Weaboos - A Threat To Mankind

Weaboos. An evil species that cause terror to the humans of this world. No one knows when they first started appearing, but they are striking fear in the hearts of people.

"What is a weaboo?" A young child asks. His mother replies "Weaboos are nasty, disgusting creatures who scare you. If you behave like a bad child, and disrespect your elders, and steal things, the weaboos will come and get you!" The child whimpers and runs to play with his sister.

In a nearby mountain, there is a secret base. Smoke comes out from the chimney but is not enough to be seen from a far distance.

A person in black robes knocks on the door. "Let me in," he says.

The person behind the door says "Identify yourself',"

The person in the black robes says "I am weaboo #437. My spirit animal is the blue wolf of the eternal moon. My spirit powers are possesion. I meditate in the full moon to acheive my destiny of being a samurai."

"Come in, come in!" says the person behind the door.

Weaboo #437 walks down a flight of stairs to a lounge filled with similar looking people in black robes. They all are whispering and chanting among themselves. "Greetings, friend" says Weaboo #437 to another black robed person. "Greetings, Weaboo #437, Holder of Spirit animal of Blue Wolf of Eternal Moon, Spirit powers of possesion, Meditator in the full moon to acheive his destiny of being a samurai. It's me, Weaboo #24, Holder of Spirit animal of Butterfly of Spectacular Sun, Spirit powers of flight, swimmer of azure ocean. How are you?"

"Oh, I'm fine, nothing new. Has the Master Weaboo given any new orders yet?" asks Weaboo #437.

"Hush!" Says Weaboo #24. "It is a secret matter. Recently, Master Weaboo has made yet another plan to make everyone weaboos forever. He goes to places and starts up societies to convert everyone to Weabooism. His last plan failed, but he will try a ne- "

"SILENCE!" booms a voice all of a sudden.

The chattering stops. "M-Master Weaboo!" says Weaboo #64.

Everyone stops chattering and turns to Master Weaboo.

"As you all know, " begins Master Weaboo, "My previous plans to convert everyone to Weaboosim have failed. I don't GET this! I want the whole world to be weaboos, and Planet Earth to be renamed Weabooville! I TRY SO HARD AND I STILL FAIL! UGH!"

The crowd remains silent.

"But here is a new plan," he says, smiling an evil smile that can send chills down one's spine. 'I have decided, instead of conquering one country at a time, why not go for one small group at a time. That is easier! We shall make groups and called them stuff like, I dunno, Japanese sounding stuff like Yukanna society or something!

The whole crowd cheers. "Long live Master Weaboo!" They chant.

"And now!" He says, "Weaboos, I have a question to ask you. A person said weaboos are stupid and annoying. How dare he insult us! "

"OUTRAGEOUS!" Screams the crowd.

"Yes! Tell me, weaboos, how do we punish this evil doer?"

(Master Weaboo presses a button. A hole appears in the middle of the stage, and a guy who is strapped to a chair with tape around his mouth comes up)


"So be it!" says Master Weaboo, and he turns around to whisper to his executioner. "Make it quick and painless" he says.

The weaboos laugh and pray for their leader.


Weaboos are THE worst fan base. - Therandom

Confirmed - NuMetalManiak

The weeaboos started with hentai became a thing. - Skullkid755

So basically, weeaboos started when porn got worse. - Skullkid755

Don't mind me I'm just searching for a FilthyFrank reference. - DapperPickle

Any FF reference was completely unintentional - TwilightKitsune

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Liking anime is hated on this site? That's not good. - Zizz

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Then the whole population of mens (only 100 women,no children, teenagers and elders (both male and female)) in China, US, UK, Australia, India, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Vatican City, Italy, Angola, Azerbaijan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Macau, Hong Kong, Polynesian Islands, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Armenia, Cyprus, France, Eritrea, North Korea spreads in and kills each 437 of them, leaving 63 of them alive. The population of mens locked the Master and torture the 63. After the 63 weaboos are dead, they guillotined the Master. Jung Hua, Jim Turner, John Smith, Lance M. Parker, Ihab Arihjabi, Ren Guliömondoïsti, Shamatelle Gurk, Pierre Maire, Junre Pakarbi, Maddie Gouma, Jinri Kok, Mai Kęl Nam, Dinia Ma Golku, Maria Delos Santos and etc, were called beroes, - Princesssmooth

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Chinese: Jinzhi
Xi Jinping: Women xianzai jinzhi weaboos!
Chinese peeps:Hao

Shinzo Abe:Koko ni kita weaboos wa shi o erudeshou bun.


