Top Ten Reasons Why TheTopTens Is Going Downhill


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1 New policies

I understand you can express your opinion without making truckers blush, but the admins are trying to police every little thing. Like saying "crap." Or "piss" or "you suck lol" and all this no profanity, or using anything that tells the truth. to be honest I feel the admins want us to throw flowers at each other. - ToptenPizza

2 Users leaving

Why? - Jay12

3 Nobody can have an opinion anymore

I got trolled and bullied by the likes of yunafreya648, hunnyqueen09 and PeeledBanana for my opinions. Just because someone has a different opinion than you doesn't mean he or she can't have it. If others have the right to have opinions, then I can, too.

Also, it seems that all three users I listed tend to be mean or even immature at times, because whenever I have the right to voice my opinions, they get triggered easily. So let me explain...
1. hunnyqueen09: She is such an immature brat who hates on Princess Peach from the Mario games for no reason and disrespects others' opinions on the character. Sure, I'm a major Lion King hater, but at least I have a valid, logical reason why I dislike the film so much (It is a very bad film that is a ripoff of an earlier work and portrayed a whole species of real animals as evil instead of a few), whereas hunnyqueen09 does not have a good darn reason for hating Princess Peach. I mean, seriously. Peach has been a major reoccurring ...more

4 Fewer ideas for lists

There is so many lists on here already, why don't you concentrate on making high quality lists instead of hurrying up to make as much lists as possible? - Lucretia

Nearly every idea has been done already and it makes it harder to come up with a decent new list. - egnomac

Fewer ideas for lists = more room for creativity - BlueTopazIceVanilla

5 "No Hate Week"
6 The 20 item per page limit

This is horrible. I used to just be able to scroll down, lay back and read 100 items. Now, I need to go through 5 pages. - gemcloben

Yes, I do find it quite tedious. It was perfectly fine before they added this. - DamnFineCupOfCoffee

I really HATE this, what a dumb idea.

7 Users going on strike
8 Trolls
9 Admin making bad decisions
10 Nobody votes on other people's lists anymore

The Newcomers

? People don't remember numbers

Ok, imagine if there was a list called top 10 ugliest Pokemon and someone said “why is bruxish at 22, she should be number one I mean EEW what IS THIS THING?!? ” Even though it's actually 7, not 22! Yeah,it's annoying…

The Contenders

11 Too many ignorant list
12 Mean users
13 Arguments
14 Users whining about the policy
15 Ways to kill lists
16 Mean and negative posts about users
17 Users that can't move on
18 User's polls and rate me posts
19 Users that mistreat Beliebers
20 Users who ask if they're overrated or underrated

You can usually tell yourself, but that is not awful. - Lucretia

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