Top Ten Reasons Why Sega Is Better Than Nintendo

If you are a Nintendo fan then this list is not for you. This is a warning to all Nintendo fans. If you put negative comments here because you are a Nintendo fan Or etc. Then you have lost your rights to judge me and this list. Enjoy.
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Sega made disc made games first

I get the point you're making with the whole "if you have nothing nice to say then don't say it", but why have we lost the rights to judge your list? That makes no sense. You, I won't judge, but the list.

Also, why would that matter? If a Disc gets to many scratches, it will become unreadable and you need to either buy a new one or play another game.

That is not a good reason why SEGA would be better than Nintendo. I LOVE SEGA more than Nintendo but that is not a goog reason. Just say you like the Consoles better.

I know that the 32X suck but it proves that Sega made disc made games before Nintendo can. Those "things" that the SNES use is old school now.

Sega made the next generation console as a plugin for the Sega Genesis, and it was a Sega CD. It's system features are featured in the PlayStation, a 32-bit console.

Sega have better consoles than Nintendo

This list is stupid. Just a Sega fan thinking that Sega is the best. That was the old days. The Bayonetta series is fine but some of Sega mascot are falling anyway.

Sega sucks regardless. Nintendo is still better than Sega even in the old days

I agree. They have a goods console at time with some more powerful than Nintendo, (Dreamcast vs. N64) but some more limited then Nintendo (Genesis vs. SNES).

No. The Nintendo consoles were more powerful than the Sega consoles

Sega Dreamcast, Sega Satern, Sega Genesis, and Sega Game Gear are all better than Nintendo consoles. Then Sega stop making console... sigh..

Sega may not have good consoles but personally I like Microsoft and Sega better than Nintendo.

Sega has better music

There's not many valid points made in this comparison list, but dang, the music in their games slap. Obviously, they're not as iconic as the stuff Nintendo has, but does it really have to be?

You mean the crappy, annoying Sega Genesis noise that was is most of there games?

Looks like you've only played games that use the GEMS sound driver or some other sound driver developed in the West.

That's true except for the hyper sonic theme.

I think sonic has the best music in sega

Sega worked with Capcom

When SEGA worked with Capcom, they were supposed to make a Super Monkey Ball & Mega Man crossover, not the unreasonable Sonic & Mega Man crap which they should stop after Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Unite & switch to Sonic & Pac-Man.

Wait, whaaat? Sega making with Capcom? Could be a...
Sonic and Megaman crossover, or Mega Man: The Wily Wars, available for the Sega Genesis (Sega Channel in USA) in 1993.

Call it stupid all you want but Sonic & Mega Man comic are better than Mario and Sonic st the stupid Olympics games.

Sonic does not deserve a crossover with Mega Man unless if they include Mario and Pac-Man.

Sega should work with Namco. Please? Sonic & Mega Man are awful!

Sega has better TV shows

That's wrong have people forgot about Pokemon I mean it's on its 18 season

Super Mario Bros Super Show, Kirby Right Back at Ya, Pokémon, Super Mario World ( T.V. series), The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3, Donkey Kong Country, The Legend of Zelda

That's mostly true unless you count sonic X and sonic underground.

Minus Sonic X, Sega made better cartoons and still is today.

Wrong. Nintendo made better cartoons and still is today. Facts

Sega has more fans

I'm gonna be honest I think they both have the same amount of fans because of all kinds of crossovers and one showing up in another's game. Like sonic in super Mario maker or the hidden lucky block in one of the sonic games.

Nah. Nintendo has way more fans and they are a lot more tame than Sega fans.

Is this a joke? , I hope it is, You can't tell me you think Sega has more fans than Nintendo when nintendo is coming out with some games everyone loves and what is sega giving us? , anime games?

What there is almost 200 million Nintendo fans while sega has only around I don't know 80 million. What will get more fans Nintendo (created in 1889) or Sega (created in 1960)

I think that Nintendo has more fans. It's more relevant than Sega and is still making cool games people buy. I don't even remember the most recent sonic game...

Sega has better characters

I'm assuming that the person who made this list probably lives in 1992. That's when SEGA was HUGE. Sure they came back with amazingly made Sonic Mania but then they ruined it with Sonic Forces.

Amy Rose is not one of them. But (all the members of) Team Sonic, Super Monkey Ball (excluding MeeMee and Baby) & Blaze the Cat are examples of the best SEGA characters ever.

