Reasons Why Anime Sucks

Do you hate anime? Well so do I and here are my reasons.

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1 Fanboys

It's annoying how the fanboys always whine "don't judge anime based on the mainstream" when they judge western cartoons based on the mainstream and they usually only watch one episode of SpongeBob before making their judgement.

It is also annoying when they tell you not to judge them for liking anime when they judge you for disliking anime by calling you an "idiot" and claim that you are ignorant to Japanese culture. These fans need to learn that there is more to Japan than anime, it does NOT teach them all about the culture and they will NOT learn how to speak Japanese by watching the original Japanese episodes with subtitles.

Learning Japanese culture because of anime is disrespectful to the Japanese people. Many Japanese people hate anime since people only like them because of anime. I have a friend that is worried about Japan because if North Korea nukes them, then there would be no more Anime. That is messed up be honest. - dankle

Why are so many people on this list fanboys? Look, it says "Top reasons anime SUCKS". I don't fully hate anime, alright? It's not the greatest, and I am bothered by several tropes, but the community always makes things worse! Each and every time somebody makes one judgement to an anime, or gives it criticism (constructive or not), "weaboos" jump all over them and attack them, saying that "not all anime are like that," and then using the same example to prove their point over and over! You wanna be an anime fan? Watch an anime MADE IN Japan, with NO SUBTITLES. Also, stop going out of your way to defend it! This is possible the only list on this site for people who DON'T like it to go, but you came over here and ruined it because of your selfish, uncaring greed, white-knight personality, and the fact that a MILLION OTHER LISTS TALK ABOUT HOW ANIME IS AWESOME! At least give these people ONE LIST!

I would thumb this up 20 million times this is the best post I have seen on this site so far. I am an anime hater myself and I need this list. Thanks. - Gynidz

It's also annoying that if you hate on anime here, they tell you that you should have kept your opinion to yourself and that it hurt the feelings of anime fans. First of all this website said to share your opinions so it's perfectly fine for someone to make a list on why they don't like something. Second of all, it's apparently ok for them to say bad things about cartoons without thinking if they are hurting the cartoon fans' feelings. These fans really are hypocrites.

Actually, I really don't mind if people hate anime and all. I mean, I have friends who love watching sports, but I find it pretty boring since I don't understand anything that's going on I just don't want people to hate ANIME because of the ANIME FANS. I mean, those are two very different things here. Sure, the only cartoon I watch might just be adventure time, but it's pretty hard to fit in a lot of shows, when I already have a list - Eimi_i

it sucks

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2 Repetition

Half of this thing is dumb fanboys like "Oh, if you don't like anime, you probably never watched it! "

I've watched it before. I wanted to drop dead. I've tried to watch Death Note, Black Butler, Fairytale, and I couldn't get into any of them. The only one I mildly enjoyed was Pokemon because I watched it as a kid, but now I'm sure I won't like it that much.

If you like anime, then you should probably leave, and stop being a whiny bitch.

And for those of you who think just because I don't like anime, I don't like Japanese culture, you are probably I've ever met. I love Asian culture (preferably Chinese) and you have to realize there is SO much more to Japanese culture than bad anime.

Just because people like anime, doesn't mean you have to hate them. - TheRedstoneWiz

I don't mind repetition. Nearly all novels use the Hero's Journey (Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Divergent, Percy Jackson, The Mortal Instruments, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia) and most people love them! It's because of the basic structure that Shounen anime is so successful. One Piece and Naruto both has a main character who starts off near the very bottom and - because of their determination and grit - ends up becoming stronger and stronger, it actually teaches many people to keep on aspiring to become greater, and inspires them to go on even during hardships. Most popular anime uses this structure but they're still very different, with different character that has different personalities, different villains with different end goals, and different themes (dystopian, modern, etc.) - AlestAL357

I'm pretty sure your just saying all of this without watching any animes. You may have seen just two and than you make assumptions that anime sucks... - AliCatz615

Yeah, most of the points of this list are stereotypes and direct insults to anime fans, it's pretty hard to take it seriously. - Abraxas1

Fairytale. I died lmao!

