Top Ten Reasons Why Mario Is Awesome

The Top Ten

1 He Has Special Powers

There are countless powers mario has. including awesomeness!


2 He's Awesome

Dude I really think this should’ve been He has the most successful franchises

Mario is the best Video Game In the whole unvirse

Mario Is Awesome Because He's Awesome? I Don't Get It. That Doesn't Even Count As A Reason.


3 He Saved an Entire Universe

Shut up Mario hater he and Luigi saved the universe... twice

Luigi save the entire universe not Mario! Mario is evil!

4 He's Smart

Mario is so smart! he has really good ideas, and no idea is wrong I think he is smarter than dr eegman!

5 He is the Best to Play As
6 He's Cool
7 His Classic Games

The average rating I give a classic Mario game is a 4/5. The average rating I give a modern Mario game is a 3/5.

I love all of Mario's old games, especially Super Mario 64 on the N64. I would give the original Super Mario 64 (not the DS version) a 9.7! Best Mario game ever if not counting crossovers!

I love both classic Mario and modern Mario as wellnas modern Mario! - HeavyDonkeyKong


8 He's Funny
9 He's Speedy

Sonic is faster but Mario is still more awesome

10 He's Strong

The Contenders

11 He is Much Better Than Sonic

Its an opinion not a fact - Hummingbirdf

I hate sonic so much

Sonic is ugly and his fans are annoying

So true

12 He Knows What to Do
13 Super Mario 64 (The Original N64 Classic)

Why does this classic get so much hate nowadays?

This should be top 1. This game gets 1000000000000000000/10 stars.

14 He's Silly
15 His Italian Accent
16 He's Weird
17 It's Me Mario!
18 He's Strange
19 He's Fat

He eats mushrooms and spaghetti and hasn't gained weight. That is kinda magical and cool though!

Because of that fact that doesn't mean Mario is slim; Luigi is very skinny and can jump higher than the red Italian. That means Mario is nor overweight or slim. In fact obviously that means Mario is Normal size. Fun fact: in Mario Kart 7, Mario is classified as a normal-size character.


20 Despite Being Italian-American, Mario Strongly Represents the Western Canadians

This is due to why he wears red, but that also makes him more Russian. Check out Game Theory.

21 He Has a Mad Crush on Crossover Females


22 The Super Mario Land Franchise
23 He is Very Great to Play
24 He Could Get Back to TV Series
25 Most of His Games are Perfect

I beg to differ. Have you ever heard of Hotel Mario? Hell no! Most Mario games are great, but I wouldn't say any are near perfect. Most Mario games have bland storylines and are mainly loved for their fun gameplay, loveable characters, and relaxing music, not story. And a truly perfect or near perfect game needs a good balance of all 4 things, something the Mario series just can't deliver. Don't get me wrong, because I love Mario, but his games are hardly perfect.

Nope - Hummingbirdf

26 Mario Can Dance Like Michael Jackson
27 The Old Super Mario Games
28 Mario Helped Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Pauline, Honey Queen, Toadette and All the Other Good Ladies
29 He Gets Picked on by Luigi Fans
30 He’s Very Creative and Very Original

His game stories are unoriginal and repetitive - Hummingbirdf

I love Mario!

31 He’s Not a Big Copycat
32 He’s Nice, Brave, and Caring
33 He Always Saves His Friends and Doesn’t Complain at All
34 He Always Allows Others to Have the Spotlight

Like Luigi playing a major role in Dream Team Bros.

35 His Power Ups, Supporting Characters, and Abilities are Unique and Awesome
36 He Doesn’t Rip Off Other Games
37 He’s Always Open to New Things and New People
38 His Lines are Always to the Point and are Never Stupid or Cheesy
39 He Doesn’t Care About the Fame or Getting Girls
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