Top Ten Reasons Why Paper Mario Sticker Star Was a Letdown

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21 Wario and Waluigi's Absence

Yeah I wanna see Wario again. - DCfnaf

They weren't in any other paper mario either...

22 The Art Style

I hated Peach's new hair design in this game and her hair is the same thing as TTYD. Things are going backwards, Peach was a lot better in Super Paper Mario - bugger

23 The Navigation


24 Bowser was the final boss again
25 Easter Egg

In the shy guy jungle or whatever there is a note from goombella, could she be dead or something, I hope not

26 Princess Daisy & Rosalina Weren't In This Game

Yeah, I guess they should've been in it. - DCfnaf

27 Princess Peach's Voice

She doesn't even have a voice in this game! You idiots! - TheYoshiOverlord

She nevers does that voice -.-

28 Not a Crossover V 1 Comment
29 Decalburg

Really? What a excuse?

30 No Interesting Characters

Literally 90% of the characters in this game are toads and shy guys. While I like those 2 species, I want to see interesting characters like in the previous games.

31 Overabundance of Sticker-Themed Assets

I mean sure, the thing stickers were a bit creative, but the reason we liked the first 3 paper marios weren't because they were "paper" mario, it's because they were "mario's story". The whole sticker concept makes the entire game seem childish. Sure, TTYD had those paper transformations, but the game wasn't built around them. They were just small gimmicks. I know Intelligent Systems can still make good rpgs; just look at the Fire Emblem series. I hope Miyamoto doesn't tamper with the series again.

32 It's very overrated

The comment section of PhantomStrider's list of worst Mario games was rigged with "Paper Mario: Sticker Star is great! " when it is the only Mario RPG that does not deserve any praise.

33 You can skip battles
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