Top Ten Reasons to Hate Sakura Haruno

A list of reasons to hate Sakura Haruno - the arguably most hated anime character of all time! ( And one of my personal least favourites as well )

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1 She is annoying

She's insufferably annoying. - Goku02

She's very annoying. I couldn't stand her in the anime and what's worse is that she's the main lead! - RoseRedFlower

2 She is obsessive

Get over Sasuke you stupid bitch. What made her daughter more likable than Sakura, was when she called BS on Sakura's 'love' for Sasuke. They made Sarada more likable in a few chapters than all the movies and episodes with Sakura in them. - RoseRedFlower

3 She is selfish

She knocks out her team in order to kill Sasuke but never had the guts to do so. Plus her reason to become a ninja was all about Sasuke. - RoseRedFlower

4 She is ungrateful

Always hit Naruto when he's trying to be kind to her, and whenever she's saved by him. How ungrateful. - Goku02

She doesn't appreciate Naruto's selfless sacrifices.When he is kind to her she always hit him for no reason.Sasuke,Sasuke,always Sasuke.This is the only thing that goes through her mind - Kana79

Always hiting Naruto just irritates me never appricates narutos help

She hits Naruto...
That's it, nothing else. She just hit him. Sooo ungrateful. Wow he might die. Wow. He's dead.

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5 She never shuts up

"Sasuke-kun! " " Sasuke-kun! " "SASUKE-KUN! " She makes me sick. - Goku02

She only cares about Sasuke, that is it. - AnimeDrawer

6 She is dependent

She relies on everyone, especially Naruto and Sasuke. She just stands there holding a kunai throughout Naruto, and in Shippuuden she's better but still pretty dependent. - Goku02


7 She is a damsel in distress

She was supposed to kill Sasuke in an episode but ended needing to be rescued by Kakashi. Then she has to get saved again (when trying to kill Sasuke) by Naruto. I won't even mention all the times she had to be saved in Part 1. From Zabuza, the Forest of Death, Gaara, etc. - RoseRedFlower

More like a dumbass in distress

8 She is stupid

Just book smart. She made fun of Naruto's loneliness to Sasuke. What kind of idiots would make fun of an orphan to another orphan? And she even thought that being scolded by parents is better than having no parents in the first place! What a stupid thing to say. - Goku02

9 She is useless

I wouldn't call her useless but she's very dependent on others helping her. She couldn't even defeat an Akatsuki member by herself and needed Chiyo to help her. She can't hit anything but the ground despite being super strong and despite us being told how strong she is, we never even see that happen. - RoseRedFlower

This is not one of the reasons why I hate Sakura, because I don't hate useless characters provided that they try their best, like Yamcha, but many people hate her for this reason. I give her credit for at least TRYING to be helpful in Shippuuden. Despite that, she's still pretty useless. And I'm not saying that she's weak, in fact she's definitely one of the strongest kunoichis in history. But that also proves how incredibly useless she is, since despite being more powerful than Hinata, she's more useless than her :P - Goku02

All she does is shout for help.For example when Team 7 were fighting Orochimaru in The Forest of Death she did NOTHING BUT WATCH! She shouts "Sasuke,do something! " Why don't YOU do something,Sakura? Seriously,she doesn't do anything important/useful in the story. - Kana79

10 She is whiny

Crying, crying, and crying. Why doesn't she try to help instead? - Goku02

Sakura: Sasuke! Where did you go? Don't tell me Kakashi-sensei found you! No! He can't capture my Sasuke! I won't let him!
Me: Must stick head in a freezer... - RoseRedFlower

"Don't go! I'll scream! "
Me: please, u whiny useless dumb@$$. Scream your lungs out so anyone will never have to hear your useless whinny @$$ ever again.

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11 She is ugly

Even the exotic features are twisted in her rants and tantrums and I mostly see her as ugly in those times and boring in others

12 She is a hypocrite

In road to ninja she told Naruto he was lucky to not have parents and doesn't like it when Naruto bugs her and wastes her time. Then when they are in the other world she doesn't have parents but is also praised as the daughter of a hero and gets sick of it after one day then heads over to Naruto and his parents house because she wanted to be with a friend like Naruto usually does. She thinks she understands how his life was but she never even realize that 1 day without parents was probably better than the entirety of Naruto's childhood since people knew who her parents were. Then right when they return home and has her parents back and Naruto lost his, her first instinct was to leave Naruto alone and be with her parents, so she never learned anything in the movie.

13 She is determined
14 She's shallow

I mean, look at what she said when lee crushed on her. She was so rude to him for no reason just because she didn't like his eyebrows. & of course there's the reason why she isn't friends with ino anymore.

15 She beats people up for no reason
16 She doesn't even know how to fight

All she does is HEAL. She isn't a ninja, despite having that strength, SHE CAN'T EVEN DEFEAT INO!

17 She proposed to Naruto even though she knows about Hinata's feelings

That is a lie. She "confessed", so she could keep Naruto away from Sasuke (for some reason), and finish him off herself. She lost faith in the possibility of returning Sasuke. As for Hinata's feelings, no, she didn't know at that time.

18 She is so overrated
19 She thinks she is as powerful as Naruto and Sasuke (GNW)
20 She is an abusive mother

Sarada deserves better

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