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21 Glitches V 1 Comment
22 People trick you into giving up cash

It's clearly you being the idiot for believing that.

It's so annoying people say there going to give me roux if I give them 90 tix then they just take it and say noob never trust anyone. My roblox username is Londonian

23 It's the reason why poptropica is underrated

Screw Roblox. Poptropica is better

Screw Poptropica. Roblox is better - Dragonj37

Nobody cares about poptropica. it's stupid

Screw both.

24 Safe chat

I'm 11 years old and my nickname is "froakie" but thanks to safe chat no one can see it and everyone calls me "frog"! I don't mind if people call me Frogadier though... My account name is Frogadier_99

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25 Old scripts do not work anymore

Like this game, Pikmin command, it used to work since 2008-2013, but the new roblox updates, old scripts are now broken

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26 Haters

Usally, Some people call you a scrub or a noob for no reason, I hate them and I make fun of them.

I HATE It too its annoying and the people who call me that are hypocrites once I was called a noob by a noob and hsi noob gang

27 Wrong info.

Don't forget that they said the game was free When you have to afford a premium membership just to get the good stuff.

"ROBLOX is a game that is fun! It allows 8 - 18 yrs. old." 8-9 years old with sexual contents, ODers and Scams?

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28 Unsafe for your computer

"Some malware from Roblox can infect your computer."



29 Account sellers

Money hungry people go on to choose a random selection of Roblox accounts, hacks them, and sells them meaning that your account can be stolen and sold without your permission and you don't gain profit from it either, which this personally happened to me on 4/6/16

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30 It's inappropriate V 1 Comment
31 You can get banned for killing a moderator in a swordfighting game

I roundhouse kicked a moderator and never got banned.

I killed a moderator and I never got banned.

32 It's a Waste of Time and Money
33 Egotistical people

The game is filled with Mediocre and ignorant little kids and teens. They should be sent to military school.

34 Sexual content

Sorry but I don't believe that

A girl told me to tell her my house number then she raped me in real life.

35 People are now picky on games
36 Rages

People in the roblox community rage a lot in the forums. Mostly the forums, Rarely on games because they can get banned.

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37 Items are too expensive

We Need to pay cash for the best items on roblox

38 No robux
39 Free Models

Having one or two free models in a game suddenly makes you a lazy slob, but if you overflow the place with them, it ends up on the front page. I mean, free models are great and all, but I just wish that people would stop abusing them.

40 Horrible Groups V 1 Comment
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1. Bullies
2. The term "Od'er"
3. The company only cares about money
1. Bullies
2. The company only cares about money
3. The term "Od'er"



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