Top 10 Reasons Why Robin from Teen Titans Go is Better Than Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica


The Top Ten

1 Robin is smarter

Why are you comparing saying that something bad is bettter than something good teen titans go looks terrible, and has unlikable characters, no story and a million and 1 butt jokes why pmmm is the exact opposite it looks good has likable characters and has an actual story and best of all no butt jokes I can't beileve anyone would think that teen titans go the show that ruined the franchise is better than pmmm which is possible one of the greatest magical girls animes of all time

2 Robin is a better leader

Once again this list is POINTLESS! - Neonco31

Since when was Madoka supposed to be a leader? - Rue

I pretty sure there is no leader in pmmm

3 Madoka is pointless
4 Madoka's transformation is barely seen


5 Robin is more responsible
6 Madoka is a damsel in distress
7 Robin has an actual love intrest

TTG Starfire broke up with him so yeah TTG is a lesser version of the original 2003 one.

8 Madoka is stupid
9 Robin has a better story
10 Madoka does nothing while witnessing a death

Have you noticed that Homura is constantly preventing her from becoming a magical girl and fight with the other Magical Girls? Literally the center basis of the whole plot? - Rue

The Contenders

11 Madoka Never transformed until the end of the series
12 Madoka is a crybaby

Like Robin cries less than her.

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