Top Ten Reasons Why It Is Getting Harder to Make TheTopTens Lists


The Top Ten

1 You feel like every idea is out there

Not all ideas are taken. I think it's easy to make an animal list because there aren't enough of them so lots of ideas are still out there. I think animal lists are underrated and music lists are a bit overrated

I am running out of ideas for making top ten lists. All the good ones are taken. - cosmo

Yes, I couldn't make even ONE Pokemon list! - Animefan12

Just make a random comparison list! Like Top Ten Reasons Why is Better Than Ladders! (by the way, you can use that idea if you want, it wasn't just an example.) - BlueTopazIceVanilla

2 Your idea is bad

It seems like lists about comparing stuff receives negative reviews from many users. But I'd like to make this trend even more popular.

Like writing good stuff about Clarence. Clarence is awful. - Therandom

3 You ideas are pointless

Yes, it also happened to me - Animefan12

4 Your ideas make no sense
5 Admin sometimes doesn't approve your list

This has happened to probably everyone at one point. - Minecraftcrazy530

He does that for me and its appropriate. - Therandom

That happens to me sometimes - Animefan12

6 Your idea is inappropriate
7 Thinking of a list gives you headaches
8 Thinking of new lists bores you
9 You would match rather write blog posts
10 Your ideas are evil

Some ideas are evil. - Therandom

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11 Not enough crazy comparisons
12 You have to sign in to add a list
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