Top Ten Reasons Why the New My Little Pony Sucks

I am talking about mlp season 4 - 6 I only saw a few episodes of my little pony I'm not a fan though

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1 The Fact That Starlight Glimmer Joined the Mane 6

She did? She's a main character now? COME ON. She was good, but really?... - RiverClanRocks

I Love Starlight But I Want The Old Mane 6 Back. :'(

2 The CMC Got Their Cutie Marks
3 Twilight is an Alicorn

Since she completed all of her tasks that's why she became an alicorn - Neonco31


4 Every Episode is About Twilight Sparkle

It's ALL abaut her! Ugh! She is just sooo booring..
Show more flutershy or pinkie or apple jack or anithing but not her! please...

5 Twilight Got Her Kingdom
6 The Equestria Girls Movie Ruined It
7 There Are 3 Movies

*update there are 4 movies - pupcatdog

8 Starlight Glimmer is Ugly

At least she's still better than other characters in the show - Neonco31

9 Every Episode is the Same
10 Weird New Characters

All the new characters look like they have some sort of bone disease. - pupcatdog

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11 Rainbow Dash is Arrogant As Heck

I really wish she had a nicer personality, or was the leader of the group, instead of being arrogant and hot headed. I like tomboys and I am really sick of the stereotype of the tomboyish girl character being the mean/arrogant one of the bunch.

Definitely agree, Rainbow Dash gets so annoying when she does this. I don't know how so many people like her?

She's even more arrogant than she was before. - Croy987

Well, her recent episodes are actually kinda good for her - Neonco31

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12 Bronies
13 Twilight's New Castle
14 Fluttershy Is Now a Full On Scary Cat
15 Horrible Animation
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1. Bronies
2. Every Episode is About Twilight Sparkle
3. Every Episode is the Same
1. The Fact That Starlight Glimmer Joined the Mane 6
2. The CMC Got Their Cutie Marks
3. Twilight is an Alicorn



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