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1 The Animation

Yay! There is a fight for anime. I am so happy as I'm a total fan of anime. Not only me but I guess majority of people I've met always at least have watched dragon ball z or death note. The best which I think is black butler, death note, ourun high school host club, ghost hunt, another, one piece and naruto. How can people not like anime? Where as, people like me are in love with the anime as well as the characters. The animations show very nice plots and stories. Also, how can the animation be bad when the animators are showing all feelings of the characters. I think it's professional work.

Just because anime has emotion or seems to be more detailed, doesn't mean it's better. The so called anime artists pay more attention to drawing the background than the actual characters except if it's a naked woman.

Not really. The animation is drawn at 6 frames per second which is limited animation. The lowest amount of frames today's American cartoons are at are 12 frames by Hanna-Barbera and they still turning out really good animation most of the time. Anime lacks keyframes which is pictures that every animation is made of. In anime you can see the character's mouth clapping. Western animation works hard to give us really good fluid animation and it gives us that most of the time but gets overshadowed by the overrated anime and its overrated animation.

But the truth is: anime already sucks.

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2 Repetition

You think anime is repetitive? Look at American cartoons such as Phineas and Ferb. That is one of the, if not, most repetitive American cartoon in the cartoon industry, yet children and adults still love the show for no practical reason. I have seen anime not repetitive such as Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, Blue Exorcist, and Gurren Lagann. When compared to cartoons, anime is way less repetitive than cartoons.

Yes, there are lots of animes out there that share the same formula, and yes, they can be repetitive! But so can anything else, books, western cartoons, all of it! Saying anime alone is repetitive and trashy is wrong, I suggest you go watch something like Attack On Titan, then go and watch Tokyo Ghoul, both are shonens (mangas/animes targeting a male demographic aged 11-19) but have COMPLETELY different plots and characters. They are far from the same..

While some are a bit, there are an INCREDIBLE amount of original and fresh animes out there.

I agree with this, but only for Pokemon. - Silverfroststorm

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3 Unoriginal

How is Pokemon, Goku, attack on Titan, etc, unoriginal? - ARandomPerson

I say Bull S/, Anime is very original unlike cartoons that are basically based off other ideas. - egnomac

They are all the same thing

Yes, we all understand that Glitter Force (teenage girls using magic and friendship and transformations) is the same as Elfen Lied (which involves mutant humans ripping off people's heads, arms, and legs and gouging their eyes out). - Silverfroststorm

Anime used to be original, but finding a unique 2016-17 anime that isn't a sequel is like finding a hay in a needlestack. - izayaorihara

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4 No personality

Yeah sure. Characters in anime don't have any personality. Believe what you want. Have your opinions. But know I hate your opinion

They certainly have more personality than cartoons characters.

Hah yea right they don't have any personalities. The only ones that do are the characters from the original teen titans and avatar the last airbender but they were just American cartoons with the anime style.

Yah, someone thinks that L has no personality. Such words of wisdom. - Goku02

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5 Fanboys

Everybody and everything will have fans. If there really good than they would have a lot of fans like anime!

Dude just drop it lets all forget this mess ever happened just sweep it under the rug like everyone else does. - egnomac

Anyone who's here is one of those fanboys. I may be an anime fan, but BOY do I hate anime fans. - izayaorihara

Fanboys are god damn annoying

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6 Theme songs

Lazy?! Think about it. Have you ever tried to draw anime/manga. It's actually pretty hard. Call it lazy if you want.
But theme songs are often creative and people enjoy them. - FennikenFan9

No it's just lazy because it's the just the first season theme song. But then again animes are lazily made anyway. It's a shock how it has so much fans. Oh yea right because it's overrated

Most of the theme songs for anime ARE EPIC
Pokémon XY for example. - aarond09

Um, ahem...
Guren no Yumiya- AoT
Literally every FMA opening
Connect- Madoka Magica
Literally every SAO opening
Kami-iro Awase- Danganronpa 3- Despair
Colors- Code Geass

Seriously? - Absolite

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7 Boring

Look at Shingeki no Kyojin. Fullmetal Alchemist. Sword Art Online. Go look at ANY action anime.

