Reasons Why the Nintendo 64 Is Better Than PlayStation One

I'm a Nintendo Fan and N64 is better than PS1!
Here are the reasons why!
IDC if someone say PS1 is better!

The Top Ten Reasons Why the Nintendo 64 Is Better Than PlayStation One

1 Better Games

Hands down this true, and no one better not agree with me, or I will expose you

It Depends - VideoGamefan5

2 Better Graphics

Graphics Are Both Equal To Me - VideoGamefan5

3 Can Play Up to Four Players

True - VideoGamefan5

Yea and in ps1 u have to use a multitap

4 No Memory Card Required

Not true for a few games like Mystical Ninja, and Blast Corps

5 Better Controller

I really love the N64 Controller

Ehh... I Somehow Disagree, The N64 Controller Espically The Circle Pad Where Your Thumb Was Hurt Like In Mario Party 1, 2, and 3 - VideoGamefan5

Nintendo admitted that they should've included sport gloves from the start. - Kid_ethinederland

6 Better Character Design
7 It's Faster
8 It Lasts Longer
9 Some of the Most Memorable Platformers of All Time!

Banjo Kazooie's fun story. Mario 64's groundbreaking design. Rayman 2:The Great Escape's nonstop fun. Donkey Kong 64's addictive object-collecting gameplay. Conker's Bad Fur Day's outrageous humor and movie parodies. Keep in mind, it's all on the 64!

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