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3 Unoriginal

Unoriginal, some yet cartoons are ripping off from each other left to right - rockcityboy

Unoriginal my foot Anime is very original unlike cartoons which was built on plagiarism go back and look at the Flintstones which is a ripoff of the Honeymooners in one episode of the Simpsons Rodger Myers even admitted that animation was built on Plagiarism.

I agree that some anime can be unoriginal, Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Bleach, they're all similar in some way but every anime is unique and most of them are EXTREMELY AWESOME. Although Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z are all unoriginal-ish, they're all AWESOME anime. Anime is way better than cartoons with annoying talking sponges, talking/singing chipmunks with annoying high-pitched voices, a family of yellow people, kids with sharp teeth and large-ish eyes that have been dipped in buckets of paint and a kid with a talking snake for his best friend.

Naruto one piece fairy tale and bleach are unique but no the characters because of their eating disorder - sadfag

There were some great original anime back then, and though they weren't entirely original (Dragon Ball/Z being based on a Chinese legend, Saint Seiya Greek Mythology, and Sailor Moon, Super Sentai), they were still awesome. Not the case now, it's mostly just ecchi, harem, and such, yadda yadda yadda.

And I disagree with the newest comment, there actually are lots of older anime that each have their own unique art style out there.

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4 Bad Writing

Alright. I'm going to assume that the person who created this list has never seen Hunter x Hunter or Fullmetal Alchemist or Soul Eater or a Assassination Classroom, because I can't imagine anyone watching or reading those series and getting the idea that all anime is badly written. It also depends on the definition of 'badly written.' If 'badly written' means that YOU don't like it, then I think that's a poor definition of the phrase. If 'badly written' means the characters aren't developed or the plot progression is poor, than yes, there are some anime that are poorly written. My example would be the second season of the popular Free! Series. Which is poorly written with lazy attempts at drawing emotion and unbelievable character actions (looking at you Sousuke). But there are many anime, including those mentioned above that feature brilliant characters as well as wonderful development and well-written stories. Heck, Soul Eater manages to get a legitimate emotional scene out of its ...more - Suzu-kun22

The writing is unique. I use the technique of the writing for my English class and it boosted my grade. Sure, there is profanity but it just helps the anime's setting give out the feels.

What? So you're English writing is all like: "We need to defeat our enemies! To do so, we need to train the power of THIS magic and go on a long journey."? - TheYoshiPyro64

Dude! All anime is not Pokemon!

I am so disgusted with the terrible writing that I am trying to make a comic of my own to just convince myself that good writing still exists in this world.

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5 Weeaboos and Otakus

If you describe yourself as either of these then you are the fundamental reason people think anime is a horrific subculture. You're ruining what could be a normal hobby for normal people and instead making up a whole subculture for it, when one already exists in Japan. The people that use these labels tend to make up their own meaning for these things even though they have extremely negative intentions in the culture they're trying to mimic.

These people are incredibly obsessed with anime. They label themselves as Japanese, strut into school dressed as anime characters, and give anime a bad reputation. I used to like anime a lot, but the weebs... Just stop.

Some of the people commenting are really proving your reason.

Half of these reasons are about the fandom. If you're gonna write about why something sucks, rant about that thing, not the fandom.

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6 Bad Animation

I am sorry but HOW CAN YOU SAY BAD ANIMATION that is just a single opinion did you ask any people you didn't know that if they thought they like anime animation or not because if you say you put other people's opinion in this I have to know that you are not personally close with them and know they don't like anime

So many anime fanboys who can't even comprehend the difference between drawing and animation. Drawing involves a still picture; animation involves movement. As far as animation in anime goes; it's pretty horrible. Just think about all the times when a character is talking and they shift to another character who's just standing there or the back of their heads just so they don't need to animate the mouths. Think of all the times when they pan over a still image of the scenery and it's just that, a still image; nothing's moving. Those pictures can be as detailed or pretty as they want (and even then, that's debatable as most characters are so indistinguishable from each other that they need outlandish hair to set them apart), but if the animation sucks, as is often the case in anime, you might as well be watching a slide show with an audio track over it.

