In the past 4 Mario Kart games, the characters were unlocked by a particular criterion. I heard everyone boning about how the characters now are unlocked at random and hardly distinguishable from a normal kart game. What the SUCK! We get a bunch of crap characters like Metal Mario, Pink Metal Peach, and the 5 babies, but Honey Queen, Diddy, Kamek, Dry Bones, King Boo, Funky Kong, Dixie Kong, and Bowser Jr. get chipped off from the roster.

Pink Gold Peach was traditionally supposed to be replaced by Orange Bronze Daisy.

Strange and horrible roster! If Honey Queen, Dry Bones, or any other expert were there to take the clones' place, I would throw a fairly large rock at the baby clones or at the panicking metal characters.

This is why I hate Mario Kart 8's roster. It's completely stupid of how a character can race against themself and this roster is horribly redundant and like a blunt pencil. There are 4 versions of Mario and Peach in this roster! I want to replace the Mario, Luigi, Daisy, Rosalina, and Peach clones withe classics like Honey Queen, Dry Bones, Dry Bowser, Funky Kong, King Boo, Diddy Kong, and even 3 new characters called Nabbit, Kamek, and Dixie Kong and that would be a perfect roster.

The only thing I agree with is the lame roster. We get a bunch of crap characters like Metal Mario, Metal Peach, the 5 babies, Link, Tanooki Mario, and Cat Peach, but Honey Queen, Birdo, Bowser Jr, Dry Bones, Funky Kong, Diddy Kong, King Boo, and other diverse veterans get cut, and new people like Candy Kong, Kamek, Cranky Kong, and Dixie Kong don't even get considered. I wish the roster was more diverse, but the Nintendo head had no such luck in adding diverse experts to the roster.

The characters are unlocked at RANDOM? Nobody asked for that. Whoever added the bland clones in the roster to steal Honey Queen and Dry Bones' spot is fired.

Interesting courses, but roster is crap!

Are you kidding me? If you think Dry Bones/Honey Queen/King Boo/Diddy Kong/Funky Kong/Birdo/Kamek/Dixie Kong/Nabbit not being in the game and Pink Gold Peach being in the game is really not a bad idea to A LOT of people including myself, I strongly disagree.

They disposed regular characters like Dixie Kong, Dry Bones, King Boo, Funky Kong, Petey Piranha, Tiny Kong, Diddy Kong, Birdo, and Wiggler and replaced them with crappies like Metal and Cat Peach, Metal and Tanooki Mario, and the 5 babies. Even the Honey Queen is better than those 9.

Characters are unlocked in random? What the HECK! Honey Queen, Dry Bones, Funky Kong, Petey Piranha, King Boo, and other Mario kart experts get removed in Mario Kart 8 due to the clones and koopaling septet.

Characters are unlocked at RANDOM? Wait. You always unlock a crappy character like Metal Mario at first, and that is totally lame!

Why do they keep shoving babies into the console entries?! They never appear in the handheld games.

Dry Bones and Honey Queen were replaced with 2 bland princess clones? RAGE!

Worst roster I have ever seen, it was the reason I started hating Peach.

Best tracks ever, but the character roster is lame compared to Mario kart 7's.

Peach must be a locked character or be excluded from the roster.

Its actually underrated because of it because of pink gold peach - YOSHIA2121

Deluxe kinda fixed it, but still. - MrLoser

This is what I would remove although the Koopalings rock:
Metal Mario > Honey Queen
Pink Gold Peach > Swanky Kong
5 babies > Dixie Kong, Diddy Kong, Funky Kong, Petey Piranha, and King Boo, respectively
DLC Pack 1 > Nabbit, Dry Bones, and Kamek, respectively

This is what my roster would look like with these 10 minor swaps:
1. Mario
2. Luigi
3. Peach
4. Daisy
5. Rosalina
6. Honey Queen
7. Yoshi
8. Toad
9. Koopa
10. Shy Guy
11. Lakitu
12. Toadette
13. Dixie Kong
14. Diddy Kong
15. Funky Kong
16. King Boo
17. Petey Piranha
18. Swanky Kong
19. Bowser
20. Donkey Kong
21. Wario
22. Waluigi
23-29. The Koopalings
30. Nabbit
31. Dry Bones
32. Kamek
33. Mii
With these changes, this roster would rock so that nobody would care about Pink Gold Peach.

The Koopaling septet is awesome, but the clones are worse than that. The baby and metal clones must drink toxic water, be sent to hell, and be replaced with Dry Bones, Honey Queen, Dixie, Diddy, Funky, King Boo, and Kamek and that would be a perfect roster.

Automatic junk roster! The Nintendo head kicked out regular characters like Honey Queen, Birdo, Kamek, Dry Bones, King Boo, Dixie Kong, and Diddy Kong and replaced them with a bunch of trash characters like Metal Mario, Metal Peach, and the 5 baby clones. Even Funky Kong is better than those 7. I'm ok with the Koopalings, but Lemmy is the only Koopaling that should be on his ball.

What, Nintendo? You gave us the Koopalings, the greatest characters of all time, but you left out Bowser Jr in favor of Pink Gold Peach!

Especially the baby characters. Unlike MK 8, a certain class (lightweight) equaled different karts and bikes for the player, which made it fun. The babies were lightweight and it was exciting to see which kart/bike you unlocked's class.
Now that everyone has the same bikes and karts, what is the point of having baby characters? There is no difference in them or their adult counterparts except "Baby" slapped on front and different animation. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Mario Kart 8 is awesome, but roster has ruined it. Pink Gold Peach. WHERE THE FRICK DID SHE COME? ANOTHER FILLER IS HER JOB?
Koopalings were very great idea. SERIOUSLY, 5 BABIES? Baby Mario. Baby Luigi. Baby peach. Baby daisy. Then suddenly BABY ROSALINA?! And that lakitu, his job is protecting drivers from falling off the track. Now he is in the control of a kart. What are you doing in that?!

The Koopalings rock, but the clones and Link should be replaced by Dry Bones, Nabbit, Honey Queen, Birdo, Funky Kong, King Boo, Petey Piranha, Diddy Kong, Kritter, and Dixie Kong. Lack of Dry Bones pisses me off!