Top 10 Most Ridiculous Ideas for Mario Games that Actually Happend

Oh Come on.... These Ideas were Terrible!

PLEASE!! Don't hurt me if you like an Idea that I don't...

The Top Ten

1 Mario Teaches Typing

Marioboard, only for $10 - BorisRule

Why Nintendo? Why would you develop something so boring and meaningless? Why?

2 Hotel Mario

Which is also known to the YTP community - BorisRule

3 Mario And Luigi: Superstar Saga
4 Super Mario Land
5 Dr. Mario
6 Mario Party: Star Rush

I like this game - DrayTopTens

7 Super Mario Run
8 Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

I like this game

9 Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
10 Mario Paint

The Contenders

11 Super Paper Mario
12 Super Mario Galaxy

This game was good.

13 Mario is Missing
14 Super Mario 64
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