Yeah I've noticed that in some anime. I don't like the way they animate the mouths. - AO1-H1KAR1

I really feel like all of these are so subjective to both the anime and the viewer. I agree, yes, there are MANY anime with bad animation. But this is such a generic thing! Anything can have bad animation. Any movie, T.V. show, video, from anywhere around the world can have bad animation. So if you're going to make a top ten list on why anime sucks (and trust me even as an anime fan I can think of ten reasons why they suck), can you at least make it good? - bananaphone

I sense that the animation is very crappy and that's why I felt racist to Asians before - Kevinsidis

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7 Hentai

I very much agree- hentai and anime are two very DIFFERENT things. Honestly, hentai is BETTER than porn- it's not the actual thing and feels less graphic.

It's like saying movies are bad because porn is bad, as the other user said. But everybody still watches movies. There's inappropriate content in movies and cartoons, as there can be in anime. So why does everyone only bash anime and mostly the only people bashing cartoons are anime fans? Manga is the book, and I'm willing to bet over half the teenage section at the library has more inappropriate content than the manga there. With all the describing of this or that or someone stupid love triangle or unrequited love that's exaggerated, you'd think the whole teenage section is trashy romance novels. I'm not saying this stuff doesn't happen, but not as often as those novels and it gives teenagers false hopes.

Anime and manga are no worse than American cartoons, movies, or teenage novels. Yes, I know some anime and manga ...more

Hentai and anime are not different things- hentai is a form of gross anime, just like porn is a form of gross movies. - SoldierOfFortune

I very much agree- hentai and anime are two very DIFFERENT things. Honestly, hentai is BETTER than porn- it's not the actual thing and feels less graphic.
It's like saying movies are bad because porn is bad, as the other user said. But everybody still watches movies. There's inappropriate content in movies and cartoons, as there can be in anime. So why does everyone only bash anime and mostly the only people bashing cartoons are anime fans? Manga is the book, and I'm willing to bet over half the teenage section at the library has more inappropriate content than the manga there. With all the describing of this or that or someone stupid love triangle or unrequited love that's exaggerated, you'd think the whole teenage section is trashy romance novels. I'm not saying this stuff doesn't happen, but not as often as those novels and it gives teenagers false hopes.
Anime and manga are no worse than American cartoons, movies, or teenage novels. Yes, I know some anime and manga are not ...more

How does hating hentai make someone a sore loser. It's just some weird fetish of animated naked women or men. How is his opinion lame. Is it because it's not the same as yours. That's what every other anime fan says to someone who doesn't like it. - YakkoWakkoDot

* the earth's water is being filled by vomit from me*

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8 Cliches

Oh as if western animations have no cliches

Well, I've seen a lot of western cartoons that are definitely inspiring and entertaining. a few can be excepted in animes. most are just unrealistic, overly cheesy romanticisms, or really weird, things shown like this common scene familiar in animes where a guy suddenly hits a wall or whatever when he's mad at some guy or girl's statement. I mean what the hell?! That's improper etiquette in the real world! And what's crappy is that, these kinds of things give the impression of coolness when they're really not. being a "loner", "mysterious", "clandestine", "elusive", and many more attributes that I've noticed are embodied in countless characters that are "supposed" to be viewed in a positive light create the impression that it's charming and cute and sweet and cool, when again, they're not- I mean in the anime world sort of way. many western cartoons, however unrealistic the storyline may seem, take a lot firmer and more effective grasp ...more

For all of the idiots saying that this guy is saying that anything and everything western has no faults- did you hear him say that!?!? No, he is stating the reasons why anime sucks, this in no way says that everything else is perfect. Sure cartoons and movies have cliches, but this is a list about ANIME'S faults, not anything else's

All the smaller animes I've seen all have taken place in a high school. All of them had cliche back stories, and all of the main characters were "Extremely Nerdy" Girls apparently NOBODY likes, except for that other nerdy boy nobody likes either. I mean, come on! A lot of Western Animations have that same story, but not as much as Anime does.

