Reasons Trolls Should Be Banned On TheTopTens


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1 They mess up lists

Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created in Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants - Goatworlds

They make good lists bad. - Animefan12

That's the worst thing about them. - Powerfulgirl10

One Ruined My Pinkie Pie List - JPK

2 They make fun of TopTenners
3 They add stuff that has nothing to do with the list
4 They threaten people
5 They might hack

Linnea, then they're gonna hack your third account. Not like I didn't want you to get hacked or anything. - Goatworlds

6 They harass users
7 They troll people
8 They bully Bronies

Bronies bully people who aren't Bronies/Anti Bronies/Don't Like My Little Pony.

Bronies are hated everywhere on the Internet - BlueTopazIceVanilla

The Trolls Make Everyone Look Bad

They Do - JPK

9 They never leave other people alone
10 They suck V 1 Comment

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11 They hold grudges
12 They say cuss words
13 They're annoying


14 They say your lists are bad when their lists aren't any better

Usually not nearly as good, in fact - xandermartin98

15 They say that The Loud House sucks

I love the Loud House!

What kind of human being could not like The Loud House? Only aliens don't like it, we need actual opinions on this site.

And yet your saying that everyone should like the loud house and that people shouldn't hate it which goes against the idea of different opinions - christangrant

I KNOW RIGHT!? They always get in my face (TheLoudHouseSucks) about hating it! If you don't like The Loud House you most be an ET (Extra Terrestral) or something. ALL TLH SHOULD BE BANNED!

16 They say that The Loud House is a good show

Adding this to piss off that Loud House fan who says no one should hate this show because of course that means he obviously doesn't respect opinions - christangrant

Just Because Someone Has A Different Opinion Doesn't Mean They're A Troll - JPK

17 They use TopTenners' usernames out of disrespect
18 They have abysmal taste in video games
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1. They mess up lists
2. They threaten people
3. They harass users
1. They mess up lists
2. They bully Bronies
3. They harass users
1. They mess up lists
2. They make fun of TopTenners
3. They might hack



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