Reasons the List "Reasons Why Kids Should Be Allowed to Drink Alcohol" Shouldn't Have Been Removed

A few days ago, I made a list called "Reasons Why Kids Should Be Allowed to Drink Alcohol." Just after I made the list, I was relieved that the list was approved. But then the next day, Admin deleted the list for some dumb reason. I was so mad about that. What made me even angrier was the fact that Admin didn't even message me to tell me why it was deleted. To this day, I still don't know why he got rid of my list. So I decided to make a list of reasons why it should be brought back.

Note: Please do not remove this list.

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1 It was accurate

I read your Wikia page and now that I've seen this list the cringe keeps on adding up. Making a list called "Top 10 Reasons why Kids should be allowed to drink alcohol" is the equivalent to making a list called "Top 10 Reasons Drugs Should be Legal" it's just wrong and moronic! That list was probably removed cause it would encourage kids to drink alcohol which is a bad thing. Also I think Admin deleting that list made a lot of sense, your list wasn't like the "Top 10 Overrated users" list where it was removed without a valid reason. Your list was removed because it encouraged kids to do something illegal and because it violates one of the most important rules of this website!

Actually many kids cough and cold syrup medicines contain alcohol in small amounts to make the child sleep peacefully at night - styLIShT

I understand now why the list has been removed: It says in the terms of use that you cannot create lists that encourage criminal acts, in which minors drinking alcohol is illegal. If the list were "Top 10 Reasons Why Alcohol Should Be Legal For Minors", the list wouldn't become a violation.

If that's the case Admin could have just changed the title instead of deleting it! - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

This list is inaccurate. It is not right for kids to drink alcohol. If they do, they will get drunk and pass out. Admin, delete that list...NOW!

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2 It wasn't trolling

If it wasn't, I think you just made it for fun and it wasn't meant to be taken seriously. - EpicJake

In case you didn't know, my lists are made to enlighten the other users. Not to "bully" them. - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

Yes it was

It WAS trolling!

3 I make whatever kind of lists I want

As long as it isn't a violation of the Terms of Use. You have agreed with it once you signed up, and that means you have agreed not to make lists that violate those. For more information, you should have read it in detail by yourself.

If people don't like my lists, that's too bad for them. - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

4 I worked hard on it

I worked so hard on it just for it to get taken away. - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

5 Admin didn't tell me why he deleted the list

Every point on this list is accurate. - Therandom

How is this list here not deleted? - Cesium

Okay, fair enough. - TheYoshiPyro64

If you're going to delete my lists, at least message me and give me a reason. - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

6 The list didn't even get to stay up for very long

I was one of the lucky few who saw it. And oh-so-lucky I was.

It didn't even stay on the site for a day. It got approved on March 18th during the evening and got deleted on March 19th during the morning. - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

7 It's my opinion

An opinion that did not even inhibit any user from enjoying this site.

I can state my opinions if I want to. - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

I'm all for a small glass of wine every now and then. - IronSabbathPriest

Whoever disliked my comment must be a Doctor. If they aren't, they have no reason to, because they obviously know nothing about wine. - IronSabbathPriest

Three words: Freedom Of Speech. It's in the constitution for a reason. - 906389

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8 What's the point of the site if I can't make lists?

Isn't that the point of the website? - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

You can remix lists. - TheYoshiPyro64

9 Other people made lists somewhat similar but they got to stay on the site

Example: BlueTopazIceVanilla's list "Reasons Why Kids Under the Age of 18 Should Be Allowed to Vote In Government Elections." - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

10 Kids are not allowed to drink alcohol

Becouse they can

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11 People need to embrace a hypothetical world

A world full of hypotheses improves the learnin process.

lol true - leafstar

12 It was a good list

Why don't you message him yourself asking that? - TwilightKitsune

It wasn't a good list. It was a HORRIBLE list.

Change "good" to "bad".

It really was. You shouldn't have removed it, Admin. - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

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13 Parents are allowed to
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