Duterte: Ibinan ko na and mga weaboos na pangit. - ArigatoKawaii

Can you translate? - TwilightKitsune

Weaboos are gay, but you could've said it without insulting your boyfriend. - visitor

^That was AggressiveBlaze/ElectricCorpseSlayer/DarkenedBrutality/MorbidCannibalSlayer^

Having fun starving to death Sebastian? - TwilightKitsune

Weeaboos are taking over run for your lives - visitor

Hold the forts and man the guns - TwilightKitsune

Weeaboos are annoying

Weeaboo: I'm so amazinegu desu! Sugoi desu ne! Boku no Pico isu besuto anime desu! (Sees ramen) we musuto now eat shimasu! ITADAKIMASU!
Normal person: you're not Japanese. Stop acting like you are
Weeaboo: Uzai! Baka baka baka! I is nihon jin desu! Nihon jin means Japanese people! I canu eat witho choppusutiku desu! See desu? SEE DESU?! shut up! Anata is uzai baka baka desu! Uzai baka baka! Uzai baka baka! Uzai!
Normal person: Just because you can use a chopstick, doesn't mean you ARE Japanese ;-;
Weeaboo: Shut up, baka! Baka baka baka! I has Death Notto desu! I is can kill u desu! I'll kill you desu!
Normal person: That's not even a real death note.. you bought that from an anime con
Weeaboo: Or I will kill u with my rasengan desu!
Normal person: I'm leaving. You weeaboos are annoying and should get a life. Starting from getting rid of that body pillow of an underaged girl. Just because she's 2D It doesn't mean you can get body pillows of her like that (points a body pillow of Sillica from SAO)

See what I meant? - MLPFan

Bakabakabka - TwilightKitsune

Translated into Japanese for ze weebs

Weaboos。ã"の世界の人é–"に恐怖を引き起ã"す悪の種。彼らが最初に登å 'するのは誰も知りませã‚"が、人々の心の中で恐怖を抱いています。

"weabooって何?"子供が尋ねる。彼の母親は、「Weaboosはあなたを恐怖させる厄介で嫌なç"Ÿãç‰©ã§ã™ã€‚あなたが悪い子供のように行動だ- 、長老を尊敬だ- ã€ç‰©ã‚’ç› - むなら、weaboosが来てあなたを手に入れます!子供は妹と遊ぶために怒é³'り、走ります。


黒い服を着た人がドアを叩く。 「私を入れてください」と彼は言います。


黒いローブにいる人は「私は私の魂の動物は永遠の月の青い狼です。私の霊的な力は十分です。私は満月の中で武士であるという私の運命をé"成するために瞑想だ- ます。


Weaboo#437は、黒いローブの類似だ- た見た目の人々で満たされたラウンジに階段を飛びます。彼らはすべて囁きながら、自分の中でå"±ãˆã¦ã„ます。 "挨拶、友人"とWeaboo#437は、別の黒服を着た人に言います。 "挨拶、Weaboo#437、永遠の月の青い狼の霊魂の動物、豊かな魂の力、満月の瞑想者、武士の運命をé"成するための瞑想者。私、Weaboo#24、Butterfly壮大な太陽、飛行士の力、ç'ºç¢§ã®æµ·ã®æ°'泳者、どうですか?

"ã‚ã‚ã€ç§ã¯å…ƒæ° - です、新だ- いã"とはありませã‚"。マスターWeabooはまだ新だ- い命令を出だ- ていますか?" Weaboo#437に尋ねる。

"ハッシュ!" Weaboo#24と言います。最近、マスターWeabooは、誰もがweaboosを永遠に作るもう一つの計ç"»ã‚’立てまだ- た。彼は、すべての人をWeabooismに変えるために、社会に出て行きまだ- た。彼の最後の計ç"»ã¯å¤±æ• - だ- まだ- たが、


チャタリングが止まります。 "MマスターのWeaboo!" Weaboo#64は言う。


あなたが知っているように、マスターWeabooが始まります、「Weaboosimにすべての人を変える私の以前の計ç"»ã¯å¤±æ• - だ- まだ- た!私はã"れを手に入れませã‚"!私は全世界をweaboosにだ- たい、そだ- てPlanet EarthをWeaboovilleにæ"¹åã - ます!厳だ- ã„ã¨ç§ã¯ã¾ã å¤±æ• - !UGH!


「だ- かだ- 、新だ- い計ç"»ãŒã‚る」と彼は言う。笑é¡"を笑って、背骨を震えさせる。 「私は、一度に1つの国を征服するのではなく、一度に1つの小さなグルーム- に行かないでください。それは簡単です!私たちは団ä½"を作って、夢中のようなæ - ¥æœ¬ã®éŸ¿ãã®ã‚ˆã†ãªã‚‚のを、何かと呼ぶだろう!

群衆全ä½"がæ­"声をあげる。 "長ç"Ÿãã®ãƒžã‚¹ã‚¿ãƒ¼Weaboo!"彼らは歌います。

"そだ- ていま!"彼は「Weaboos、私はあなたに尋ねる質問があります。人はweaboosが愚かで迷惑であると言っています。


「はい、私たちに教えてください、ã"の邪悪な行者をどうやって処罰だ- ますか?」

(マスターWeabooがボタンを押すと、ステージの中央にç©'が現れ、椅子にç'ã§ç¸›ã‚‰ã‚Œã¦ã„る人が口の周りにテーム- を持って来る)


「そうだよ!マスターWeabooは言う、彼は彼の執行者にささやくために回り回る。 「ç' æ - ©ãç - ›ã¿ã®ãªã„ものにする」と彼は言います。

weaboosは彼らのリーダーのために笑いと祈ります。 - EliHbk

Maybe he shoulda named his world as Weeaboopolis instead of Weeabooville - styLIShT

To all non-infected people and sane anime fans(including myself):Start a resistance now. - MilkTae

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