Top Ten Reasons Why Sora Should Never Be In a Super Smash Bros. Game

Ever since Square-Enix's Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII has been announced as a new DLC character for Smash (which I don't mind, but still find ironic since I bet he would fit in a PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale game as much as a Super Smash Bros. one, since Final Fantasy VII, unlike it's predecessors (Final Fantasy I through VI, which were on NES and SNES), originated as a PS1 game first) according to the latest Nintendo Direct, the Kingdom Hearts fans thought that it increases the chances of their beloved Sora appearing in the series anytime soon, in which I hope Sora (or any other Kingdom Hearts character) never appears, and I have my reasons.

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1 It will inspire Disney to get their hands on the series and acquire Nintendo in the future if he got in, like they did with Marvel and Lucasfilm.

Keep Mickey's paws off of the greatest game company of all time.

Watch soon Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck will be here soon if Nintendo is not careful.

Nintendo's franchises and characters are not Disney, and never will be.

This should be #1

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2 Sora is a Disney character, not Square-Enix

Thus, it lowers his chances.

Can you tell that to my friend Cody?

3 Kingdom Hearts fans would try to beg for other characters from the franchise, even request Disney characters to be in the game.

Never beg for Simba to be in the game, either.

Also, Kingdom Hearts is a very bad series. I don't get why so many people like it so much.


4 Knowing the other characters, Sora's moveset won't be that original and a giant key instead of a sword or something is just stupid.

"won't be that original." Okay. You clearly haven't played the first few games then. Rising Sun, Ragnarok, Explosion, his standard combo, Howl, his master form combo but yeah. Nothing original.

And as for the last part, we're talking about a Game where Solid Snake fights a pink blob that eats everything, a little boy with tiny monsters following him, Mario, and a yellow mouse that shoots electricity. Yeah, the kid with a key totally doesn't fit here.

Sora's move set can be original you can alter the attacks and maybe do something like shulk let his moves be altered by the for he takes since he has over 5 forms.

We already have enough spiky-haired protagonists in Super Smash Bros., so why add the worst one? Kingdom Hearts fans should be happy with just having Cloud Strife in Smash. There is no need for wanting any of the original characters or Disney characters in the game.

Really, insulting his weapon is such a poor reason for exclusion. And anyone who has played Kingdom Hearts knows he has more than a few unique moves.

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5 Kingdom Hearts involves Disney, which is 4th-party to the game developers. Thus, the requirement of a third-party guest has to originate from a video game first and not from a movie, TV show, et cetera.

He basically opens the back door for Goku

Remember the rules...

Yeah, I cannot believe that so many people want non-game characters (or whoever does not fit the criteria) in Smash. -_-

6 Sora appearing will do nothing but inspire crossover fans to ship him with the other Smashers, creating rather disturbing het or yaoi pics that we don't want.

I'm already fearing such a thing will happen with Terry Bogard, and I'm otherwise glad he was announced!

I fear the thought of Sora being shipped with Pit, Link, Zelda, Shulk, Sonic, anyone from Fire Emblem, et cetera, by his dumb fans if he appears in the game.

There's already enough bad smash bros. Arts

I've even seen art of Sora paired up with Krystal (Star Fox), that really burned my eyes a bit. -_-

7 And since Kingdom Hearts involves Disney, Sora's final smash would have to involve Donald and Goofy, or even summon Disney characters or have Disney characters as trophies.

And let's not forget Sora's colors and outfit were partially inspired by Mickey Mouse, right?

Doing trinity limit alone still doesn't make him qualify for the roster. It's never gonna happen, sorry.

You do realize he can do trinity limit alone right...

8 In Kingdom Hearts II, Sora has a Pride Lands lion form which came from a movie I don't like (simply because TLK is just a sin against nature, in my eyes)

Lion Sora in SSB? No thanks.

9 Kingdom Hearts is an awful franchise

I agree. Kingdom Hearts is for idiots with no soul, no brain, no nothing!

Is... is that it? "I don't like this game so I don't want it to be in a giant crossover of Nintendo and kids game beating the snot out of each other."

Sora's gay

Seriously man. Anyone who likes this train wreck known as Kingdom Hearts has a very bad taste in video games. I swear.

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10 It would just be too hype and fans would die from excitement.

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11 SSB's development team is named Project Sora, thus it would cause confusion.


That's just dumb.

12 There are way better ideas for new characters in the next Super Smash Bros.

#Mbison for smash.

*cough*Krystal from Star Fox deserves to be in the next Smash more.*cough*

13 Twilight Town (or anything from Kingdom Hearts, really) is a horrible choice for a stage.

The Nintendo universe already has a Twilight Town in the form of the one in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, which is a much better game than the Kingdom Hearts games.

Play ssf2 then you'll see twilight town is bae

14 The only Kingdom Hearts release on Nintendo console are spin-off and not the big numbered games.

Yeah, if you think that any other game besides 1, 2, and 3 are "spinoffs", then you clearly don't know what you're talking about. Each game adds to the lore, and are just as important to the overall plot as the numbered titles.

15 If Sora gets into Kingdom Hearts, it will create a lasting bond with other companies.

This would create a lasting bond. If Disney bought Nintendo, they obviously would not put Disney characters in Smash. I mean, do you see Mickey Mouse in Star Wars? Is Donald Duck an Avenger? NO! It's just like Nintendo and Bayonetta! These companies are smart enough to realize that drastically changing a franchise could ruin the fanbase.

16 Too many third party characters


17 There will be a Sora amiibo made if this happens

And it would just suck to see Sora guest starring in more games, too. If the fact that the Kingdom Hearts franchise itself exists wasn't bad enough. There is no need to have it ruin Super Smash Bros. or any other game.

18 It increases the chances of Nintendo characters or other characters in the game to guest star in a Kingdom Hearts game

Yeah because we all know what happened after Snake showed up in Brawl. That level where you have to rescue Jigglypuff in MGSV was just weird...

19 Disney characters will become trophies, spirits, or assist trophies

I don't want to see Buzz or Elsa in smash. Keep them far away.

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