Top 10 Reasons Why ECW's December to Dismember PPV Sucked

December to Dismember was ECW's first Pay Per View since the revival by WWE and it was one of the worst WWE Pay Per Views of all time and its not hard to see why with terrible booking decisions a rushed together card this pay per view was so bad that ECW never got another solo Pay Per View in WWE again and here's why as I present to you the Top 10 Reasons Why ECW'S December to Dismember sucked.

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1 It Ruined Any Chance of ECW Having Another Pay Per View

Not surprisingly the pay per view bombed so hard that ECW never got another solo pay per view both Paul Heyman and Vince got into it with Vince putting the blame on Heyman for the pay per views failure despite the fact that is was Vince who wanted Lashley to win the ECW title in the first place. - egnomac

2 CM Punk Being the First Superstar Eliminated from the Elimination Chamber

It's a well known fact that Paul Heyman wanted CM Punk to win the elimination chamber match and the ECW title with the plan of having Punk and Big Show start the match and Punk eliminating Show early in the match and Big show was okay with the plan but of course Vince had the final say and wanted Bobby Lashley to win and just to stick it to Paul CM Punk was eliminated first. - egnomac

3 Bobby Lashley Winning The ECW Championship

Fans were not happy with Lashley winning the belt and who could blame it the problem with Lashley winning was the fact that he was shoe horned into the title picture and shoved down everyone's throats just like they're doing with Roman Reigns. - egnomac

4 The Hardy's vs MNM Being the Only Good Match on the Card
5 Most of the Card Was Nothing But Filler

The pay per view only had two featured matches and to just fill up the run time threw in a bunch of random superstars together and none of them were good. - egnomac

6 It was Rushed
7 Sabu Not Competing In the Elimination Chamber Match

In the story line Sabu gets attacked in the back and is unable to compete in the elimination chamber and was stretchered into an ambulance now I call BS on this as we've all seen Sabu in the past suffer worst injuries including when he tore his bicep muscle during a barbed wire match with Terry Funk and taped it up and finished the match another he literally broke his jaw and still finished the match. - egnomac

8 CM Punk and Rob Van Dam Being Eliminated Early
9 It Featured One of the Worst Elimination Chamber Matches in History
10 Hardcore Holly replaces Ssbu at the last moment

The Contenders

11 The Burial of the ECW Originals

Nearly every ECW original superstar except for Ball Mahoney got buried in their match. - egnomac

12 Daivari pins Tommy Dreamer
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