Best Rising Star Monster Jam Drivers

The Top Ten

1 Steven Sims Jr. (Hooked)
2 Donald Epidendio (Titan)
3 Coty Saucier (Monster Energy)

It has style and that's important

4 Steven Thompson (Hurricane Force)
5 Nicole Johnson (Scooby Doo)
6 J.P. Ruggiero (El Diablo)
7 Darrin Goin (War Wizard)
8 Mike Harper (Outlaw)

number 1

9 BJ Johnson (Mohawk Warrior)
10 Scott Liddycoat (Dragon)

The Contenders

11 Devin Jones (Barbarian)
12 Derick Anson (Heavy Hitter)
13 Becky McDonough (El Toro Loco yellow version)
14 Mike Vaters Jr (Overkill Evolution)

Only seen him race a couple of times but he looks impressive. Has a nice looking truck too, great colours!

I put mike on the list a little late, he is the current monster jam world finals freestyle champ, winner of 2015s ones - RustyNail

15 Dalton Millican (Blue Thunder)
16 Bryce Kenny (Monster Mutt)
17 Krysten Anderson (Grave Digger)
18 Tyler Menninga (Grave Digger)
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