Sonic is better than Mario because he's incredibly fast, adventurous, and the out-of-the-trouble attitude.

Alex Kidd is mechanical and awesome. Sonic is more awesome.

Sega games are not as childish

Sega doesn't create lots of childish games (after Sonic and Knuckles) but they're awesome. I DON'T CARE!

Nintendo's games aren't childish. They're for everyone to play and they're not sexually inappropriate like Beyonetta.

Sega may had made a few games for little kids but they also made badass games too for teens

Guy at the bottom said remember shadow the hedgehog. That video game spinoff sucked

Sega does what Nintendon't!

Yeah like not make you go through 8 different worlds to beat something or make a character That makes everyone want to sell all Nintendo games that they have like TOAD! Oh and also sonic has better cutscenes and harder levels and acually has better animations and better graphics.

You're saying that Sonic Forces has better graphics than Breath of the Wild? I can't believe this world anymore.

That is true if you want to say that Nintendo doesn't make 6/10 games all the time, that Nintendo didn't ruin their franchises, that Nintendo didn't go bankrupt and much more.

Which includes but is not limited to going bankrupt, having their main staple series go downhill, leave the console market, etc.

Sega makes rapid games like Sonic 1 and Streets of Rage in 1991. Here's something, we've found the death of Courageous Caitie this April, 2016 due to leukemia. If Nintendo makes that death penalty, I'll make them pay for JayJay and Feliz Lucas.

Princess Peach sucks

To be frank, Modern Amy Rose sucks as much as Princess Pooch Toiletstool. They are very similar to each other. One thing is that they have a slight amount of major, redeemable aspects such as they are actually strong.

Zelda is better than any Mario princess because she can fight, shoot a bow and arrow, and gives you tons of cool items like light arrows and ocarinas.

Amy can save herself (since Sonic Adventure) and doesn't need to be saved always. She is captured sometimes.

Yeah, I'd rather have Amy Rose live with me for all eternity then spend a week with peach.

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Sega worked with Platinum Games to create Bayonetta

Bayonetta was made by Platinum Games and Sega helped them, but do you think that Bayonetta II was made by Nintendo. Does Platinum knows it?

Good job SEGA. You've created a sexually inappropriate video game for the world!

The irony is strong with this one
bayonetta 2 is nintendo exclusive

Rated m for mature dummies

Sega has Shadow the Hedgehog

All shadow fans please raise your hand! (raises hand)

This should be number one.
:raises hand:

Raises hand ( huge shadow fan)

*partially raises his hand*

Nintendo is red and Sega is blue. Blue is better than red

Who made this list, desperate fanboys trying to prove that Sega is better than Nintendo?

That almost like Bloods and Crips. The two colors are equally good.

The first set a logo was red this list is stupid

So people are color racist now wow

SEGA doesn't ban fan made stuff the way Nintendo does

That's because SEGA doesn't care if it's inappropriate.

No one commented because everyone knows nintendo hates their fans lmao

If that's true then how come nintendo straight out told metroid fans that metroid prime 4 was completely restarted from scratch, just to make the best game possible, huh? If they hated their fans then nintendo wouldn't even have existed.

Nope I disagree because sonic boom was the worst ever sonic game I mean come on he has blue arms and he has what looks like bandages with a scarf

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is better than Super Mario Bros 2

Sonic the hedgehog 2 has better zones and better stages , like Death Egg Zone , Mystic Cave Zone , better hud , better background , better themes and etc. ...

Sonic 2 is way better than Mario Bros 2. at least Sonic 2 actually had common in Sonic 2 and 3 in some ways.

Uh no. Mario bros 2 is way better than sonic 2. At least Mario 2 had better levels and it had way more common in all mario games including Mario 2, 3, and Mario 4 aka Mario World.

Super Mario Bros 2 is better than Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Dude no. Mario Bros 2 is better than Sonic 2

Sega worked with Namco

Sonic the Hedgehog (in his Sonic Boom design and voiced by Usher): Alright, you big yellow testicle! You asked for it!

Pac-Man (in his Pac-Man World design and voiced by Chris Brown): Who are you?!

