Top 10 Mods that Should Come to Funky Friday

There are some mods I would love to see get added to the Roblox game Funky Friday. Here are a few.
The Top Ten
1 Vs. Eteled

And a few months later, it's in! Both animations are incredible, I own them both. I love now the Austin animation makes you giant.

It's got a high chance since it's crazy popular. It would be cool to see this in the game.

2 Blueballs Incident

I could see it. Not sure what the animation would look like, but this is a popular mod that should get added.

3 Whitty Update
4 Vs. Psychic

I would love to see a Psychic animation where you're controlling a mic like he is.

5 Vs. Agoti

Great news! Along with Lav, Agoti is back in Funky Friday!

Ok so it was in the game before. But the controversy is over! We need it back!

6 Vs. Cheeky

Honestly that's not bad

I really like this mod.

7 Week 7

Hopefully he gets added soon. It's kinda sad that JavaCoded hasn't added the mascot of Newgrounds yet. I know he declined the requests for Week 7 to be added due to copyright issues, but it'll still be a good week to be added.

Please. It has to be added soon.

8 Flippy

I was actually about to add that. The animation should be either his version on songs 1-2 or song 3. I don't want to see a severed head in Roblox

9 Nekofreak

Her songs are good, and I could see a good animation with her song

10 FNF Soft

I want to be able to listen to Spotlight in this game. It's my favorite song.

The Contenders
11 Miku

I need my Hatsune Miku. It would be really cool to see this!

Update: She is now in Funky Friday!

12 Vs. Anders Mod
13 Starcatcher

I think I saw a leak for this. Could be possible!

14 Dr. Springheel

It would be good

15 Vs. Kadedev
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