Top Ten Reasons to Love Luigi Fans

The Top Ten

1 They are Nice to Luigi

And mean to those who hate him - yunafreya648

We should like Luigi fans because they like Luigi?
Well, time to toss my book of logic out the window... - ThatOneRacer

Danteem made this. - TheYoshiPyro64

2 They Like Super Smash Brothers

Okay - yunafreya648

3 They Like to Beat Everyone With Luigi

Okay - yunafreya648

4 They Believe That Luigi is the Strongest Thing Alive

Boy shut up danteem - VideoGamefan5

5 Some of Them Hate Mario

That's exactly why I hate them

I hate Luigi now

Okay - yunafreya648

6 Some of Them Love Princess Daisy

I like Luigi, but I despise Daisy - SmashBall

And some of those Luigi X Rosalina shippers hate Daisy - ParkerFang

7 Some of Them Hate Mortal Kombat
8 They Believe That Death Battles are Fake

While Tails is no Luigi, he is awesome for a Sonic character because like Luigi, he has enough skills to be on Death Battle.

9 They are really bad and attack every Mario fan
10 Some of Them Hate Samus Aran

Samus Aran actually got reincarnated. She's back!

I don't hate Samus but her fanboys yeah - ParkerFang

The Contenders

11 They Like Luigi's Mansion

Hey my 10 year old and he gonna turn 11 this month October 23 2018 and he loves luigi s and I love mario and I don't hate Luigi well I love Luigi s mansion since I got it in December 28 2017 and my birthday is in March 8th

12 They recognize Daisy is a terrible character


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