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1 Jailbreak

It's not as popular as it was a few years ago but I don't get why people like this game. Here are all of the things wrong with this game... It's filled with toxic kids under the age of 10, campers, hackers, and kids trying to act all gangster and black.

It's so annoying when I see Jailbreak the top game. This game kind of started to get a bit lower in January 2019, but it's still on the games page, you don't have to scroll or click the little arrow on popular games to see it. It's retarded. I'd rather only play Meep City, the ultimate COPY of ToonTown.

Unoriginal game with glitches and children that whine upon getting arrested. There are only 5 places to "rob" as 2 of them you just hold a button and 1 of them is just completely broken. Not worth your time!

I've played Jailbreak several times, and to be honest, I don't get the hype. The game is a ripoff of Prison Life and it's easy to get arrested while trying to rob a bank.

2 Meepcity

The only reason why it's hated is because of greenlegocats and his huge obsession of ODers. I don't like it because it gets old very quickly and it copied toon town. I just focus on the gameplay and plus it's a RP game so it will have ODers.

Omg I loved Meepcity now it's been divided into a few groups. Emo, Fake Gangsters, Copy n' Paste, The legit 4 year olds, the "smol beans" the tall people, the people who say they are gay boys when they are legit female in life. What I don't like is they put lgbtq+ flags in it and people are having like lgbtq+ parties and so on the outfits with the flag on it they put info about the flag and they say stuff like "Lesbian, meaning heterosexual male" and as soon as that's there, I'm like gone.

Former online date city is still overrated. AlexNewtron was so awesome until he made this game -- now he sucks! MUCH worse than Jailbreak, because Jailbreak is indeed overrated, but it's at least somewhat fun and a good time-killer once in a while. And unlike Meepcity, Jailbreak was NOT a great creator's downfall. The only thing that's worse with Jailbreak is how many games it ripped off; it ripped off a MASSIVE amount of games and Prison Life, which was formerly quite popular, is now mostly dead (to be fair, it was a bad game anyway.)

Every Roblox roleplayer be like: Angela Tom Preperezara, cute, smart, pretty, used to be bullied, mom is Fluttershy, dad is Jake the Dog, princess warrior, boyfriend is Sonic, looking for a boy, popular, nerd, still bullied,(actually is very mean) likes movies, dancing, is goth, is a JoJo Siwa fan, millions of friends, ex boyfriend is Jake Paul, best friend is Wonder Woman, part Tellietubby, stronger than Sonic, half vampire, secret diary, half wolf, related to Steven Universe, likes Bob Marley songs, etc. You get my point. Amiright?

3 Royal High

This is my all time favorite game, but don't get me wrong it ain't perfect.

1. Smol beans and trollers.
2. Basically everyone's bios be like: Jake/hot/taken/half demon/don't make me mad/dating Emily
3. People scamming in the trading hub.
4. The items are expensive and some items aren't really worth it..
5. It's hard to get diamonds.
6. Once in the trading hub someone told me halos prices go up 50k every week or so. It's messed up.
7. I don't know if it's just me, but I get annoyed because I'm level 300+ and there's some guy with almost all halos and looking like a rich person but their level is 100 or something.

I love this game a lot, but it has some flaws that I think that we and the devs should fix.

One of my sister's friend play it and she gets gifts, we were forced to play it and I said "It's just boring, the old one is better!", its like going to school but there r fairies flying like pegasus and running like a pony.

Almost everyone in this game is either gay/lesbian or bi. And in every server you will either see one of these things: oders, people roleplaying as a family IN A damn SCHOOL GAME, people making fun of others people, dudes making their avatars look effiminate and then think that they look cute and girls playing as boys (or boys playing as girls)

Royale high is so boring! All u do is go to school! On a weekend (if that's when your playing) seriously out like the worst and seriously overrated!

4 Adopt Me

Adopt me has a lot of problems. The game is ok but the community. It's is full of insecure 11 years old that will act like their 16 and all they do is argue and scam each other for pets

I don't get why this is the most popular game on roblox. Nobody plays the game how it was meant to be. Everyone's too busy scamming and getting scammed. The creators of this game gets kids to spent thousands of robux on a pet that'll get stolen later. I just don't get what makes the pets so special. They're just virtual blocks that do nothing. And this game crashes roblox (thank the 5 year olds) This game is just dumb.

It's meant to be adopting a kid, NOT a pet! Pets r like kings and queens while kids r nothing, nobody wants to be the child, I only saw 1 player playing adopt me like its meant to be but nobody else does that, I hate adopt me and I will never play it!

How does this game have 10 billion visits? I usually see 300K-500K people playing this game. I have played it probably once or twice, and I must say, it isn't that great.

5 Welcome to Bloxburg!

I'm glad I don't have on my account but I have it in RainbxwGxth, I regret getting it because it's stressful (mood thing) and my house my sister made me is not finished when she said she will finish it but she lied to me so I deleted my house and I promised not to get it on my other account which is Exulierri, I use both accs.

So we can't make city games because this apparently rips off every city game and this is apparently the only superior city game? People, there's a reason for a town and city genre.

The game is fun but I hate when golddiggers come to my house and beg for money or someone asking abc for a parent/child

Welcome to Bloxburg was a ripoff to Welcome to the Town of Robloxia (RIP that game 2010-2014)

6 Mad City

Two words: Jailbreak Ripoff. And in my opinion, a rip-off of another game is always bad, with very few exceptions.

