Reasons Why Super Smash Bros. Brawl is Better Than Super Smash Bros. Project M

Just my opinion that Brawl is better than Project M and even SSB3DS is better which is not as good as Brawl and 64, Melee, and SSBU are better than Brawl but Brawl is the one with this Project M mod and the original game is better here's why.

The Top Ten

1 Better Gameplay
2 Better Stages
3 More Fair
4 Can Enter Doors in Subspace Emissary
5 It's a Nintendo Game and Not a Fanmade Rip Off
6 No SD Cards Needed
7 More Memorable
8 Not Having to Delete Stages After You Made Them in Project M in Order to Enter
9 The CPUs Acted More Like Real CPUs V 1 Comment
10 Easier to Beat the Game
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