Top Ten Reasons Why WWE Sucks

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41 What Does JBL Want?

All JBL does is kiss every heel in WWE's ass

JBL needs to shut the hell up and leave WWE

42 The WWE App

Hornswoggle should be on this list.

43 Rey Mysterio Should Be the Real Face of the Company
44 Championship belt design

I miss the old WWE championship. The rock presented

45 Smarks

They cheer for boring wrestlers and boo younger talent getting pushes. For example; Royal Rumble 2015

46 Match Themed PPVs

Back when a Hell In A Cell/TLC Match was announced, it was surprising! It sucks that we know what to expect a whole one or two months ahead of time, I loved the surprise factor.

How about this ugly titan tron that they use for every Raw, Smackdown, and pay per view?

47 Brock Lesnar Returned to WWE

Yeah, Lesnar sucks, we need more GOLDBERG!

48 Matches became boring and predictable
49 Paul Heyman Paul Heyman Paul Heyman is an American entertainment producer, writer, performer, marketer, promoter, and occasional professional wrestler, currently signed to WWE. He was the final owner of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).

He sucks

Paul Heyman was at his best when he was Paul E. Dangerously.

50 Brock Lesnar Has Become Boring

All of his matches is suplex city just different variations of one move

He sucks now.

He boring

Meh, I don’t like him but I wish he would go to ECW again where he’s respected by the fans. (Seems like a nice guy)

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51 WWE Makes Too Many Long and Boring Promos

More wrestling and less talking

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52 John Cena looks so fake
53 The WWE Roster Conspiracy

We got extremely talented wwe roster sitting anxiously on the back... yet we run and re-run rotten fishes like The Rock or Cena..

The whole roster is at the mercy of John Cena.

54 HBK Turned Heel
55 Santino the Clown Should Get More Attention V 1 Comment
56 JBL Should Call Micheal Cole 'Stooge' More Often
57 Ryback Complaining a Lot V 1 Comment
58 They've Got More Wrestling Than Promos
59 All the Greatest Stars Have Retired

Now with The Undertaker gone, there is no one left.

60 The Locker Room Is Full of Mid-carders and Dumbasses
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