Top Ten Reasons Why the List "Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Better Than Gravity Falls" Is Wrong

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1 It's comparing a singer to a cartoon character

No one has seen Dipper in real life. There is no way to know which one it hotter. But who cares anyway? It's sad that girls like these actually thing life is based around having a hot boyfriend.

I don't understand why people make those kind of lists? - nintendofan126

(UPDATE: Oh god my 13 year old self has come back to haunt me at that penultimate sentence. No 13 year old me, the end of the world is NOT better than Bieber, why would you say something like that? ) Why the hell would somebody EVER say that Bieber is better than Gravity Falls. Heck the end of the world is better than Bieber in my honest opinion. ANYTHING is better than Bieber. #Number 1 Non-beliber. - Anonymousxcxc

I really don't understand the logic behind these lists. - naFrovivuS

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2 It states that nobody likes Gravity Falls

There are Gravity Falls videos with millions of views, the creator has 84000 followers on Twitter alone, and Gravity Falls is considered the best Disney Channel show of all time. Just check the ratings on IMDB. Keep talking.

Gravity falls is the only good show left on Disney. - nintendofan126

A lot of people like Gravity Falls. - cosmo

That's ridiculous. Gravity Falls is the best Disney Channel cartoon. Other Disney Channel cartoons are kinda trash. - Flamer310

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3 Dipper doesn't have to sing to be a liked character

The lamby lamby song is way more listenable than baby

I hate that list. Dipper doesn't need to sing but he has a better personality. Justin is annoying and he spitted his fans

That list (Reasons Why JB Is Better Than Gravity Falls) is terrible it needs to die - TheKirbyCreeper999

Lamby song is the best, waay better than Baby. - PeeledBanana

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4 Gravity Falls did not rip off Justin Bieber

How does a cartoon even rip off a singer?

Yes, because when Justin Bieber was 12 years old, he and his twin sister went to Oregon to stay with his great uncle. Obviously,

If anything they ripped off of weird mysteries and horror stories. - AnonymousChick

How is this even possible? I can guarantee you that Gravity Falls is original and unique.

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5 The reasons are stupid

I felt inclined to make a similar list, but oh my goodness the stupidity expressed on that list... I may have to punch a wall... - keycha1n

Saying Justin Beiber is better than Gravity Falls is like saying Adolf Hitler is nicer than Martin Luther King Jr.

I agree with this list. - Delgia2k

Jbl is stupif

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6 The show is not for babies

"Hot Belgian waffles! Wait, I'm alone, I can swear for real! SON OF A-".

Some kids show! - keycha1n

She clearly hasn't watched the show.

Gravity Falls is not for babies. - cosmo

Because babies wouldn't understand the logic of magical beings. Leave them with Dora! - naFrovivuS

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7 It states that mysteries are boring

That's just an opinion, but mysteries show the world to stop being so ignorant and arrogant and they show people that solving a mystery could lead to big things. Oh wait... now I see why she thinks mysteries are boring.

You know what's boring Justin Beiber's music not mysteries.

Mysteries are interesting. How are they boring? - cosmo

It's a mystery why Justin Bieber was ever famous to begin with.

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8 It states that more people like Justin when it's obvious that people don't

More people actually like Gravity Falls, well on TheTopTens at least. - EpicJake

Justin Beiber is not popular anymore. So eat that!

No one likes him! That chick must be delusional.

This should be #1. - AnnaOfArendelle332

9 It's biased

Some 11 year old fangirl probably started this rumor

It's a JB fan girl who has never watched Gravity Falls DUH its biased

It is not biased

10 It's a pointless and random comparison

I know it's ridiculous. I bet everybody fifty bucks Justin doesn't even know what Gravity Falls is.

Justin Bieber and Gravity Falls have nothing to do with each other. - EpicJake

Yes it's pointless, but that doesn't give you the grounds to call it a "wrong list" or a false list.

It's like comparing a boulder to Homer Simpson. - naFrovivuS

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11 There are more Bill fangirls then there are Bieber ones

Chicks dig psychopathic Doritos. - lavashooter

And Bieber fangirls are crazy in a bad way.

I'm a big girlfriend fan but I really think the girls that do the shipping are crazy in a bad way as well - AnonymousDude

Don't you all agree?

Quality over quantity, thanks. - Extractinator04

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12 It States The Show Is For Babies, Then States It's Not "Kid-Friendly"

Gravity Falls is NOT for babies. Heck, I watch it and I'm a teen! It has a lot of stuff only older kids and adults will get. Plus, JB is horrible!

Ohh the irony. These Beliebers suck at lists.

Now that is the confusion - BorisRule

Also, I saw a list called Top a Ten Reasons Why the Duke of WESELTON is the Best Male Character in Frozen, and it said the duke was a better villain than Hans, and later, that he was nicer.
What the heck?

13 Gravity Falls is the best Disney XD show ever made


Agreed - PeeledBanana

Yeah boys! - LIGHTIFIC_05

14 Waddles's voice is much better than Justin's

Smart Waddles sounds like God. enough said.

I rather buy a 70 min. Album waddle Oinking ( which doesn't exist ) than a second of JB

Yeah! Waddles is smarter than TRASHY-BIEBER! - LIGHTIFIC_05

Definitely! - ellen791623

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15 Mabel is way more likeable than Bieber

Mabel is more likeable than everyone

Everyone is more likeable than Justin Bieber

I think Mabel, Buster from Tiny Toons, Homer Simpson, Skunk from Skunk Fu, Cuddles from HTF, everyone in South Park, and SpongeBob are way more likeable than anyone

Hear hear

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16 Soos isn't fat, he's big boned

This reason is politically correct. He is fat. But because a character's fat doesn't mean you should hate them.

Even still, why does it matter?


Soos is awesome - PeeledBanana

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17 The mystery behind it is very deep and intense. If anything, the show should get praise for it.

I mean, sure, the show has stereotypical romantic tones, but Beiber explains love in the most disliked song in the history of music. look it up if you don't believe me!

Yeah, whoever made the other list needs to see the episode not what he seems.

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18 Gravity Falls is created by talented people while Justin Bieber is talentless

We get it, whoever created the original list just smoked weed. - DynastiNoble

Alex Hirsch > Justin Bieber


You're right. Dustbin Beaver is 100000000% talentless. While Gravity Falls creators are talentful. - PeeledBanana

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19 It states that Gravity Falls has too much "romance drama".

It says Gravity Falls has too much romance drama, but when you think about the Justin Bieber fangirls, there's more drama with them than anything else on earth.

Who cares. Romance and Dramas that gives you lessons like, "You can't force someone to love you." and "Whatever happens in the future, we'll do it together." - LIGHTIFIC_05

That's what every single JB song is about, but girlfriend does it good - AnonymousDude

20 Gravity Falls tries to teach a few good life lessons, while Justin Bieber doesn't
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1. It's comparing a singer to a cartoon character
2. It states that nobody likes Gravity Falls
3. Dipper doesn't have to sing to be a liked character
1. It's comparing a singer to a cartoon character
2. Gravity Falls did not rip off Justin Bieber
3. The reasons are stupid
1. Dipper doesn't have to sing to be a liked character
2. It states that nobody likes Gravity Falls
3. It's comparing a singer to a cartoon character

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