This is what you get when you mix Jailbreak and Super Hero Training Simulator together.

Very bad roblox game
*unexpected driving script
*CAN'T ESCAPE PRISON but others can


Three words describe the whole game:
Jailbreak but worse.

7 Pet Simulator

Good thing this game lost popularity quickly.

Honestly I don't see a point'

Just a boring simulator

Oh hell no

8 Murder Mystery 2

Why is this ripoff game popular?

Do people still play this?

It’s good for the most part but high rank teamers that’s literally taking up half of the server really ruins the game for the others.

Basically it’s like this: Do you have the Elite Pass, a rebirth or More, your avatar is ODer material looking, or you have a radio and blast Lil Pump and Tentacion Earrape every time with it? If the answer is yes to any of the four questions, you’re part of the team! All you have to do is act like a weeb, snitch on any remaining innocents that’s NOT part of your team so they’re screwed over, then after the non teamers that actually want to play, you sit on the conference table for 90 seconds and act like weebaboos until the round ends, while the rest of the server is forced to watch.

Now, if the answer to all four of the questions I asked earlier is ‘NO’? You should leave the server immediately, I had the bad situation of being in a server like this so I know how bad it is. So if you reply saying ‘get good’ or anything ...more


9 Rocitizens

2nd most overrated

10 Mining Simulator

I think it's ridiculous that it's so easy to get rich..It's newer and there are so many codes I got rich off of them...LAME

Mining in real life it's boring, just imagine it on ROBLOX.

How did this win Bloxy Awards in 2019?! It's a boring game in my opinion.


all you do is mine and make money

The Contenders
11 Robloxian High School

Let me get this out of the way. High School Life is hated for copying Roblox High School but Robloxian High School is loved even though it copied Roblox High School. What the heck?

I don't know abou this

12 Weight Lifting Simulator 3

They made a third one?

13 Pokemon Brick Bronze

Back then, I thought overrated was popular. I should've not add it, as it's a great game.

I LOVe this game but my progress was deleted recently because of update :/

They just listing good games now :/

Its lame like seriously?

14 Lumber Tycoon 2
15 Prison Life

Like seriously. I stopped playing this game nearly a year before Jailbreak existed. People don't understand how repetitive, boring and stupid this game even is.

Really boring all you do when you escape is kill the cops at least jailbreak has stuff to do when you escape

No clue when this list was made but update only like 200 people play this

Just another prison game filled with hackers and toxic people.

16 Booga Booga

Minecraft in a nutshell.

Minecraft rip-off

Flipping youtubers be playing this

All you do is get stuff and build -_- waist of time

17 Fashion Famous (Fashion Frenzy)

"Ripoff to Top Roblox Runway Model and deserves to be in the top 10"
Are you kidding me right now? You're telling me that we can't make anymore fashion games because there is already Top Roblox Runway Model. Top Roblox Runway Model is the one that's overrated.

Ripoff to Top Roblox Runway Model and deserves to be in the top 10

18 Roblox Granny

This is just retarded. Gladly it died out.

We all know this was bad but now it got copied by minitoon.

Why is granny so popular?

It sucks like hell

19 Roblox High School

It has a lot of people because it's "Get a girlfriend or boyfriend in a fictional high school in a game"...I think.

This game is boring if you play it for more than 5 minutes, there's a lot of ODers and there is a poorly made director system.


You can literally create a knock off version solely from free models that is 1000 times better!

20 Phantom Forces

This is one of the best games on roblox, it's physics are pretty good for Roblox and could pass as a FPS game from a large company.

Isn't that bad, but those tryhards and sometimes even hackers.

Call of Duty with a different name

21 Elemental Battlegrounds

It's underrated now.

22 Piggy

Just a copy of granny and the fanbase is awful. It was poorly made, minitoon literally copy and pasted granny except he gave granny a red dress with a peppa pig head. Granny was already horrible but at least it was original, but this? This game also has a lot of copies like puppet, gummy, etc. Not only is it cancerous but also lazy. The animations are cringe. This game is boring, just collect keys to collect items to escape. It's repetitive and no, I didn't get killed or ragequitted, it's just my opinion to dislike piggy.

I like piggy really?! I play it a lot -maddie

Good game with quality story

Piggy is awesome

23 Work at a Pizza Place

Don't blame the game, blame the players.

Game: About working at a pizza restaurant to earn money to upgrade your house

Players: Burns dough, puts ingredients all over the floor, closes boxes without the pizza in it, hogging all deliveries, stealing peoples cars, driving trucks in the ocean, not working at all and partying in their god damn house.

I actually really love this game. My cousin sister hates it, but we both have different views on the word: fun. I like this game mostly because it's really fun and cool. I like being a delivery person and a boxer. This game is so much fun, and I don't know why it's on this list.

This game is the one I play the most, with a total of 4, almost 5 years.


24 Zombie Rush

The game lost a giant opportunity to make zombies using the player's outfit.

All zombie are nearly the same and get boring quick

25 Bubble Gum Simulator

The game is boring and is not original. Copy of the May version by someone else, but with better scripts

ANOTHER stupid simulator game, wow

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