Reasons Why Older TheTopTens Visitors Are Better Than New Visitors


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1 Older visitors actually made good points

We need to get back to the old days where everyone had an education on this sites.

They knew what they were talking about. - Therandom

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2 New visitors post idiotic comments

I have, but I'm trying to delete them. - Powerfulgirl10

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3 New visitors post pointless comments
4 Old let visitors were less troll like

To me, some of these new visitors could be possibly trolls. They keep making ridiculous comparison lists so they can drive us insane, I guess... But that's what I'm thinking. - Delgia2k

I'm old to this site and I'm not a troll

5 New visitors are just users hiding themselves

I hate this reason

That's my problems on those jerks. how dare they pretend as ghosts so they could bash comments on users and get away with it! they're so not getting away

What the...? - Powerfulgirl10

6 New visitors make offensive or stupid lists

I know right, like "Reasons To hate Boys" list and... I'm sure there are a lot of stupid lists. - Delgia2k

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7 Old visitors could make you laugh

I was a visitor for a year before I got an account and I agree their used to be some funny stuff. - ToptenPizza

I know right I miss the old days even tough my list were horrible back in the day. - CerealGuy

I make funny comments on humour lists

8 Old visitors made good lists

I made a list of top ten bands whose hits are not their best a few months ago and it was pretty successful.

9 Old visitors made good posts

Some butthurt visitor is giving me thumbs down for all my comments. I don't really care, just proves how butthurt they are. - Therandom

10 Old visitors are nicer

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11 New visitors are moronic

There's this visitor who hates The Lion King, and thinks it's the worst thing ever, and when I said I liked it, he called me a pathetic retard and that no one liked me.

There is a visitor who called me immature brat and hypersensitive which is really mean and bully me. That the reason why I hate visitors - ChatNoirFan18

Some trolled a list about me, and another said I should get cancer. >:( - Powerfulgirl10

12 New visitors bully bronies
13 New visitors are bratty
14 New visitors add idea abuses of TV show episodes.
15 New visitors cannot type a coherent sentence
16 New visitors do not know what grammar is
17 New visitors troll/make troll list

They do have you seen there list - kosdff

18 New visitors are bullies
19 Old visitors are cool
20 New visitors obsess over K-Pop

"dfjbhkljdwhfewbvrbnvilewi" - every stupid annoying Kpop fan - SteelCity99

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1. Old visitors are nicer
2. Older visitors actually made good points
3. New visitors post pointless comments
1. Older visitors actually made good points
2. New visitors post idiotic comments
3. New visitors post pointless comments



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