All the reasons in this list applies for ANY type of animation, such as simple cartoons, internet animation, etc

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9 Busty Girls Breasts Seem to Bounce a Lot

What do you say about comic books then? The girls in there are as disturbing. Most of them are sex object. They are much worse than anime girls.

Ok if you didn't notice my username, I'm an obvious huge anime fan. (for all you other anime people I hope you understand the reference) But I do have to admit, in some animes they exaggerate the size of girls breasts my a lot. They do often give male viewers fan service, but saying that, they do that for shirtless guys a lot as well. I do admit though, for some of the scenes when they intentionally exaggerate a guy's looks, I enjoy it. (*cough cough* Sebastian) I can see both sides of this argument, but not even I enjoyed the Sebastian sex scene with beast or with the girl at the church. I just think they take it too far often. - onehellofanotaku

I'm an anime fan for life, but I will admit that sometimes this can get over-used and sometimes it can be just ridiculous. If you have seen Dog and Scissors than you know that not all anime are like this. - llamabaconllama37

It�'s not only anime... there are many other stuff that show that too but ore some reason it seems as if it were only anime. I think that comicbooks do show girls like that, but I also feel like they cover them more... like their clothes cover more. As in anime, on the other hand, which just seemed to have the same style so badly that they ended up having tons of girls with miniskirts throughout the whole thing.

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10 Fan Service

I hate that they defend of and help them with nothing but anime I learned how to draw an anime eye id rather draw springtrap

The Newcomers

? It's Cheesy
? It's Cringeworthy

Honestly, this is what anime is to me nowadays and has always been. Sure there are some shows that I find kinda g... less cringe-worthy, but for the most part... ugh! I can't stand anime anymore! It's always so repetetive with it's writing and characters! Always so lazy with its animation! And... And... I can't find the right words to describe anima


Sure is, I mean elmo looks like a funny guy but anime characters look so plain and boring and don't look funny so they are less entertaining. I hate everything inbolved with anime exept for pokemon, it isn't that bad. Anime is cringe {Cringe bar 90000000000/10}

The Contenders

11 Bad Morals

Bad morals? What are you talking about? Most anime have great morals such as friendship for Fairy Tail. Sure, there are a few misleading ones but they aren't meant to be morals for reality such as Black Butler. You should look into anime more than its cover. Hey, you did say share my opinion.

No, friendship is for Thomas & Friends. Fairy Tail teaches you to believe in some kind of magic. - TheYoshiPyro64

I never said your opinions were garbage or that you were retarded. You don't me! Someone else said those things, I'm just saying that anime does have a few morals whereas cartoons just have episodes that generally make people laugh. Anime does have a little bit humour, but it mostly focuses on the plot. Since you seem to be the humour type of person, you must enjoy cartoons. Simple as that. You like cartoons, some people like anime. It's a deal. No more arguing.

I can't reply to certain comments on this, so I'm just going to type this instead. Last Airbender and Teen Titans are not anime. They have to be from Japan to be anime. It's infuriating to see that anime has spread from animation from Japan to being "about the characters."
Do you really think he's just trying to be cool by making this list? Do you really think he's trying to attack you? He's just speaking his opinion, just like you anime fans do.
Stop complaining about every reason on this list being bull. Almost every reason has things that support it, and things that go against it, just like everything else. Some anime DO have too many busty female characters. Some anime DO have bad writing and morals. Some anime DO have bad animation. Does every single one suffer from these? No. Does anime have problems. Yes. You know what else has problems? Everything. Everything has problems. Stop acting like anime is above everything else. It's not. When you act like it is, it's just ...more

Very bad morals indeed. - MagmaFox

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12 Anime Does Not Equal Japanese Culture

It kind of is because they have Japanese food, cultural activities and religious beliefs. it also gives people an idea what school is like in Japan. You may not think so, but they talk about school hours what classes are like and so on. You're just ignorant, because you watched like a couple of anime and just judging from experience. Also these reasons you got from the Facebook page right? Either you created that, or you have no life hating on anime.

