Top 10 Reasons Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is Better Than Dream Team

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1 It has Fawful in it

Has nothing to do with actual gameplay - darthvadern

Actually, screw that bastard

Antasma is much better, but if both isn't in the game, it doesn't worsen any game over the ones with them...
Bowser inside story is agreat game, but this point is redicolous

What the heck? Antasma is way better😑

2 It doesn't have one of the absolute worst and cheapest final boss battles of all time (even though the fight itself was still ludicrously easy)
3 Far less obnoxiously gimmicky
4 Much smaller chance of accidentally dying from cheap and annoying status ailments inflicted by enemies
5 Much more balanced difficulty curve
6 Vastly better-written storyline
7 Soundtrack so good that even Dream Team's is a joke by comparison

Actually, the soundtracks of the first two Mario & Luigi games are so good. But yes, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story also has a very strong soundtrack.

8 Infinitely funnier dialogue
9 Much lower abundance of enemy attacks that are literally near-impossible to avoid
10 Far more precision and skill is required in timing your button presses when attacking

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11 It doesn't use the stupid "Princess Peach getting kidnapped" cliche

Seriously? She only got kidnapped in the beginning and you saved her in the beginning as well! This item doesn't make sense - darthvadern

It always needed more hate. Girls and guys are supposed to be strong! Genders are equal.

12 Badges that don't regenerate ridiculously slowly during combat
13 Has a far more epic feel to it (especially in the final boss battle)

An this is what I originally didn't feel in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time's successors just because I truly prefer Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story's predecessors. How pathetic was I back then?

14 Feels like a legitimately timeless classic as opposed to "just another Mario & Luig game"

Which is how I have (at least originally) felt all Mario & Luigi: Partners in Tiem sequels. - The Ultimate Daredevil

15 Introduced a lot of the fundamental aspects that later carried over to Dream Team
16 The game's main gimmick is far more cleverly done, especially in regard to level design
17 Far less opportunities to completely break the game
18 More characters to play as
19 It isn't ridiculously long just for the sake of being ridiculously long
20 The only Mario game where you get to actually experience the full extent of Bowser's incredible physical strength
21 More creatively designed areas
22 Way better cast of characters
23 Better villains
24 More interesting stuff to do
25 Some of the area names (Tower of Yikk, Cavi Cape, Plack Beach, Blubble Lake)
26 The only Mario & Luigi game to actually have a legitimately insane storyline

You actually think a super scary looking bat king called Antasma and the most powerful form of Bowser aren't insane? - darthvadern

27 Features TWO evil castles to explore as opposed to merely one
28 Better puzzles
29 More atmospheric
30 Was on a significantly less advanced system but actually holds up vastly better regardless
31 More block animals
32 More Bowser
33 More self-awareness
34 (Slightly) less hand-holding
35 More fitting art style
36 Actually focuses on adding new innovations into the series rather than simply bringing back the fans' nostalgia for the previous installments
37 More creative enemies and bosses
38 Has vastly more charm and personality, especially in regard to its characters and dialogue
39 Cooler Bros Attacks
40 The only Mario & Luigi game so far to actually successfully manage to reach full-blown Internet meme status
41 More memorable music, especially in regard to the battle themes
42 More minigames
43 Faster pacing
44 More memorable in general
45 Actually dares to NOT make Bowser its main antagonist
46 Literally the only game in the series to actually make Bowser into a full-fledged main protagonist character
47 More fun in general
48 Is a mixture of all the best parts from Superstar Saga and Partners in Time, as opposed to mostly all the worst parts from Partners in Time and it
49 More meaningful progression
50 Villains that actually manage to have a legitimately ominous and intimidating presence all throughout the game while still being utterly hilarious nonetheless
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