Top Ten Reasons Why Sega Is Better Than Nintendo

If you are a Nintendo fan then this list is not for you. This is a warning to all Nintendo fans. If you put negative comments here because you are a Nintendo fan Or etc. Then you have lost your rights to judge me and this list. Enjoy.

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1 Sega made Disc made games first

Sega had very few consoles that were good.

First of all they get scratched up, so basically video game chips are better so blame sega when your disk gets scratched

The fact that they, made disc consoles first... Hardly proves anything. - nintendofan126


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2 Sega have better consoles than Nintendo

This list is stupid. Just a Sega fan thinking that Sega is the best. That was the old days. The Bayonetta series is fine but some of Sega mascot are falling anyway. - TheYoshiPyro64

Sega Dreamcast, Sega Satern, Sega Genesis, and Sega Game Gear are all better than Nintendo consoles. Then Sega stop making console... sigh.. - Chaotixhero

Sega made, some good consoles. But... Then again, they made a lot of bad consoles. - nintendofan126

All SEGA consoles were great, apart from 32x, 32x was crap.

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3 Sega has better music

I think sonic has the best music in sega

Nintendo reused the old music in the new games, I don't like that, there is a reason sega makes music like Nintendon't

That's true except for the hyper sonic theme.

I Like Nintendo But I Agree

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4 Sega worked with Capcom

When SEGA worked with Capcom, they were supposed to make a Super Monkey Ball & Mega Man crossover, not the unreasonable Sonic & Mega Man crap which they should stop after Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Unite & switch to Sonic & Pac-Man.

Sega should work with Namco. Please? Sonic & Mega Man are awful!

How could Sega ever work with Capcom?!

You Idiots Need To Stop Complaining About Crossovers - VideoGamefan5

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5 Sega has better TV shows

That's wrong have people forgot about Pokemon I mean it's on its 18 season

That's mostly true unless you count sonic X and sonic underground.

Yeah. Sega's Sonic Boom was an awesome T.V. series, but I've stopped watching it.

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6 Sega has more fans

It doesn't matter there both the most iconic video game characters in video game history heck many times they teamed up in sport games in the ds series like Mario and sonic in the Olympic games and Mario and sonic at the Olympic winter games where you can play as characters from both Mario and and sonic games in popular sporting so really it doesn't matter

I'm gonna be honest I think they both have the same amount of fans because of all kinds of crossovers and one showing up in another's game. Like sonic in super Mario maker or the hidden lucky block in one of the sonic games.

Mario has always been better than Sonic because Mario is older and Mario is a better mascot than Sonic So Who went begging To Nintendo Sega End of Story

Apparently this makes sega better so what if they have more fans they all are bad and say kill yourself if you don't agree with them oh and this is wrong Nintendo has more

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7 Sega has better characters

I think Sonic and Mario are both equally cool.

Most of there characters have annoying voices.

WOW! Good reason. You know, everyone says that and I disagree. The only annoying voice in my opinion is Charmy in Shadow the Hedgehog. ONLY IN SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG. Not even Omochao! I don't know why people complain so much!

Super Monkey Ball characters are the best!

Alex Kidd is mechanical and awesome. Sonic is more awesome.

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8 Sega games are not as childish

Sega may had made a few games for little kids but they also made badass games too for teens - Chaotixhero

Those childish games saved the video game industry's. - nintendofan126

Princess Peach makes the games childish, especially when wearing dresses.

I guess you don't really have much going on in your life if you are just going to post "Peach is this and that" on every list you come across. - DCfnaf

Guy at the bottom said remember shadow the hedgehog. That video game spinoff sucked

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9 Sega does what Nintendon't!

Which includes but is not limited to going bankrupt, having their main staple series go downhill, leave the console market, etc.

Yeah, Sega stopped making consoles, which Nintendo did not do. Nintendo is way better than Sega.

Best. Console. War. Joke. Ever.

Exactly: Like...
Ruin their main franchise
Made the DreamCast, which killed their company (I think, correct me if I'm wrong) - TheYoshiOverlord

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10 Sega worked with Platinum Games to create Bayonetta

Good job SEGA. You've created a sexually inappropriate video game for the world!

Thanks For Sexually Games Sega T-T Retards

Bayonetta was made by Platinum Games and Sega helped them, but do you think that Bayonetta II was made by Nintendo. Does Platinum knows it?

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11 Princess Peach sucks

I Like Amy Rose Better Then Princess Peach - CuteGirlJigglypuff

Zelda is better than any Mario princess because she can fight, shoot a bow and arrow, and gives you tons of cool items like light arrows and ocarinas.

Yeah, I'd rather have Amy Rose live with me for all eternity then spend a week with peach.

Ok, that is just rude. some Nintendo characters might be bad but peach is not one of them.

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12 Sega worked with Namco

Now That's I'm Talking About... Sonic And Pac-man :D - CuteGirlJigglypuff

But Nintendo did too super smash bros 4

Pac-Man World (PS1) is the number 1 greatest video game of all time! Re: its graphics, music, who else could hate this masterpiece and its older cousin figure, Super Mario 64 (N64), another one of the greatest video games of all time.

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13 Super Monkey Ball V 1 Comment
14 Sega Has Shadow the Hedgehog

All shadow fans please raise your hand! (raises hand)

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15 2nd millennium Sonic games are better than 2nd millennium Mario games

Be thankful that Nintendo fell for your stupid little act and improved your games than you ever did in your life SEGA.

Super Mario 64 on the N64 is the best video game of all time, and so is Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Mega Drive.

That how you add up. All 2d Sonic games are better then Mario 2d games but Mario have better 3d games than Sonic. So no more Mario vs Sonic crap. Even all of Sonic's game gear and Nintendo DS and 3DS and PSP games are better. Almost... all of sonic 2d games. Don't forget about Sonic Genesis and Sonic Chronicles.

P.S. this is true and if you don't like it, then why are you playing sonic games? Sonic Colors is great, Sonic Lost World is great too and even Sonic Boom is good. So yeah it is true. Sonic has better 2d games and Mario has better 3d games. All true. What about pac-man you say? He been ripping them both off in all of his 3d games. So... What do you think? - Chaotixhero

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16 Sega games have better plots

At least Sega is creative but Nintendo just reuse the same plot but just try to hide it so we won't know. Two examples are Super Mario Galaxy and Hotel Mario. At least The Legend of Zelda and Kirby have different plots once and a while. - Chaotixhero

Nintendo has more games and they sold more

Hey, Chaotixhero. There is (almost) nothing wrong with Hotel Mario, a perfect game!

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17 Sega Superstars

Sega makes up a sports game better than Nintendo. Using old characters with Sonic characters are awesome!

18 Sega has variety in gameplay

I love Mario, but Nintendo is just rehashing all their old games. Sonic always has fresh gameplay every game.

They have a variety of fresh and all new glitches every game that's for sure.

Sega has special games since 1992 (I think), and Sonic 2 is an example.

The action games on the Sega Genesis- particularly Sonic games- had seemed controls. Much more emersive and intuitive than SNES games in my opinion.

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19 Sonic's growth in Sonic Boom

Sonic getting taller, doesn't prove anything. - nintendofan126

Sonic has clothes (just a scarf) and he grew up so fast.

WHY WHY WHY it's the best sonic the hedgehog though.

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20 Sonic Colors is better than Super Mario Galaxy V 1 Comment
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