Top Ten Reasons Why the "Top Ten Reasons Not to Get a Job" List Is Wrong


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1 You need a job for making money

No, there are other ways to make money. You can build a high-traffic website, start a business (this means you're self-employed, and you don't have an employee's job) or make money out of blogging. Those methods may be risky, but they still prove that you can't just earn money from getting a job.

This list is making me laugh my arse off! You fed the troll so bad! Hahaaa!

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2 Some jobs can be awesome

And being happily unemployed while getting money is even more awesome!

Yo, me, the ass man has the best job in the world: working at the bar!

Hey, being a game creator/YouTuber ( if it is an actual job) would be really awesome!

3 The list insulted people with jobs

Not having a job doesn't make you a badass, it just makes you look insecure and causes you to not have enough money to always do what you want. - Songsta41

4 It called corporations evil

There are evil corporations. Don't deny that.

Alright, who the hell made this list?! - KoolGuy2218

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5 You can thank your parents for raising you by getting a job and work hard
6 You only live once, but you might live horribly without a job

I agree with the first part, but you don't need money to be happy. - ARandomPerson

7 The list said that there's better ways to earn money than doing a job

I think this refers to sites paying you money per month. Well, I don't intend to feed the troll.

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8 You obviously don't want to die poor and useless for the world
9 You might become rich if you get a job

You might also get rich by doing otherwise.

10 You might become famous if you get a job

If you get a job as a singer or a movie star and other jobs like than,you might be famous if you work well! - SamuiNeko

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