So because it has their food and their activities and beliefs then it must equal there culture. What logic is that? Anime is not part of the Japanese culture. That's what this means. - YakkoWakkoDot

I guess studying Family guy and and the Simpsons (or any mainstream cartoon/sitcom) could give you a accurate depiction of the US. You get to see what they eat, drink, their work life, exec...

Anyone arguing that anime = Japenese culture is truly stuck in their safe space.

Anime sucks because it doesn't have ww2

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13 Boring

Again, NOT ALL! Yeah, there are a few boring ones but there are also a lot of entertaining ones too. Have a go at popular ones that are left with positive comments such as fairy tail, guilty crown, black rock shooter, and maybe even black butler. There are many anime out there that come with unique story lines. You just gotta sit down, be patient, and wait for the anime to reveal some true beauty

What the hell? Anime isn't just drama and romance. There's plenty of animes that are hilarious and entertaining! Also bad action? Have you watched Puella madoka magika? Have you seen black rock shooter or fairy tail? Animes come from all genres to romance to even horror! It's not just for emos or nerds. They aren't always dark and depressing. Some are downright funny, sporty or even dark. Maybe you're stereotypical or you just LOVE to hate because I've seen you write stuff on other lists like why anime is better than cartoons. You need to calm down right now. - Bellarina4life

What is wrong with you all, anime isn't boring, it's TOTALLY AWESOME! I mean like have you seen One Piece or Fairy Tail or Bleach or Naruto or Death Note or anything really - they're AWESOME! I have to say that not everything's awesome. I have to say that some anime do suck. School Days is a load, Puka is completely boring, Mars of Destruction was terrible. But there are PLENTY of awesome anime out there!

Fanboys there... - Flamer310

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14 Too Addictive

I'm a huge anime fan. I've watched lots of animes and I will admit that not all of them were the best. Although, going with this addictive thing, it's pretty true. Mostly the animes that aren't as good make you nonaddictive, so that basically tells you that it's not a good anime. Addiction really opens your eyes on whether the anime is good or not, because the more addicted you are, the better the anime is. But yet again, sometimes people can get a little too addicted, which causes a problem.

This is a good one!

If you can hate on anime to be so addictive, why don't you go hate on candy crush, piano tiles, clash of clans etc. to be so addictive to people? - Eimi_i

I agree. Those kind of games are actually DESIGNED to get people addicted to (insert game name here.). Anime doesn't try to do that. - FennikenFan9

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this a good think? - 906389

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15 Overprotective Fan Behaviour

Anime porn? Seriously? That's where this is going? As an anime fan I can guarantee you that not every anime has things like that. Other animes are more kinky than others, I get it, and I understand that SOME fans are overprotective. I may be overprotective, but I don't know. I won't call anime haters jerks or that their stupid or whatever, because maybe they just aren't attracted to it. But to the anime haters, if you decide to criticize anime fans, then anime fans will criticize you. Before you start calling us overprotective (but some of us are, maybe I am as well) you need to stop making fun of the people who like anime. We all have different taste. What goes around comes around

Frozen fans are even more over-protective.

It's not just anime or Frozen. Overprotective fans exist in ALL fandoms. - Tia-Harribel

Exactly, Frozen fans are WAY more overprotective

Its fine to be overprotective, I'm overprotective of Grand Theft Auto, as long as you don't insult the haters or their opinions it is fine. - AlphaQ

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16 Anime Girls Either Have Enormous Huge Boobs or They Are Completely Flat Chested

It's so unrealistic how every girl either is flat as a pancake or have these huge breasts bursting out of their shirts. It's like they think anime fans have fetishes for flat chests or huge beach-ball breasts. I find neither attractive, and most girls in real life do not look like that. Most girls have normal sized boobs, but if your an anime girl, be ready to either have a man chest, or skip around with huge bouncing breasts.

