Top Ten Reasons Phantom Forces is the Best Game on Roblox


The Top Ten

1 It has an extremely robust amount of content
2 It's engaging
3 It forces you to be cautious and to strategize
4 If you're doing bad, it's because you're actually bad

Or if your internet is rip. - thunderstar1124

5 No weapon feels overpowered
6 The community is generally less toxic than the rest of Roblox

Probably all the toxic players are noobs

7 It looks great for a game on Roblox

No the graphics kinda stink

Really though it has amazing graphics

8 The guns are amazingly detailed
9 It's not a Robux-grab

The reason I love it

10 Phantom Forces teaches kids about war and the real danger with it.

That's actually a good reason - Satanscurse35

The Contenders

11 You don't have to wait for the round to end to play
12 The guns function realistically
13 The attachments actually work

God reason. you know what they should add in phantom forces. ZOMBIES! Think about it: they'll have more success and be a funner game. I am trying to persuade the devs to make the zombies mode so that there will be something that will get more players

14 You can mute it

What do you mean?

15 It is being updated constantly with new content and patches
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