Top Ten Reasons Why Smart Classmates Are Better Than Popular Classmates

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1 Popular classmates are mean and judgmental

Though the given stereotypes for popular classmates here are in, most of the cases, true, but I won't say that the smart ones aren't ever popular. I've seen many popular kids being smart too (fairly good in academics or at least satisfactory), but then they get their horses high for being popular too. - Kiteretsunu

They are! Not everyone, but very nearly. They judge you if you don't wear makeup, are smart, and if your vocabulary is advanced enough to confuse them. I hate some smart kids as well, but usually they are popular as well. - ArtyLily

I'm not saying I hate all popular kids, or love all smart ones. But I have to say that by and large, this one's mostly true. In my school, at the very least. - Garythesnail

A popular boy at my school said I looked like I was 5 just because I wore two braids. SERIOUSLY.

2 Smart classmates are more successful in the future

Having a lot of friends in high school will probably mean nothing. Having a good education will, and will most likely get you out of working at Burger King - Haumea

Yes, this is true all popular people just think they are everything and at the end they don't have a good future. After all they are chavs

When I drive to McDonalds in my Mercedes Benz, I'm gonna look at the person who took my order and say.
"Wow I never knew popularity meant low income."
Can't wait to become a lawyer and say that!
Ok, I won't say that, I'll smirk. - Ihaskitty1234

3 Popular classmates only care about social life and gossips

This is not true. Just as popular kids say all smart kids care about is science, Star Trek, and schoolwork, smart kids say all popular kids care about is gossip and social life. No social group can fully understand the other unless it has experienced the group for itself.

I'm pretty popular myself and I have to say this is false.

U know I'm popular and this list is all false, we don't just be mean and not care about school work

4 Popular classmates act fake

There's a lot of people who put up a front. Like pretending to like everyone or putting up a persona that their life is perfect. Something I've never been able to do. Manipulation gets you places though, and I guess it could be interpreted as smartness because you know how to get to the top.

However, clothes and makeup are not fake. I use my outward appearance as self-expression. To bring myself out rather than hide it.

This is the most boring, cliché, annoying and the list goes on, list I have ever seen. I never use this as an insult, but I genuinely think you are jealous. So think before you make ridiculous assumptions.

That reply had nothing to do with anything. Being angry when you make something doesn't mean it isn't your opinion. I am sick of hearing people giving fake apologies because they realise people disagree. I would mind this list if the reasons were more thought through, instead you just echo what 1000 people have said before to make idiots feel better about themselves. I am not offended, I just don't like this particular list. Apology not accepted.

5 Smart classmates have more experiences about frustration

So true. As a "smart" student myself, I've experienced frustration every day at school. I can't flip someone off during class or even tell them to go off, because they might tattle on me and I would get in trouble. I can't skip P.E. even though it's a free pass to getting bullied, I can't skip useless homework, I can't get any lower than Cs... - ArtyLily

How does this make them beter

6 Smart classmates have better taste in music

No need to be cocky about something as subjective as this. Music is something for people to enjoy and feel inspired by, not an excuse for elitists to look down on others. - Entranced98

I love alternative rock an I am proud to be a nerd!

While everyone else is listening to that crap on the radio, I'll be listening to Alternative stuff. Y'know, Of Monsters and Men, Imagine Dragons, the Lumineers, etc. - Merilille

I'm popular and smart so life's pretty tricky but I listen to the "crap" on the radio and it doesn't change me. - JaysTop10List

I have to say, the music some popular kids think is good is absolutely ridiculous. Music nowdays is like, "OoHOooHh Ahhha lalA Bep pop BoooP FucccKk mEe babYyYy"

Well, that is an exaggeration but... For our ears' sake, please don't play your damn cancerous music in the cafeteria! - ArtyLily

7 Smart classmates are usually more stronger in the inside

Funny. All of the arrogance you say popular kids have you are in fact displaying in your list about why smart kids are better. - CityGuru

If smart kids are stronger inside, than why do you have these kids bullied by popular kids cause they were clothes that the popular kids think are boring or that studying is for nerds or whatever and they end up committing suicide. I woudn't call that strong inside.

Well I can tell your popular. Since you say stuff like that so you must be one of those ass holes

Not really. I think you just think of something then come to a conclusion from no reasoning. - gemcloben

8 Popular classmates don't have a life

You are just pathetic. You just made this list because you want to be popular and can't get a girlfriend, so you made this list to make you feel better about yourself. Oh, and smart people can also be popular as well, proving that popular people are not dumb. They do have a life (lots of friends, sports, dating, etc.), and are so much more pretty. While some might say looks don't matter, our species usually goes for the more attractive mate like any other animal it is called natural selection!

They are popular, and thus have lists of friends, who they socialise with. Sounds like a life to me. - Puga

Guys I'm popular. Do I care? NO! If I wasn't I'd be fine. I just made a Top Ten list of why I hate Gangsters! Some kids are popular for good reasons while others are just people that I want to stay away from! It depends on the student you are talking about. And I hate Swag! I hate that people keep using YOLO! I hate people constantly using hashtags! - Jake09

Well, I am popular and smart and I do have a life. A life that I'm living right now. So, please rethink what you say. - JaysTop10List

9 Unpopular kids actually care about schoolwork no matter if they like school or not

And you are telling me this is a good thing? - gemcloben

10 Popular classmates use WAY more pointless slang words and dirty curse words than smart classmates

"On fleek" and many more, I have only touched the tip of the iceberg. - ArtyLily


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11 Smart people are polite

This can also apply to some popular people too; good manners go a long way, and the stereotype that every popular kid is a shallow bully is unfair and wrong. In my school days I knew quite a few people who weren't exceptionally clever, but were polite, kind and a joy to have around. - Entranced98

How is number 16!

12 Half of the popular people are Bullies

People-look here for a second. It says HALF. HALF means not all. And I can verify that this one is true. Don't worry, I know some smart bullies as well. - Garythesnail

And smart people can bully to. One of my teachers was bullied in 7th grade by other students who were in advanced classes. - Skullkid755

They just think their perfect that's why

This is true for me. Not all of them are mean and judgemental, but most of them are always shouting and moaning. - ArtyLily

13 Smart people are way more mature

Smarts will always help u in the future... popularity won’t.

14 Popular people will hate you if you win an argument against them, because smart people have better points

I won an argument and I decided to never go near them again because they always try to do something to make me hurt

15 Some popular people are spoiled

Some, not ALL. But we can all agree with this.

16 Popular classmates don't have any friends just sports teammates
17 Smart people on a whole may be able to handle situations more effectively. The basic difference between smartness and popularity is that smartness stays, popularity is unstable.
18 Popular people are constantly on their phones!
19 The only reason most of the popular people are popular is because of their looks
20 Smart people tend to have a better sense of humor
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