Let me tell you, I find neither attractive and both to be unrealistic. No girl naturally has boobs the size of volleyballs, it means you have fake boobs. No girl is completely flat chested like a guy, unless she actually was born a guy. I see this in every anime and they make it some big deal over being flat as a pancake or huge rack. The most attractive anime girls are the ones with normal chests.

Yep. - Flamer310

Yes, I choose this. because this is like seducing men in anime so,
"No to big boobs"
- Kaede Kayano, from anime Assassination Classroom

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17 No Personality

All anime characters have their own personality in case you couldn't figure that out.

There are a lot of personality in anime

You couldn't any more wrong anime characters have real emotions and personality that's more than I can say about some cartoon characters. - egnomac

EXCUSE me? EVERY character that at least have a SINGLE line in an anime HAS a personality.
If person A says: Can I have an apple please?
You can AT A MINIMUM derive that:
Person A likes apples/fruits because they asked for one
Person A is polite, because they said "please"
Even KIRITO from SWORD ART ONLINE has a PERSONALITY. You can at least tell that:
He's smart, because he can hack things
He likes gaming and is good at it, because he got and beat SAO and ALFheim
This is STUPID - AlestAL357

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18 Lolicon

I'm sorry, but how can we give any credit to an "art form" that encourages the sexualisation of young girls, and I am talking really young. Granted, in most anime it is just a cheeky bit of fan service for its creepy viewers, maybe a quick shot up their skirt, and the poking out of nipples through their school uniform, but this is still disgusting imagery. The main issue is that the anime world allows for the creation of hugely inappropriate animations of hard-core sex, in disturbing ways, as is customary in the anime world. Horny anime writers and animators use the excuse of not being able to prove the age of their characters to protect their vile fetishes from the law, and so continue to exploit their trade to produce thoroughly evil content.

Anime makes me sad

Welcome To Japan...

Ok this I can agree with, even though I am a huge otaku myself. - Absolite

19 Borderline Kiddy Porn

Not all anime is marketed to kids. - alphadan12

Foot fetish in anime sucks. - Neinwott

Seriously... Short ass skirts

is trumoo

20 Awful Designs

It's kind of sad how people base how great the anime is on design. For example, Code Geass R2. For me, honestly, the characters looked pretty weird, but the plot was outstanding. I guess it all depends on the person's taste. Some animes have really bad looking characters, but a really good plot, and some animes have really good looking characters, but a really bad plot. Sometimes everything is bad, and sometimes everything is good. It also depends on the anime you decide to watch.

Is there a difference between the "cursed Children" of Black Bullet and someone like Beast Boy? Don't get me wrong, I like Teen Titans (not that new crap), but look at Robin or Batman or Flash or Green Lantern or Hulk; must I continue? Also, I would like to clarify, that although they have made an anime for both Batman and Iron Man, they are not anime characters and will never be. - llamabaconllama37

Beast boy can transform freely and has self-control (I am thinking of the right one here... right? Correct me if I'm wrong), the cursed children has a virus in their body which can make them turn into a monster and probably not be able to control their mind (I don't know haven't watched this is a long time) if the virus percent is high enough. I haven't heard anyone say they were anime people... but technically they were the 'anime characters' for that piece of animation. But I get what you're saying. - Eimi_i

I don't think all designs are good or all designs are bad. But fans often care more about character design more than the actual character. This becomes a big problem when they like a character's design, and makes the character into something else entirely. AND THEN THEY DECIDE TO MAKE IT CANON. Remember what happened to Cloud Strife?

Designs aren't THAT bad. - AlphaQ

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