Top Ten Reasons Why the New My Little Pony Sucks

I am talking about mlp season 4 - 6 I only saw a few episodes of my little pony I'm not a fan though

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1 The Fact That Starlight Glimmer Joined the Mane 6

She did? She's a main character now? COME ON. She was good, but really?... - RiverClanRocks

I Love Starlight But I Want The Old Mane 6 Back. :'(

Shes the main character of Season 6 finale. - WorldPuncher47592834

And She stole Sunset's chance to get back.

2 The CMC Got Their Cutie Marks

That's an accomplishment but who cares - WorldPuncher47592834

3 Twilight is an Alicorn

Since she completed all of her tasks that's why she became an alicorn - Neonco31

And her personality becomes more boring, hypocrite, prejudicious and smug. Yeah the "Princess of Friendship", or the better title for a fake fraudulent character "The Princess Of Hypocrisy".


4 Every Episode is About Twilight Sparkle

Except Season 6 Finale - WorldPuncher47592834

It's ALL abaut her! Ugh! She is just sooo booring..
Show more flutershy or pinkie or apple jack or anithing but not her! please...

5 Twilight Got Her Kingdom

Why she deserve it? She doesn't treat her friends well.

6 The Equestria Girls Movie Ruined It

It's my little pony not my little human

7 There Are 3 Movies

*update there are 4 movies - pupcatdog

Makes that 5

8 Starlight Glimmer is Ugly

At least she's still better than other characters in the show - Neonco31

9 Weird New Characters

All the new characters look like they have some sort of bone disease. - pupcatdog

I hate Baby Flurry Heart!

I hate Diamond Tiara!

Tempest Shadow, Starlight Glimmer, and Cozy Glow suck. None of the Student Six are appealing or interesting either. - SailorSedna

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10 Bronies Bronies


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11 Every Episode is the Same

I hope it gets cancelled in the future.

The finales and premieres - WorldPuncher47592834

12 Rainbow Dash is Arrogant As Heck

I really wish she had a nicer personality, or was the leader of the group, instead of being arrogant and hot headed. I like tomboys and I am really sick of the stereotype of the tomboyish girl character being the mean/arrogant one of the bunch.

Definitely agree, Rainbow Dash gets so annoying when she does this. I don't know how so many people like her?

She's even more arrogant than she was before. - Croy987

Well, her recent episodes are actually kinda good for her - Neonco31

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13 Horrible Animation

The animation really has gotten progressively worse starting with season 5...

14 Twilight's New Castle
15 Fluttershy Is Now a Full On Scary Cat
16 The Changelings Got a Rushed, Forced, Undeserved Redemption/Reformation

I actually thought season 4 was good, but season 5 got bad. I tried to give it a chance after that, but then they pulled this crap at the end of season 6 and it was official the show had gone down the toilet. There's NO reason why these villains needed to get this reformation without punishment after all the crap they pulled! - SailorSedna

17 All the ponies are jerks

The old MLP get along so well but the new one doesn't.

18 It's Annoying
19 Pinkie Pie is the worst pony ever
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1. The Fact That Starlight Glimmer Joined the Mane 6
2. The CMC Got Their Cutie Marks
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