Reasons Why the Simpsons is Better Than Caillou


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1 Bart Doesn't Throw Tantrums Unlike Caillou

This is true! I watched the simpsons a lot and I never seen bart throw tantrums! - RootBeerFan

Could've but so many episodes. He is a kid.

2 The Simpsons is for 12 and Up! and Caillou is for Babies and Toddlers

This is true! the simpsons is for teens and caillou is for babies - RootBeerFan

3 Bart Doesn't Whine Unlike Caillou

Bart never whines! - RootBeerFan

4 The Simpsons Movie Was Great While Caillou's Movie Sucked!

I love the simpsons movie when I was seven 7 years old and I watch it dozns of times and still not old wile caillou sucked

Yeah! and the simpsons movie was one of my favorite movies! - RootBeerFan

5 The Simpsons Has Been Around Longer

Because caillou is annoying and whiny and spoiled! - RootBeerFan

I agree the simpson is way better then that spoiled cry baby brat so that's why the simpson has been around longer who ever says that caillou is better then simpson s must be the dumbest people in the planet

6 Homer is Way Better Than Caillou

And homer is the best! - RootBeerFan

7 Bart Doesn't Throw Tantrums to Get What He Wants

True! I have watched the simpsons and one time he wanted a race car and his dad homer said no! so he walked of angrily! and he never throwed a fit about it! - RootBeerFan

8 Homer is Great While Caillou is Terrible

Homer is much better than that brat caillou - RootBeerFan

9 The Simpsons is Still on TV While Caillou Got Cancelled

The simpsons are on T.V. right now! - RootBeerFan

10 Homer Never Throws Tantrums

Homer never throwed a single fit! - RootBeerFan

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