(cough) Death Note. (Cough) Attack on Titan. Sorry bad cough there.

Sir what are you watching cause I'm pretty sure your basing this off of Pokemon, digimon, bakugan, Beyblade or some other bull like that

It depends on what you're into. If you like a certain genre, I can almost guarantee there is a quality anime of the same genre. - Absolite

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8 Anime haters are idiots

Um no. You can't call someone an idiot just like that

I agree. I don't like haters but you can't just call them idiots unless you know every individual person - FennikenFan9

Wrong were smart unlike the fans

I don't think they are idiots just they have the unpopular opinion

Anime fans and haters are idiots for not respecting other people's opinions. - ParkerFang

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9 Bad writing

There are some anime with bad writing. However, there are tons with amazing writing. Whoever made the list has only seen Pokemon. - Absolite

It really isn't well written and I don't think that that was an excuse. It is more like a reason. A better reason there yours to say why the reasons why anime sucks list is wrong

We can say the same thing about Modern SpongeBob.

Um...*clears throat*
- Attack on Titan
- Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
- Hunter x Hunter
- Assassination Classroom
- Death Note
- Code Geass
To mrcoolface: Watch at least 3 anime from this list, if not all of them (some are pretty long), and then come back here and tell me that anime has bad writing!

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10 Anime fans

Something being overratred doesn't mean how many people watch it. If tons of people watched Pokemon and that was it it wouldn't be overrated. But because of the fans constantly saying it's the best show ever and you have no taste if you don't like it and it's the best thing in the world then it's overrated. People talk about Japanese Anime like this. They keep saying no matter what Japanese anime will always be better if though that's their opinions but they force it down like it has to be a fact. The only time for American cartoons is if we are defending it or talking about the good and bad of the cartoon. It's rarely a time when you will see a cartoon fan saying it's the best thing in the world or you must like this or you have no taste. just because millions of people watch cartoons doesn't make it overrated. But even if it did a million more people still watch anime so that would make Japanese anime more overrated. Talking about something in an opinionated way makes it overrated. ...more

Mrcoolface's list of Reasons Why Anime Sucks is reason to kick him off the Top Ten's or at least banned from all top ten's lists containing anime and I admit cartoon we great in its heyday but that was then and this is now too many people today don't really care much for cartoon anymore.

Let's not stereotype ALL fans, I once told an anime fan that I don't like anime and he was pretty cool about it, he says he doesn't like the inappropriate ones. But about 2% of fans act civil.

Weeaboos are awful. However, most of us are really nice and cool! I have not met a ssingle anime fan that was like most people describe them. - Absolite

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11 Naruto

That's the only thing I'll agree with

I love how Naruto is in this x3

I have watched some episodes of both Naruto and Naruto Shippiden and I think it's a decent show. Not the best but definitely enjoyable!

This is made to trigger Naruto fans like me and insult us.

This is probably included in the Top Ten Aspects of Bad Top Ten Lists. - Silverfroststorm

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12 Troll bait

I love this list - YakkoWakkoDot

13 Awful designs

All of the characters look the same. If you take over the hat and hair you see the same face and head. Without the clothes the bodies look the same. There is barely anything different about the designs for anime

If you have seen the artwork, ever artist is different, and you can TELL.

Isn't that the same with cartoons. - egnomac

No its not sure characters look similar but they look different - epictoonsfan1

No with cartoons you get interesting unique designs were every character looks different. Garfield, Tom, and Gumball Watterson are all cats but none look the same. Scooby Doo, Goofy, and Barnyard Dawg are dogs but they don't look the same at all. Dr Strachensniff, Dipper Pines, and Grouchy from the seven dwarfs are all human characters but none of them look the same. If f you took the hair and clothes of most of the American cartoon chracters you would get different designs - YakkoWakkoDot

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14 Biased
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