Top Ten Reasons Why South Park is Better Than Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, and Steven Universe

South Park is the best show of all time,and it's better then these three overated shows

The Top Ten Reasons Why South Park is Better Than Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, and Steven Universe

1 South Park is Funny, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, and Steven Universe is Not

Gravity Falls has its share of funny moments. - 906389

There are some hilarious parts in those three shows.

Gravity Falls is hilarious.

Hey! At least South was made with a lot of love! The pilot was literally made of construction paper and stop motion (Showing how much effort the creators put in). Steven Universe and Adventure Time look like they were drawn by a 4th grader on drugs.

2 Gravity Falls, Adventure Time and Steven Universe Are All Overrated, South Park is Not

No, actually, South Park is overrated. It's literally everywhere! Enough already! If you want a good adult swim show, watch Rick and Morty!

I actually really hate South Park. No offense. - RockFashionista

First off its too "bad" to be on Adult Swim (Content wise), and second yeah its popular. Why? Its been airing since 1998 people!

South park is also overrated although I like south park - BoyGenius234

3 Mabel, Steven, and Finn Are Annoying

Sheila Broflovski was the most annoying thing on South Park until she died once and for all

Sheila Broflovski was extremely annoying before she died

The South Park characters are these tiny poorly designed freaks- their asses would easily be whopped by a boy skilled with swords, a boy with awesome gem powers, and a girl who has a grappling hook and swift punches.

Just remember South Park can pretty much just summon Butters.

4 South Park Has Better Quotes Than Gravity Falls, Adventure Time and Steven Universe

"Grunkle Stan... I trust you." -Mabel
"I remember you."- Marceline
"Well, I think you're pretty great." Steven

These shows have depth and feels. South Park does not.

South Park has quotes like oh my god you killed Kenny and screw you guys,I'm going home - Nateawesomeness

I think your calculations may be off. - RoseWeasley

I'd rather watch something entertaining than something that makes me vomit, (Adventure Time and Steven Universe suck, I never watch Gravity Falls though but it sounds horrible)

5 South Park Does Not Have a Lot of Annoying Made Up Words Like Adventure Time

Adventure time has the most annoying words ever - Nateawesomeness

"What the fudge?! " GA I hate that! If you're gonna swear, just swear.

True. - TheEvilAlpaca

@Nateawesomeness you're the annoying one here lel

6 South Park Has a Nicer Fandom Than Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, and Steven Universe

Although I like those shows, I agree. The SU fandom is insane. - RoseWeasley

I love Steven Universe, but the fandom can be pretty bad. They once bullied a girl about her art so much that she attempted suicide. :'(. Also, the girlfriend fandom has it's fair share of weirdos (like the author of Dipper Goes to Taco Bell) but lots of its members have create beautiful pieces of art and fics.

The gravity falls fandom is the worse out of the 3 - Nateawesomeness

Actually no, the Steven Universe fanbase is way worse, they drove someone so suicidal for drawing a character fat. - PeeledBanana

True, I've barely seen any South Park fetish art, unlike girlfriend, SU, and AT. - TheEvilAlpaca

7 Steven Universe Has a Lame Theme Song Unlike South Park

Just your opinion, dude. Most people love the SU theme song because it's catchy as hell and fun to listen to.

I've been singing the SU theme song every day and it is catchy as hell

Steven universes song is just boring,and has no beat - Nateawesomeness

8 South Park is Not Incredibly Weird Like Gravity Falls

So? What's wrong with weirdness? Weirdness means creativity and unorthodoxy, which prevents a show from being boring, predictable, and stereotypical.

By weirdness the person meant "Drugged up like insanity". South Park is incredibly weird but in a creative and fun way, the 3 other shows scare me on how weird it is.

South Park is way more weird than girlfriend, but in a good way. - TheEvilAlpaca

Gravity falls is really weird - Nateawesomeness

9 Cartman is Funnier Then Jake the Dog

What would you rather listen too, a fat foul mouth funny and original kid who's realistic? Or a talking dog that can stretch who has had sex with his girlfriend without even getting married and gives bad life advice? (I'm insulting the ideots who watch SU and Adventure Time, I never watched Gravity Falls and I don't plan on doing so, I actually got a life to live on good video games and not flash games)

But you don't have a life to go to college, which is MUCH more important.

Jake is a bad dog... - Nateawesomeness

10 South Park is More Memorable

They're all equally memorable. - TheEvilAlpaca

Lol no. girlfriend, SU, and AT have amazing characters and plots. What does South Park have? Unfunny, trying to be "offensive" jokes.

It is memorable! I've loved all the characters of South Park! Randy, Chief, Mr. Garrison, Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Butters is just the cutest! Sometimes I forget who Dipper is and Steven will just be this dumb fatto who would distract lesbian aliens from doing they're crap job on saving Earth.

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