Sonic the Hedgehog (in his Sonic Boom design & voiced by Usher): I'm Sonic the Hedgehog! You're a ripoff! *Kicks Pac-Man's dick by using the Tornado Kick*

Pac-Man (in his Pac-Man World design & voiced by Chris Brown): Yeah, off! *shows off his full technique despite his bad intelligence*

Sega did worked with both Namco and Capcom to create a game called Project X Zone. Looks pretty cool but said there was no Sonic or Pac-Man yet Mega Man X is in the game.

But Nintendo did too super smash bros 4

And so did Nintendo

Sega is better with comics

No they aren’t. Nintendo was beating Sega with comics LONG BEFORE Sega was doing comics

Nintendo is way better with comics

2nd millennium Sonic games are better than 2nd millennium Mario games

That how you add up. All 2d Sonic games are better then Mario 2d games but Mario have better 3d games than Sonic. So no more Mario vs Sonic crap. Even all of Sonic's game gear and Nintendo DS and 3DS and PSP games are better. Almost... all of sonic 2d games. Don't forget about Sonic Genesis and Sonic Chronicles.

P.S. this is true and if you don't like it, then why are you playing sonic games? Sonic Colors is great, Sonic Lost World is great too and even Sonic Boom is good. So yeah it is true. Sonic has better 2d games and Mario has better 3d games. All true. What about pac-man you say? He been ripping them both off in all of his 3d games. So... What do you think?

I put this on the list even though I have always held the 2nd millennium Mario games in precious regard. I have always been a classicist, especially then.

Super Mario 64 on the N64 is the best video game of all time, and so is Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Mega Drive.

Sonic 06 is better than New Super Mario Bros. and I don't care!

Sega games have better plots

At least Sega is creative but Nintendo just reuse the same plot but just try to hide it so we won't know. Two examples are Super Mario Galaxy and Hotel Mario. At least The Legend of Zelda and Kirby have different plots once and a while.

Hey, Chaotixhero. There is (almost) nothing wrong with Hotel Mario, a perfect game!

Nintendo has more games and they sold more

Metroid, F-Zero, Star Fox, Xenoblade.

Sega has variety in gameplay

The action games on the Sega Genesis- particularly Sonic games- had seemed controls. Much more emersive and intuitive than SNES games in my opinion.

I love Mario, but Nintendo is just rehashing all their old games. Sonic always has fresh gameplay every game.

You mean keep the joystick up while holding Y/Square/X the entire game? I love that variety!

They have a variety of fresh and all new glitches every game that's for sure.

In Sega games? Definitely glitches.

Also Nintendo has way better variety in gameplay

Sonic Colors is better than Super Mario Galaxy

I have Sonic colors, probably the worst game I've ever played before in my life. I think the graphics are sucky for it's time. And it's BORING

I love Nintendo way more then Sega but sonic colors is the best sonic game

It would be true if Super Mario Galaxy 2 never came out

Meh. I love both, but Mario Galaxy had more special gameplay mechanics.

They Never Lied About Their Hardware

Did you know? The old, original 3DS from 2011 is powerful enough to play Super Nintendo games, yet Nintendo lied and they are saying that only the New 3DS is powerful enough. The Gameboy Advance is powerful enough! The DS can play Gameboy Advance games! The 3DS can play DS games! The 3DS can successfully play the Super Mario World style in Mario Maker! Look at Star Fox, and Star Fox 64 3D! Look at the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and then look at A Link Between Worlds! Look at Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. 2! Look at Super Mario Kart, and look at Mario Kart 7! They say that the old 3DS can't support 16 bit graphics, even though the system is 32-bit! It can support 32 bit graphics, 8 bit graphics, but not 16 bit? Lies! This unfortunately means that if you want to play Earthbound on the go, you will have to buy a New 3ds, or a New 2ds XL.

Sega has always lies about their hardware. Nintendo never did.

Sega has faster gameplay

Slow and steady wins the race

Sega Superstars is a better game than Mario sports games

No one commented because it is a really stupid arguement. Nintendo has way more Mario Sports games and they are all better than the few Sonic Sports games.

Sega makes up a sports game better than Nintendo. Using old characters with Sonic characters are awesome!

False. Nintendo makes sports games better than sega.

Mario sports games are way better games than Sega superstars and any sports games they have.

Sonic's growth in Sonic Boom

Sonic has clothes (just a scarf) and he grew up so fast.

Sonic getting taller, doesn't prove anything.

Your kidding, right? Sonic Boom made Sknic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

He sounds like Ben 10 in Sonic Boom

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