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41 Rosalina Doesn't Fit In With the Other Mario Characters

She actually does considering Mario anatomy and style of design to be honest.

Sure, she likes to wear a nice long dress and lives in space and raises universes.

She has her own story and was the only Mario princess to not be a damsel in distress.

The only reason she needed Mario's help is because Bowser stole her power star. Why did he do that? TO GET PEACH'S KINGDOM.

She is unique and diverse. She stands out. I don't want another basic princess who needs help. Maybe Nintendo wanted a change. Maybe she is a foot down to societies views on women.

That's... What's so great about her character. Why can't there be more than anti-clones (wario & waluigi) and people from the same family (... Basically everyone)? It's fine that she is different and it's a frikkn a breath a fresh air for once. I'm tired of everyone being related to each other, and after wario the anti clones sucked

'She should go to stupid SEGA'

Saga stupid? At least they knew that giving unique personality to main characters in Sonic is ok, and each character they had had their own unique personality. Rosalina is too good for a Mario character, I think SEGA could treat her nice if they tried.

Okay, Really? - ToadF1

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