Saddest Things Ever in Roblox

The Top Ten
1 Tix Were Removed

Here's how you could get Tix:

1. Log into your Account
2. Have your Place Visited
3. Sell T-shirts, Gamepasses, and many others

I didn't join Roblox early enough to see what tix are like.

2 Guests Get So Much Hate

I think it is very sad and depressing! They are human and deserve to be treated equally not looked down upon. Just new players who want to play and have fun. But people just have to bully them. Not all guests are bad, even if you can't talk to them you shouldn't treat them like they deserve every hate on the planet.

3 Friends Randomly Unfriend You for No Reason

in adopt me when you teleport to someone they dosen't responde and runaway that's more annoying to me and I will unfriend them right away if that happen to me

Yeah,this is also really annoying.

There's a chance that they will unfriend you while you are they best friend, only to have a new best friend. that happened to me.

I unfriended one of mine because she never talked to me I’d join her game she’s in and I would say hi and she just looks at me and walks away.

4 Noobs Get So Much Hate

We were all once noobs too so don't just hate them just because they joined ROBLOX. They just want to have fun like the rest of us

Remember in a music video, those stupid salad hairs were making fun of bacon hairs

Even bacon hairs to which are the new noobs on roblox

This is the saddest one (there is even a game called beat up noobs)

5 Buildermans Death

Erik Cassel passed away not builder man

He didn't die friend.*face palm*

6 When Someone Hacks You on Roblox

That's Unlikely unless you give out your password.

7 Favourites that Get Deleted

Legendary Football, RIP

8 When Roblox Ban People with the Ban Hammer
9 April Fools 2012 Hack
10 1x1x1x1 is Rumoured to Be Back

Dumb rumors

He isn’t and please stop believing those dumb rumors

The Contenders
11 The removal of Pokémon games

Gamefreak wanted to take out more games. So Pokemon catching simulator: kanto version (aka let's go) wouldn't have competition. So it's not roblox's fault.

Worst part of all some games are taking fakemon from deviantart.


12 Erik Cassel passes away

Now that's rlly sad

13 Anthro

What are you talking about? It's easy to create an Rhtro character without removing the bloxy of Roblox! Check out my avatar for proof! (BoumRoblox)

14 Online Daters
15 The Media
16 Server List Removal
17 Scammers
18 Quackityhq
19 RM is dying

True. We have nothing to do anymore.

When berry died. So did we

20 Gopherberry kills himself

Is it true? I don't know if this was on the news or not but did he really did this or he was just grounded from problox.

So SADD 😩😩😩😩 HE WAS WATCHING HIS FAVORITE SHOW BEFORE HE DID THIS... I don't know if the rumor is actually true because there was probably no reason for this or there was.

21 The Rise of the 3 Year Old Games

Like Royale High.-.

22 Friends ignore you in games

mostly when you teleport to them in Adopt then they ran away

23 People Being Mean to You
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