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21 You get bullied for being a noob

In rhs everyone bullies me because I don't have robux and even the other noobs bully me too, The principal sent me to detention for being a 'noob' and this goes for like every other game.

22 free ROBUX scams

I HATE IT I was getting free robux but its littery gets virus to your computer or getting banned In 2017 The comments are banned but free robux is HORRIBLE! - SpencerJC

This should be number one! - TeamRocket747

Builderman told me how to get banned! Copy and paste this on 3 games log out and back in and enjoy your ban!


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23 Lack of respect

A lot of people are racist and just plan rude, they disrespect you for anything and everything you do wrong sometimes...

People with robux do not give people with no robux respect. I swear, I am so happy and glad I have left roblox, because I am sick and tired of this disrespectful attitude towards people like me who have a life and cannot afford roblox. isn't roblox a ''safe community? " Well, that is a lie and roblox is a greedy and unsafe virtual site. - anony03

24 Glitches

I think glitches r good, because I'm glitcher - XlarEnder


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26 DanTDM's fanbase

It's taking over the community and we are going to die from cringe soon - NamiKazePants08

Ever since DanTDM started playing, the amount of annoying little kids increased

27 People trick you into giving up cash

It's clearly you being the idiot for believing that.

It's so annoying people say there going to give me roux if I give them 90 tix then they just take it and say noob never trust anyone. My roblox username is Londonian

28 It's the reason why poptropica is underrated

Screw Roblox. Poptropica is better

Screw Poptropica. Roblox is better - Dragonj37

Nobody cares about poptropica. it's stupid

Screw y'all. - LapisBob

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29 Horrible Groups

There are terrible groups that make scam games and bait and switch - Roguy


30 Old scripts do not work anymore

Like this game, Pikmin command, it used to work since 2008-2013, but the new roblox updates, old scripts are now broken

Noobs Are Good Yehey BE a Newbie From M1NS2X2X

31 You can get banned for killing a moderator in a swordfighting game

I roundhouse kicked a moderator and never got banned.

I killed a moderator and I never got banned.

32 It's a Waste of Time and Money
33 Takes Down Games For no Reason

I used Robux on a game I liked but roblox took it down for being *too laggy* this is especially the case with every single roleplay game! They can take away our privilleges on so many of those and really those and disaster survival games are all that keeps them famous, if Stickmasterluke (no offense to him, I admire his work) added roleplay names which people could swear in no one would care, why? because he gives roblox money, but Mezaa and DOTW get a bit of a dodgey interface? They get taken down!

34 Abuse of copyright
35 People spam your profile

I get a bunch of Alt accounts telling me to look at these scams, it's getting on my nerves,but roblox can't stop it.

36 Haters

Usally, Some people call you a scrub or a noob for no reason, I hate them and I make fun of them.

I HATE It too its annoying and the people who call me that are hypocrites once I was called a noob by a noob and hsi noob gang

37 Wrong info.

Don't forget that they said the game was free When you have to afford a premium membership just to get the good stuff.

"ROBLOX is a game that is fun! It allows 8 - 18 yrs. old." 8-9 years old with sexual contents, ODers and Scams?

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38 Unsafe for your computer

"Some malware from Roblox can infect your computer."



39 Account sellers

Money hungry people go on to choose a random selection of Roblox accounts, hacks them, and sells them meaning that your account can be stolen and sold without your permission and you don't gain profit from it either, which this personally happened to me on 4/6/16

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40 No robux

When you can't think of anything else to put on the list - GrapeJuiceK

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