Top Ten Reasons Why Shopping On Black Friday Isn't Worth It

The Top Ten Reasons Why Shopping On Black Friday Isn't Worth It

1 You Could Get Injured

Everything free for black forks on black Friday

Oh god.

Too much violence.

Reason why its called black Friday you have a 90% chance of getting a black eye - princepretty

2 The Mobs

Especially with many cities in America, overpopulation is a problem. No matter where millions live, millions will be shopping and overcrowding malls.

Oh the humanity

3 The Long Lines
4 You Have to Be a Fast Runner

Gotta go fast - mattstat716

5 The Parking Lots
6 The Deals Aren't Necessarily the Best
7 Workers Lose Their Thanksgiving

I worked retail for years, Black Friday is not even the busiest day, its only around the #5 busiest day. By far the #1 day is always "Super Saturday", which is the Saturday just before Christmas Day.

8 It Makes People Go Nuts

I've seen people come to blows over a couple of t-shirts.

9 Too Much Hype
10 Overspending

There's a massive mall in New Jersey. American Dream Meadowlands will include an amusement park, water slides, ferris wheel, cinema, and you guessed it shopping center. Shoppers, empty your wallets and buy lots of stuff.

The Contenders

11 You Waste Money On Things You Probably Aren't Going To Use

It's sad to hear that consumers have become so materialistic. Lots of popular electronics, gadgets, and gizmos have to be delivered. These items get manufactured and packaged at a factory. They get delivered on container ships and freight trains to different locations. Later, so many products are put up on shelves to be sold on brick and mortar shops. Afterwards, so much bombarding advertisements start screaming "Buy 1, get 1 free! " Big box markets beg consumers to cough up every penny from their wallets just so corporate executives will use their income from the customers to spend what they desire. Why? Just why?

It's far too easy to just impulse buy random things just because they have a 'half price' tag on them. Ideally you would want to stop and think "what use would I have for this? " - sadly easier said than done with all the mobs screaming and fighting everywhere you turn. I'm glad to have never been shopping on Black Friday. - Entranced98

12 You Could Die
13 You Get Up Early
14 It's Too Expensive
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