Top 10 Reasons Why Family Guy Has Gone Downhill

Family Guy used to be good but over time it slowly got worse. The characters devolved terribly and the writing became atrocious. Here's reasons why it went downhill.

The Top Ten

1 There's no more original ideas for the show
2 The humor's gotten terrible
3 It has gotten too bland and dull
4 The over reliance of cutaway gags
5 It's politically biased nowadays
6 The annoying Meg abuse
7 The writing's gotten worse

The plot lines in the newer episodes are really weak. The episodes rely only on old pop culture references and not present pop culture references and interesting plot lines

8 Unlikable characters
9 Over reliance on shock humor
10 It makes every character that we used to love unlikable these days

Peter is a retarded psycho, Brian is an annoying atheist, Lois is a cheater and Quagmire is a rapist nowadays.

The Contenders

11 Brian griffin's death was turned into a joke

Woah Woah Woah Woah Woah...Woah! Brian Griffin is not a prick, he's not good, but he's not as bad as Peter, Lois, Chris, Joe, Quagmire, and Stewie! People should feel bad for him and Meg, not hating him and Meg! - Gehenna

Brian Griffin was a liberal prick and he deserved to die! And now its time for Family Guy to be cancelled!
Family Guy is a πŸ’©and will πŸ"šπŸ"œ.

12 It relies on too much toilet humour

Peter barley does anything else other than farts - TheAnusJam

13 Too many character flanderizations
14 The real life songs are the only good part now
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