, and each character they had had their own unique personality. Rosalina is too good for a Mario character, I think SEGA could treat her nice if they tried.

Okay, Really? - ToadF1

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37 She Appeared Out of Nowhere

So did Lucas in the mother series. Literally, that is his Gimmick.

She lived in space and was passing by. She has a back story to WHY she was in space so, No, she kind of didn't.

She just poofed into Mario games


38 Doesn't Save Herself

Wasn't her job to. Bowser stole Her ship source, The Power Star, to take over Peach's Castle. Huh. Really. She was passing by and OH LOOK here comes Bowser. And! Oh look! Mario needs to get it back because it was his fault she can't go searching for her mother. Hmmm. Oh wait! There's more! She helps send Mario to go beat Bowser to restore peace and save Peach! She ends up saving A lot more than herself. So in the end she is the savior in the game. Huh.

Uh, Rosa has a FULL TIME JOB babysitting millions of lumas. She's not going to be irresponsible & neglectful to them. Also, her leaving would leave them open to Bowser & his minions attack. At least wither her there, she can take better control of the situation till Mario returns.


IS it her fault for Mario's rival to steal her Power star? No. Is it her fault Peach was stolen AGAIN? No. She has responsibilities that apparently Peach and Daisy don't take care of.
Peach rules Mushroom kingdom, Yet she rarely does anything Royalty wise. Daisy rules Sarassaland, but she is too busy playing sports to do anything with her kingdom.

Yes, she does.. - ToadF1

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39 Barely Ever Smiles In SMG 1 and 2

Honestly, I prefer funny and hyper characters like Daisy and Waluigi. It's all down to personality- people with common personality (this is not an insult!) tend to like the popular characters like Rosalina, Luigi, Yoshi eg. People with less common personality tend to like the more underrated characters that are less popular.

(Everyone's a special snowflake in their own way)

Not everyone needs to be hyped up on toads and flowers. She lived in space with Lumas most of her life and her mom died when she was young. I wouldn't be smiling either. It isn't a laughing matter. And Princess Peach of ALL people was taken by Bowser who had the audacity to steal her power star. Umm, yeah, take your plumber butt down to each galaxy and undo the wrongings of your people. I didn't need this in the first place. I was just floating by in the cosmos when all of a sudden your rival just walks into my ship. Nice job Mario.

I like her better in the spin-offs where she isn't so sad :(

So? - ToadF1

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40 She is a Cheater in Mario Party 10

Every time I play a stage against her in Mario Party 10 I always get tripped up by her because she lands on a steal space and spins the roulette to steal my mini stars. But the worst part is when she wins the stage and I get really pissed off. However I always find to abuse her by shooting paintballs at her or squishing her. In fact one time when I was playing on the Chaos Castle stage I was going to land on the steal space so I can take half of her mini stars just to rub it in fat face. Her blue eyes. Half of them.

Eh. - ToadF1

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